Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Verge of 2009

Well, I'm sure you've been left, wondering whether or not I got my Christmas shopping done. I did. And when you anticipate the worst, it's nothing but a pleasant surprise when things run smoothly. The only thing I didn't do, was pick up my grande, extra hot, 1/2 sweet, no whip gingerbread latte. The line up at Starbucks looped around like something I've never seen before. However, on a much more pleasant note, all the people were in line at Starbucks, whilst I did my shopping. Oddly enough, I made it to the front of each line, unscathed. (Though apparently you do need to arrive quite early for underground parking) I'm afraid I did have to park above ground, but that was my only major disappointment.
Now Christmas has come and gone. The build up, the anticipation, so wonderful when you have small kids. A wonderful time was had by all, but now my home looks as though a tornado has swept through. I've got stuff everywhere. So much stuff, so many things that need to be gone through. Old toys recycled, new places for the new things. I hate to admit, I haven't done a really good toy 'go through' since Maddy was a baby... I have a LOT of work ahead of me. That's why I walk around my house now with my eyes closed. Feeling my way around, because if I open my eyes and see the disaster, I feel myself start to hyperventilate a bit. You'd think that with the frigid temps we've been experiencing, that now would be the ideal time to go through stuff. And it is, but I have 2 children who want to say goodbye to NOTHING, including miscellaneous McDonald's toys (you know you've all got 'em) So that poses a slight challenge. I have to wait for school to start again on the 5th, and get rid of the girl for the day before I can do a proper purge.
Errrr, and unfortunately the card reader on my PC isn't reading my card. So I can't download any of my Christmas pictures, which is a real bummer. I've tried a few things, but I'm certainly not what you'd call technically 'capable'. So no pictures to post for now. We have had a great Christmas vacation. We've relaxed in every sense of the word. Mason has worn his jammies more than anything else in the past 10 days. He's in heaven. It makes you remember what it was like as a kid, to get new toys, and just be at home. I used to love that too.
And now, we look to the year ahead. I know 2009 is going to be a good year. I can feel it. And after much deliberating and thinking and contemplation, I've come up with my new word. If you're a fan of Ali Edwards, as I am, she has for the past few years, had a word for the year. Last year my word was DISCIPLINE, not for my kids, for my own self. I guess it should have actually been SELF-DISCIPLINE... Perhaps that's why I failed so miserably w/last years word... This year, I already KNOW that my word is a good one. I've spent a considerable amount of time on this so far. This word will serve me well. My word for 2009 is: CHOICE. So there you are. There will be more to come indeed! Happy New Year all the best in 2009!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Madness

I've done it again, somehow it's the middle of December. Our household has been struck with bug after bug. The cold that lovingly lends itself to the next person, just as the first person is beginning to come out of the fog. First my son had it, who passed it on to his sister, who then shared it with me. There was a lull, of about 4 days, were everyone seemed on the mend, then out of nowhere Mad's nose started to drip again, like a faucet. She's on round 2, which hit this time around with slightly more oomph. Then my husband got it, and now, we're just waiting to see who's next. Who's the weakest? Will another one of us succumb again? Being sick with the common cold is just so un-fun. Having to perform the usual parenting duties: get the kids up and out of bed, dressed, fed, ready for school, lunch packed, and NOT miss the school bus. When all a person wants to do is go home to their Mum's house and crawl on her couch, and not have to worry about any responsibilities. To be taken care of, rather than the being the caretaker. Isn't it amazing how something as common as the cold can make us revert to being a child our self.

After 5 days of not leaving the house, with a crabby, snot-nosed, feverish kid following my every move, I'm just about at my wits end. THANKFULLY, my sweet mother came over to give me a few hours out. (or there's a chance I might have been institutionalized) Not to mention, that suddenly I feel completely un-prepared for Christmas. Yowser. Once again, I'll end up at the mall with 100's, if not 1000's of other shoppers. We'll be enduring painfully long line ups at every store, while a bunch of 16 year old sales staff (that have been hired especially for the Christmas season) are too busy texting their friends, to give a crap about the people that need help or have questions. And, because it's -27° outside (NOT including the windchill) we'll be bundled up in sorrel boots, long underwear, parkas, mitts, hats, scarves, for fear the arctic wind will instantly freeze any flesh that happens to be foolishly exposed. There we'll all be, lined up, in the over-crowded malls, with our hearts palpitating, while we slowly feel our anxiety levels creeping up, and our body temperature rising. Suddenly there will be that buzzing in my ears, and I'll realize in a panic that if I don't find a place to either strip down (and when I say strip down, I mean get my coat, hat and scarf off, and perhaps my heavy sweater) and get my head between my knees, or lay down horizontal and take deep breaths, I'll faint, and likely land a spot on Global News at 11 pm. That very panic which of course, causes my heart to begin racing, as I'm looking for somewhere deserted (HA!) to lie down and not draw too much attention to myself from all those that pass by (as I hope to work through this scenario without losing conscientiousness). You're likely wondering if I've ever had any experiences like this. Indeed I have.

So for myself, and all you others, who feel hopelessly behind. Good luck, and hopefully we'll all find a spot in the parkade, so we don't have to wear all our outerwear inside the mall. I don't know what time you have to arrive to be guaranteed an underground parking spot this close to Christmas, but I certainly aim to find out. I'll be sipping my decaf ginger spice late, smiling at the sales staff, perhaps taking in a texting tip or two, as I wait in mile-long lines. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There is no doubt in my mind, that this child is going to give me a run for my money. She, just like her mother, is constantly trying to be the funniest person in the room. And the humorous part is, sometimes she is. This was one of those times for sure, when she picked up the googly eyes, and put them up to where her own eyes were. I hope God will give me the strength I need to get through the teenage years (it's just a hunch I have)

We had a very upsetting weekend. When a loved one is victimized, it really changes the way you look at the world. The way you look at others. The way you judge others. The way you see things fairly or unjustly. I am more than thankful that we are moving forward this week, and trying to put this incident behind us, rather than many different alternatives that could have happened. (The types of alternatives that I've been replaying in my head, over and over, 100's of times) I've suddenly realized how life can change in an instant and how things so precious can be taken away from us. I am thankful for my life, and for the life of my family and friends. I think we need to live our lives as though this might be our last day on earth. What would you want to say and to who? Would everyone one in your life know how you felt about them, if suddenly you were gone? This experience has really shaken me up, and the what-ifs are indeed running out of control. (though they shouldn't be). I certainly hope that this incident is a turning point in my, and my families lives. To live every day, like we might not get another chance tomorrow. To be more vocal about whom we love and why. To be grateful for each day we get to spend on earth with those we love. I pray something good will come out of this experience, because I trust it has happened for some purpose that we don't see or acknowledge fully. So if I start to get a little more mushy and teary lately, this is why. I'm blessed and glad and grateful to be living this life with so many people I love so much.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm trying again... This time for free. I tried a blog once before, had such high hopes of recording so many things, only to find that it was a bit like a journal. Always there, but never enough time to utilize the way I'm supposed to...
Taking a new class. Using this as a 'writing tool'. I can type so much faster than I write, so here's to success, again! But much cheaper this time!
Here's to you girl! Success is around the corner!