Monday, October 3, 2016

October, here we go...


I'm making progress. Sorta. With my new computer. Except I've just about been in tears on several occasions, because my kids 'do something' and I can't figure out how to 'un-do' what they've done. They probably know more than I do at this point. But I'm fighting them on it all the same. 

I'm learning about 'finder' and folders. [Finder is your best friend on a mac, so it seems]

I'm googling so much stuff... Some of it makes sense, some of it doesn't.

Now we're officially into October.

I seem to be in a bit of state, as the harsh realization that my 'baby' is in her last year of elementary school. At the same time, my first born is in his last year of Junior High School.

What the.... Seriously. When and how did this happen?

Our first order of business for October, what to be for Halloween.

For the first time ever, Mad asked if she could go out trick or treating with friends. A total bummer that Halloween falls on a Monday night this year. Also, a total bummer for her Uncle, who has taken her out all these years. But when she asked, I said ABSOLUTELY! My only request, make plans known with friends ahead of time. Please let's not be figuring out the logistics of this, on the 31st.

Aside from the costume, and the candy grab itself, we have the yearly Halloween Hop to plan for. I think Mason might have done this for the first time in Grade 2... I kept this on the down low, because really, a dance... For elementary school kids? Come on. Grade 6 kids help in the concession, with all proceeds going towards their Grade 6 farewell. It seems unbelievable that my 2nd kid is going to be taking on a concession shift.

I also gave Mad free reign over the weekend, to decorate the house. Let's face it, pinterest makes all of us feel a little unworthy. Or is that just me? So, I just let her decorate. And she's done a pretty good job. In a few weeks, it'll all be packed back into boxes.

Pinterest makes me want to be super mom... I want to bake. I want to craft. I want to spookify our house. Knowing that this is our last year of elementary school, i know there are so many things that I'll probably have to 'un-pin' soon. Many things that she'll consider 'too childish'. But the days rush on, the weeks rush by, and gosh, it's really hard to fit everything I want to in.

This upcoming weekend is Thanksgiving. Plus, Mad's in a ringette tourney. We have ringette games as well as practices. Mason is in an exhibition game, as well as practices. Try to squeeze in some time with family in there.  We have turkey to eat for heaven's sake! It's going to be a busy weekend. It's hard to find the time to craft. To bake. To create. Sometimes, I just want my downtime to be sitting on the couch, under a cozy blanket, with a nice hot cuppa tea.

I always get so optimistic about the upcoming seasons, and then they seem to bulldoze me over like a freight train.

First on and most important on the list. Decide on a costume, and get that together.

Then make skull and cross bone ice cubes. Ice cubes go in lots of things. Especially adult bevies.

I'm all about the baby steps. And adult bevies.