Monday, January 30, 2012

Caught Up

Today went by in a blur. I wish I could say it was because I was so busy today, and list all the things I did. [Things like: sweep the kitchen, wash dishes, do laundry, make beds, clean kids rooms, make dinner, bake something fab for dessert] But it wasn't that kind of day at all. {Though, I did make beds.... I at least washed half the dishes in the sink... Laundry from 9:30 this morning still needs to be switched from the washer to the dryer and our supper is on the counter thawing...

So it was not because of that the day went quickly. It went quickly as I worked on the final touches of my December Daily album. Remember back in November when I said that it's not for the weak... That when you commit to doing a December Daily book it's a LOT of work. That you need to keep up and not get behind, because if you do, eeks! All true. But as it all comes together, the final product is so worth it. I have 3 more things to do, then it's finished. I'll be so pleased to put it away. [I'll be so glad that I persevered and kept on with it next Christmas] By then, the memory of just exactly HOW MUCH work is involved is a bit dull... I need to figure out how to simplify it even more. I thought I had done that this year with making most of it digital, but it still seemed like a ginormous project. I'll post a few pictures once the final touches are completed.

Speaking of ginormous projects... I'm still working on my project life for 2012. I love it. But it too needs a crazy amount of time put aside. I've been successful, because I've tried to keep up each day. I can't imagine getting behind on this project...

I was a bit reluctant to do this. Then I saw so many great examples on different blogs, that I became quite passionate about it. I had intended to use this platform, to do more cutting/pasting/placing etc. Now that I pretty much just stick to digital scrapbooking, I do miss the physical putting things together. But that's not exactly how it's turned out. It's more digital than I would have liked. I'd like it to be more a mixture of both. I just find it easier to 'create' things in PSE, than to go and buy elements I like or want. Plus, to be honest, the scrapbook store I go to, just doesn't have the great product you find on-line. So I make the elements instead. I don't know why I'm fretting about this, it's WAY cheaper... Last weeks pictures cost me $1.23 from Costco... Can't complain that I'm spending too much with that price.

I guess I was looking forward to creating things physically a bit more. But, I look back at the 4 weeks I've done already, and I'm pleased with the result.

Here's the first 4 weeks of my 2012 Project Life:

What I have noticed though, since starting this project, is that I use my iphone all the time, to capture instagram shots [which i LOVE] But I have hardly picked up my camera at all in the past month. Considering I usually have about 350 pictures a month, that's a little bit shocking. Yikes, I have 60 pictures for January, that's it...

Plus, it feels like stuff I talk about on my blog is redundant. I guess it's only redundant for me. So I still kind of have to figure how everything fits together.

So far though, I'm loving this project, and I don't feel like it's too daunting at this point. I'll let you know how I'm feeling in another month or so...

Friday, January 27, 2012

No Wheels

Sheesh... I'm still without my vehicle.

It's been a little bit inconvenient... I'm not going to say who it's been more inconvenient for, myself of Barry, because that would certainly start an argument. [Ah heck, I think I'm the most displaced person in this scenario... ;-)]

Having said that, it's been really foreign to disclose daily information to my husband. You know, the 'daily life' stuff, that under normal circumstances, doesn't come up in conversation. For example, going for coffee. I'm sorry, but I just have to say that getting together for coffee is quite a common occurrence between most girlfriends... Not only that, it's a necessity... And in usual times, times that I have my own car parked in the driveway, it's not a subject that comes up. Ever. Being a stay at home mum is my job, and like any job, there are a few perks. Sometimes the boss takes you for lunch. Sometimes you get a Friday off. Sometimes you get a vest with the company name on it. Sometimes you go for coffee with your colleagues.

For me, going for coffee is a delightful part of my job. Like I don't ask him the specifics of his job, but all of a sudden he wants to know stuff like "How many coffee dates do you have in a week?" I have to admit, this week was a bit unusual, I've had 3... That doesn't mean every week I have 3. I mean come on, the groceries got picked up, meals have been served at dinner time, the house is tidy, laundry is done, beds are all made, cookies have been made [and consumed in 2 days.... C'mon guys, they could last at least a week] I've even managed to do a little bit of work for Barry in the mix... I'm doing my job. And I'm doing it well.

So coffee dates are my perk and they're certainly non-negotiable...

Come back to me little truck... Please come back...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuck at Home

My car broke down on Saturday. I was heading to COP to take the kids to their ski lessons. Barry was planning on meeting us at the hill. Moments before we turned onto the highway, my car started acting strange... Thankfully there wasn't much traffic. Thankfully I was able to pull into a residential area. Thankfully my car is only 3 years old, and is still under warranty. Thankfully we keep renewing our AMA membership...

We made it to ski lessons, but now I'm without a vehicle. HATE that feeling. There is something unsettling about watching your car drive along side you, on the back of a tow truck...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


MAN, is it cold out. [-28° not including the windchill] My little truck don't like the cold... I don't like the cold. No one likes the cold... We've got a few more days to go. Apparently it's supposed to warm up again for the weekend.

Instead, I've been keeping warm indoors. Baking cookies, doing some work for Barry and most exciting, I got my persnickety order in the mail yesterday! Today I'm going to work on my December Daily album. Seeing all the pictures makes me excited to get it finished up!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 Instagrams on the 12th, January 2012

Last year I did 11 on the 11th, the year was 2011. In 2010 I did 10 on the 10th. [See the trend?] So it makes sense that this year I do 12 on the 12th [and then thank heaven's, be done with it] As much as I like the idea, I just don't have that many more random tidbits to share...Having said that, I am not a quitter... So I've come up with another approach.


12 random pictures, that are taken, that day, the 12th of each month. Bear with me, because I suddenly came up with this idea this afternoon around 2:30 pm. Considering my day started much earlier than that, there are a number of things that I missed capturing... [ The chunks of ice floating in the Bow River. Auntie Gertie err, I mean Ama in a hat. [Jokes Mum, just jokes...] Man that wind, on a non-windy day was cold. A bunch of chit-chat at a coffee shop, after the walk. Seeing the sun... It disappeared behind the clouds shortly after I arrived home, but it was out and it was beautiful first thing this morning] All of this before noon!

So I crammed 12 pictures into a 6 hour window. Next month I'll be more on the ball. I know it's something I'll definitely be able to do... Excited about it.

1. Playmobil has been popular and well played with since Christmas. 2. Sweet little ivy plants, they were outside, but I brought them in for winter. 3. Skylanders, it's a wii game Mace loves right now. 4. On the way home from the bus. 5. Miss Madelyn got her scholastic order, always so much fun to browse through and circle favourites. 6. Reading through the playmobil book, circling sets she wants. 7. Hot mug'ga tea [yummy Lipton Cinnamon Spiced Chai] 8. Mason, ready for Cubs, having his dessert, a couple of bites out of a Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar. [Yes, the same one he got from Santa at Christmas, oy...] 9. Miss Madelyn her first night back at gymnastics. 10. Snack before bed, the kids, not Barry, he has his later. 11. Sharing a glass of wine with my sweetie. 12. Still loving my candles from Christmas, found the idea on Pinterest you know...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Decided

To do Project Life. I have been watching a few bloggers, and been so inspired by them over the past year. I began to do some research [because that's what I do, research] and I love how everyone has a different take on this project. I have sat on the fence about committing to this, for the past few months. Hubsy was going to buy me the Becky Higgins kit for Christmas, but I never ordered it. I basically talked myself out of it. If you recall, I did a Project 365 in 2010. It was a ginormous project. By the end of it, I was done. I was not one bit interested in doing it again for 2011. Then I started to compile stuff for my December Daily Album. I started seeing Project Life stuff, and I got more and more intrigued. This is what finally made me jump in with both feet:

That's right I can do it. How. Ever. I. Want... So I'm starting it, and believe it or not, just sent all my photos to be printed for the first week already... I know, right? [Let's wait and see if I'm this enthusiastic in 6 months]

I spent two whole days last week [special thanks to Ama for having my kids for a sleep over that started at lunch time, and for kids who had a Phineas and Ferb marathon in their jammies one day] sorting out layouts for my December Daily, and doing some scrapbook catching up. I mean when you're sending an order in and you're paying for shipping, you have to get the best bang for your buck. Having said that, I have two giant baseball sized knots in my back, from so much computer work... [Because naturally, once my right hand got sore from the mouse, I switched to my left hand] Barry is not as sympathetic as I'd like... Every time I hint at a massage, he just kinda snorts at me... I think he probably feels like 40 hours in front of a computer in the past week, mostly until the wee hours of the morning, [thank heaven's for winter break] was not the best use of my time.

What all this scrapping has done, is get me totally pumped about scrapbooking again. [I haven't scrapped since the kids started school in September. I still have our.... gasp... Disneyland trip to do] Now I'm just all jazzed up to do the Project Life thing, and just kind take it day by day. Not get to worked up about it. Take it as. it. comes.

I'm also really excited to be able to add some of my instagrams into my stories. I got an iphone for Christmas don't ya know. SO excited about some of the scrapbooking qualities this affords me. I mean, what's not to love?

Not so excited about the texting... Sorry Nicole, I just don't check it like that... But if you need to reach me, CALL ME.... I promise I'll answer.

That's all I've got right now. My shoulders are throbbing and the hot tub is calling my name.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Vacation is Nearly Over

I know I'm lucky. My kids get along. I apologize to my poor mother often about that fact. [Sorry Mum] because it makes me feel like a heel that I was so mean to my brother when we were kids. I'm not mean to him any more, but growing with me as a big sister, might not have been the most pleasant thing in the world...[Sorry Chris]

Any who. My kids, who play really well together and for the most part, get along well, because of Mason's personality. He will let his little sister do just about anything. If he wants to watch something, and she doesn't he says "Fine, let's watch your show". If he wants to play a game, and she doesn't, he says "Fine, what do you want to do?" If they're playing, and he wants to do something a certain way, but she opposes, he'll finally say "Fine, let's do it your way" He's very accommodating. Too much so, I think sometimes. I tell him that he needs to stand up for himself, and do what he wants, not always let her have her own way. He nods his head, agrees with me, but then let's her get her own way a nanosecond later.

Having said that, if it were Mason making the demands, wanting his own way, Madelyn would have absolutely no qualms about saying to him: "Look dude, that's NOT the way I see this playing out" She would probably even go so far as to say, "Look dude, if you're not going to play this my way, then you're not playing..." [No doubt she'd have her hands on her hips as she said this] I have a sneaking suspicion that I was a little bit more like Madelyn in this aspect, being the older sister. Unfortunately I wasn't the nurturing, agreeable type. I suspect I could have learned a lot from Mason.

This could go on and on, how I was bossy, mean and not much fun to be sisters with, but this isn't about me... It's about a conversation I overhead this afternoon.

Here's a picture of these two, taken on Monday. A whole week of vacation left. Both giddy with their jammy day. Playing with new toys, new games, having a great time.

Today I heard this, and I just knew it was a good thing school is back in on Monday:

mace: "Madelyn - What's gotten into you? You're like a bad smell following me around. I just don't want to play with you right now. Can you please just leave me alone...

Of course, when he does stand up to her and say no, it's always very dramatic, and there are always copious amounts of little girl tears...

But sometimes you've just gotta stand up for yourself. Way to go Mason.

There has been enough together time.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fresh Start

Wow, it's twenty twelve. Crazy. We're in the process of de-Christmas-ing the house. Every year I enjoy December with the house decorated for Christmas. I love the lights. I love the decor. I love to eat sweets from morning to night. I love to admire real candles flickering so nicely. Then, I love to take it all down, put it away in a box, and have my house back.

I went to a New Year's Eve Party, and our lovely hostess wanted to go around the table and talk about our resolutions for the new year. And you know what, I hadn't really thought about a 'resolution' up until that point. I haven't really done resolutions for the past couple of years. In my opinion, making a bunch of resolutions, is setting yourself up for failure on or the night before the very the 1st day of the year. If you fail to keep your resolutions [which I typically do] It kinda just hangs out there... It's certainly not what I would consider a builder upper. The last few years, I've focused more on my word, than a resolution. And it's worked well for me.

Now, despite what I just said, I did indeed have a 'resolution' for the crowd, because believe me, I didn't want to be pigeon holed into a resolution they thought I should have... [Sorry about that Nola...] So I said that one of my resolutions this year was to Simplify... Which I do wish to do, but it's hardly a resolution. It's more a way of life. [Wish me luck, I live with Barry]

Last night, Barry and I got to talking, I told him about my resolution quandary. How I'd said what I said [simplify] to appease the crowd, but how I thought it was important this year that he and I make it a priority, or a resolution to spend more quality time together. In Oct/Nov, I had originally thought I would try to plan a date per month for 2012 and give him all the pre-planned dates as a gift for Christmas. [I read about the date ideas here] One night, when I sat down to work on it, I realized exactly how much work it was. A ton of preparation, and some things are just to hard to plan that far in advance.

I didn't end up doing it. We agreed last night, that we do need to spend more adult time together, and planning dates for each other is, something we'll focus on this year. Taking turns. The bonus is, he thought it was a great idea. So I get to plan January's date. [I mean it makes sense that he plans February, what with Valentine's Day and all]. And we'll plan dates for each other, every other month. How cool is that? I'm excited about it for sure.

To me, the new year means a new start. A fresh beginning. A do-over. A look forward, not backwards. To be successful and be positive. Some of the things I'd like to see this upcoming year are:

- a healthier diet, for sure. Serious commitment to meal planning. [Usually I do well in this aspect, but December was atrocious] And I would bust something right now, for a nice green salad.

- exercise [teeheehee] But I have to put it in there, don't I?

- setting up a schedule to clean a bit each day [like Nicole, but with way more flexibility ;-)]

-to spend more quality time with my kids [notice a bit of a trend?]

- use my new iphone, to do 365 days of instagrams. Seriously, I'm SO excited about this one. I've been imagining it for a few years now...

- to be a slug on the couch a LOT LESS frequently.

- to sort out our basement, so I don't die a little bit inside if an adult [that's not Barry or I] goes down there. Seriously. It's bad... I mean, it's not hoarder bad, but it is bad.

- de-clutter.

-spend more quality time with girlfriends... Seriously, the 2 times we've met for coffee since our kids all started school in September is kind of ridiculous... I want to see them more...

-get my December Daily book finished and sent to the printers before I lose interest. [Because I KNOW I'll be so grateful I took the time to finish it, next December.]

All this kind of brings me to this year's word I've selected: Renew...

There are a lot of things I thought I would do, with 2 kids in school full time. But it didn't happen in September [or Oct/Nov/Dec] I have the opportunity to make it happen now. I'm going to renew. I'm excited about this. I'm looking foward to this new year. Welcome twenty twelve!