Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Joy of Love: Days 14 & 15 and Heart Day Stuff

Day 14 Prompt: wedding band/jewelery

I think this photo is self explanatory. I LOVE how it turned out though... I think I might even put this picture in a frame.

Day 15 Prompt: kisses

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago [kind of a cheat] But I just love it so much. These two are so affectionate with each other, I'm so darn lucky. I love how she's making a kind of grimacing face, but I know she loves the attention her big brother gives her.

Yesterday of course was Valentine's Day. I made brunch on Sunday morning and made these little gems. The first batch turned out horrendous, but then I got into the groove. [During that first batch there might have been a few cuss words used, along the lines of how much work I was going to for less than stellar results] But once everything came together, it was totally worth the effort. Plus the squeal of delight when the kids got heart pancakes put in front of them.

There was a Valentine's Party in Mad's Kindergarten class so I made these.

For lunch we had heart inspired things.

For dinner we made our annual trip to Boston Pizza for heart shaped pizza. This year marked our 9th year having heart shaped pizza. The first year we went, Mason was only 8 months old. It's crazy busy, and there are long silly line ups, but the kids are pumped and excited to go. They wouldn't have it any other way. [Because believe me, I've tried to do it another way...]

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