Sunday, August 30, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 23 & 24

Today is Sunday. The last Sunday of summer. Part of me is relieved, because the fighting and boredom busters are killing me. But part of me is dreading September 1st, because that means we're back at it. Hugely back at it.

Madelyn's first ringette evaluation is September 1st, the same day school starts. Mason has free skates on Thursday and Friday. I think their evaluations start after the long weekend, which has something to do with quadrant hockey. If I understood all that mumbo-jumbo correctly. With ringette, I'm signed up for 8 volunteer sessions, from Sept 3rd - 18th... Which, fingers crossed, will give me my 8 hours of mandatory volunteer commitment, which is something that happens BEFORE you even get placed on a team. Once you have a team, there are volunteer commitments as well. Crikey.

So, this means that with Madelyn's evaluations, and Mason's evaluations and 8 hours of 'off-ice, but IN the rink' volunteer times, most of my September will be spent in, on, or near an arena...

So yeah, I'm dreaming of next June...

It's my favourite.

Any way, don't mean to be Debbie-Downer. Poor me, I know, I know. It's just that we've had the most amazing winter/spring/summer that I can remember, and I'm dreading being cold. Time to dust off the Uggs and toques. Time to find fleece and wool socks. So I can stay cozy...

Suddenly the pictures in my header are more realistic after all!

Here are weeks 23 & 24 of my project life book:

Week 23:

These photos go back to June! Eeks! A before photo of our house, with the blue spruce tree. [We've had it removed] A grade 4 field trip to Nose Hill. The weather was absolutely perfect. Little miss, reading. My chives blooming like crazy. Celebrating National Donut Day. A wine spritzer with some blueberries for garnish.

Week 24:

The sun is starting to get warmer, and it's lasting longer. Sports day at the school. Getting ready for braces... Madelyn trying out to be a 'safety buddy' at school. Barry catching a catnap on the couch with the dog. [Tree was removed, so the sun now streams in] The Dateline Rock 'n Roll crew at school, they put on an amazing show. Celebrating Ama's Birthday.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 23

Acrylic Arrows
Documentary - Elements

Week 24 

Drift Away - Elements
Drift Away - Journal Cards

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PL2015 - Week 22

We decided to come back from our vacation.

Well, we didn't exactly decide to come back. We only had 2 weeks booked at our little cabin.   And after 2 weeks in a teeny-tiny little cabin, our house seems like a mansion. We can all be in the house together, and not be falling over each other. It's delightful.

This week the kids are at camp.

I planned that right. This Mumma gets a little bit of quiet time. It too, has been delightful. What isn't quite as pleasant however, is the 7 am wake up and 7:45 departure. That's tough after 7 weeks of leisurely wake ups. I'm thankful we still have one more week to sleep in. And then we'll be right back into the thick of it.

The thick of it, which includes, school starting, Scouts, Girl Guides, hockey and ringette evaluations. Extra curricular activities [for Junior high that is]

At least this fall I have an idea what's in store for us from September through November. Last year, I just about turtled...You know, on the ground, in my shell. [Arms, legs, head, all tucked inside. Like a turtle]  From the shock of our hectic schedule. This year I know what's coming.

I have two more weeks of the pace I long for... Not going to take it lightly.

Here's week 22 of my project life album:

This week: I went on another field trip with the Grade 7's, this time to the Tyrrell Museum. We spent more time on the bus to and from the museum, than at the museum itself. Even with that, the kids rated this the "BEST FIELD TRIP EVER".  Checking out the Peace Bridge on a downtown walk. I also joined an instameet, which was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone. It was really cool to meet a group of people who love to take pictures the same way I do. I was quite prepared to go on future meets, but my schedule hasn't worked out for a single one since. Hoping that changes for August's meet. Took a day trip out to Lake Minnewanka. We hiked about 11 km return. We went to the look out point that the scouts had gone to. We even brought Libby with us. She did really good. We took Madelyn to the Humane Society, she had collected $$ in lieu of presents for her birthday. Pretty proud of this girl.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Celebrate Elements
Celebrate Paper
Celebrate Journal Cards

Friday, August 7, 2015

On vacation

And I'm having a good time.

We've had a few sweltering days.

We've had a few chillier days.

I chuckled when I logged in this morning. At the header I have on top of this blog. Because the winter scene I have up there couldn't be further from what the weather actually is.

I got all techie. I forwarded phones from my iphone to my iPad, attempting to add a few summer pics. A few lake photos.

Turns out though, that I'm no techie at all. Because I can't get pictures off my iPad. I can't get pictures off my iphone either. Because I tried that too. Well, that's not completely true. I could get this picture off my iphone. Again, not at all what the weather we're experiencing right now. But, looking at photos of Calgary and a recent hail storm, could have been taken on Tuesday apparently.

But the thing, about this picture. How did I make it snow?

If I could remember, then obviously I could probably put myself back into the techie category. IF I COULD REMEMBER.

On VAY-CAY. Having a good time. Header picture and picture above in NO WAY REPRESENT the weather we're experiencing.


For future reference. Trying to do a blog post on an iPad sucks.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 20 & 21

Here are a couple more layouts to add to this years book. Week 20 and 21, and as I type this post, I should be in bed sleeping, because I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow.

But of course, I mastered in procrastinating...

That's a thing you know.

So, without further adieu, here they are:

Week 20:

 We are right in the middle of spring activities. Mason's tennis lessons are going great, and Madelyn is still loving rock climbing [even though my heart hammers in my chest when suddenly she's not attached to anything above...] My girl and I had a lunch date this week, and Mason was in a track and field meet at school. He did long distance running, 2000 metres. We also did our annual trip to Medicine Hat to meet up and have a great visit with friends. Love you guys! Love that the kids get together and just start where they left off last time. Was lots of fun.

 Week 21:

Did my first ever 'Paint Nite' with my Mum. It was a lot more nerve wracking than I expected, but we did have lots of fun and lots of laughs. Would recommend. Madelyn and her friend beautifying the fort in the back yard. Field trip with Grade 7's, downtown to watch Alice in Wonderland, en Francais... Lunch date with my boy. Family bike ride. Madelyn is finally starting to get a bit more comfortable on her big bike. Also, on an early dismissal afternoon, Mason and I rode our bikes to and up Nose Hill. It was awesome.

Sahlin Studio Products Used:

Week 20:

Drift Away Elements
Drift Away Journal Cards

Week 21:

Pure Happiness Elements
Pure Happiness Journal Cards
Paper Piercing Stitch Holes: Basic