Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birthday Boy

There are so many things I need to touch on. It's been a long time since I blogged. Too long. In the past 23 days there's been Project Life Pages, updated in my 2peas gallery, a yoga retreat, a natural disaster, a birthday party and a birthday. I need to find some time to update, but this post is all about this guy:

It's hard to believe that:

In some ways, it seems like yesterday. In other ways, it feels like you've been with us forever.

You are a sweet, kind-hearted, little boy.


Your sense of humor is definitely emerging. You like to get a laugh. [Definitely takes after his Mummy in this aspect, though I'm sure Daddy would say he's the funnier one...(not)] 

It's been a pleasure sharing this adventure of life with you. Love you more than you'll ever know. Happy 11th Birthday,  sweet boy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

End of School Countdown

Can you believe that it's June already? That means, for our little family, we are in countdown mode. As of yesterday, there were 19 more 'school days' left. As of tonight, we're down to 18. Eeks! I can already see how this month is going to slip away from me.

Last week and this week, I've been volunteering at the pool to help kids get changed/dressed for swimming lessons, with Madelyn's grade 2 class.

Next week, I'm heading out to our 'Second Annual Yoga Retreat' with the same group of ladies I went with last year. I'm looking forward to so many aspects of that little get-away.

The day after I come back, we're hosting Barry's family for the celebration of May/June birthdays.

The week after that I'm helping out at the school with the Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Tests.

That takes us to June 21st... Ay, yi, yi...

I like to do teacher's gifts for the end of the year. This year, both my kids have had terrific teachers. I couldn't be more happy actually. So, I want to put a bit more thought into our year end gift. I need to put my thinking cap on. Of course Pinterest is all a flutter right now, with teacher appreciation ideas. I have seen an idea or two, that has caught my attention. I just don't want to break the bank... There is a lot of team teaching that goes on at the kids school, so I struggle a little bit with what to do. Both grades 2 and grade 5, have 4 classes each. That's 4 teachers per grade... So that would be 8 teachers gifts. That's crazy... I can't afford 8 teacher gifts.

On another completely different note, this past weekend was Madelyn's basketball wind up. It was a parents vs kids day.

I know nothing about basketball. I have picked up a tip or two in the last 10 weeks, but it's a game I really have no clue about. I showed up at the event, with my runners. I did get out of the warm up, thank goodness, but I didn't get out of the drills and the 3 on 3 games...

When I told Madelyn that I might just watch, she said "But Mummy, I want you to play. I just want everyone to see how awesome you are".


And so, I played.

Not very gracefully. I'm certainly NO athlete. I didn't show up to basketball totally prepared [a sports bra would have been a good idea] and I didn't expect to have a full sweat on by the end of the hour and a half, but I did. And my little girl beamed from ear to ear. [Even though we got split up and were on different teams].

She on the other hand, did fantastic. A few of the other parents commented on her 'tenacity'. I mean, she can barely get the ball up to the net, let alone in the net. But what she lacks in getting the ball to the net, she makes up in defense. When I played against her, she was like a little pitbull. It was nearly impossible to stop her... She's got drive, that's for sure, and she is going to get that ball away from you. 

Keep it up little girl, who knows, maybe basketball will be your thing!

I laugh at the bottom left picture, because she was so fast. Seriously... You didn't have a chance when she was coming at you. None of the pictures Barry took were clear, because she never stayed still long enough. [I was wow-ing the crowd with my awesome dribbling, top right picture]