Friday, July 3, 2020

Making Waves Collection | Sahin Designs

Elif of Sahin Designs just released her new Making Waves Collection. It's perfect to use for summer, whether you're getting away, or hanging out in your own backyard.  

Making Waves Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs
You can pick pieces of this collection up, through July 5th for 20% off. If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox, for your link to pick the collection up at 50% off! 

I actually got giddy, when I first saw this collection. The colours, the papers, the summer time elements...

Umm, yes please.  I couldn't wait to sit down and start to create something. 

Having said that, 2020 hasn't given us the opportunity to appreciate being poolside very much. Fingers crossed, it's on the horizon.  I simply dug up a few past summer photos. 

I ended up creating these two layouts.

It's true, Barry ended up taking Madelyn to the outdoor pool, because she couldn't connect with a friend to meet her. I'm super appreciative that he both took and sent me these photos of their time spent together. He has always taken and sent photos to me. So, so thankful for that. 

This is definitely a more adult layout. Cocktails by the pool... Okay, I'm in.

We spent time by the pool in Vegas, mostly people watching, and enjoying adult drinks. The water was so G R O S S... I'm sure there are no restrictions as to how many people they can get into the pool. And the sheen on the pool, which were hoping was just suntan lotion was nasty... But we were in Vegas, in August. And it was over 40 degrees, we had to spend some time by the pool.  

It's hard to choose a favourite... I love them both. Of course, the Las Vegas spread conjures up a lot of fun memories of our short get away. That was eye opening trip for both Barry and I, for many different reasons. Before this trip, we were considered ourselves, Vegas Virgins. 

I would sure love to be planning a tropical vaycay, somewhere with drinks, good food, pools, crashing waves, maybe even palm trees.   I hope we're abel to make those types of plans again sometime soon.  

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

Making Waves Elements:
Making Waves Journal Cards:
Making Waves Papers:
Making Waves Digital Stamps:

Thursday, July 2, 2020

July Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

Can you believe it's July? 

Where has the time gone by this year? 

I'm not going to lie, March and April felt like an 
e t e r n i t y. Then, it seems like I blinked and suddenly May and June were over.

Always, with the start of a new month, the template freebie from Sahlin Studio gets released. Here is the July template. Click here to go and download. Remember, it's only free to download through July. 

I had a few ideas swirling around my head when I first saw this layout. In fact, I sat down at my computer and went in a very different direction when I started. I first filled all the boxes in with different patterned papers. Initially I thought this might be a good 'favourites' page.  

One of my favourite parts of digital scrapbooking, is the ability to swap elements in and out. Try it this way, then try it that way. I started playing around with this page a little, and finished off with this: 

This is a 12x12 sized layout, that I shrunk down to 8x8. 

I'm so upset for my kids, they're both missing out on their grade 9 and 12 farewell/graduations. There's no sugar coating it. It totally sucks. 

I was so glad when one of Madelyn's classmates organized a meet up in the park. At least the grade 9 kids that attended got the opportunity to say good-bye to one another. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

PM Vibes Elements -

PM Vibes Journal Cards -

PM Vibes Paper -


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

PL2020 - Week 23 | Sahlin Studio

I'm posting this on the last day of June. Tomorrow is July 1st, Canada Day. 

This year, there will be no firework celebrations. 

We all feel like we've been home for months. And we have.

We're in Stage 2 of the re-launch, but I have not ventured out very far. 

2020 will be known by our family as the year of the great 'stay at home'. 

Now that school is officially finished, I have full use of the computer again. I'm not fighting to get my computer time in. For me, it seems a little bit more normal. 

Here is week 23 of my project life album. 

The Waxwings have been gathering, in large groups as they do. Though they're not a nice bird to listen to, they are lovely to look at. 
Home ownership needs to come with more warnings about house maintenance things. [We have a number of neighbours who do NOTHING] Their lack of care/pride in ownership astounds me. 
Recent pictures of the kids.
Meeting the walking girls for a socially distant coffee in the park.
The plague mask comes out on occasion...

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

summer memories kit -

summer memories j. cards -

Friday, June 26, 2020

June Template | Sahin Designs

June templates are now available to download from Sahin Designs. 

I love these monthly templates. I just have to pick out a couple of pictures, and then I can get right to  storytelling. There's nothing I have to figure out. Well, aside from what digital collection to use. 

For this layout, I chose these photos of my Mum's recent Birthday. It was the first time in months, that  we've all been together and shared a meal together. It's been a long time coming. It was just a day that felt so normal. I'm pretty sure that's what we could all use right now, a dose of normal. 

We're taking it day by day right now. But this was certainly a moral boosting step in the right direction. 

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

PL2020 - Month of May | Sahlin Studio

In May, I followed along with Ali Edwards A Week in the Life, and though my album is not totally complete [waiting for a rainy day so I can put the time aside to finish it off] I felt like I had a ton of pictures for the month, and sometimes when there are so many to choose from, I find it hard to incorporate them into my project life album. It ends up feeling a bit redundant to me. 

So, I decided to switch things up a bit, and created a two page spread to encompass the entire month. 

Here they are:

  • At the beginning of May, we started to see a hint of green on Nose Hill.
  • Game night, we've had so many since the middle of March.
  • Madelyn's latest acquisition.
  • Miss Libby turned 6.
  • Captured a glimpse of a great horned owl.
  • Coffee with friends Coronavirus style.
  • Love to see the crocuses in bloom. 

  • A before and after, we spent a lot of time working in our back yard.
  • Barry and Libby caught mid-nap. 
  • Reality check: trip to the dentist during a pandemic.
  • New signage, just about everywhere you go. 
  • Watching the George Floyd movement, world-wide. 
  • Madelyn catching her first garter snake. The smile says it all. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 


J. Cards:

Friday, June 19, 2020

All About Me Collection | Sahin Designs

All About Me is the latest collection just released from Sahin Designs. 

The thing I like the most about this collection, is that it reminds me to capture stories about myself along side of the stories I try to capture of everyone else. 

As usual, this collection will be on sale through the weekend. This is your chance to pick any part of this collection up for 20% off through Sunday night [June 21st]. If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox for the chance to download the bundle for 50% off. 

As a story teller, I mostly focus on those around me. I need to remember, that one day, I might like to go back and remember the occasional story about myself. Like how I now need reading glasses for just about everything

It's sad but true. On the bright side, there are some super cute styles out there. So it hasn't been all bad.

A collection like this is perfect to reflect on one's own self for a change. Something I don't do an awful lot of. 

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

All About Me -Elements:
All About Me - Journal Cards:
All About Me - Papers:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

PL2020 - Week 18 | Sahlin Studio

There is so much going on in our world. 

So, so much. 

It's hard to wrap my mind around it. 

2020 has sucked balls. 

The Coronavirus started things off. It's been a test in patience, that's for sure. I realize my little family has been in a fortunate situation. We live in a safe place with a roof over our heads. We've not gone hungry, in fact, just the opposite, we've been eating great. [I'm actually feeling a bit burnt out with the meal planning and making] The people at the liquor store likely know our first names... But I'd be lying if I said being quarantined at home has been easy. 

We've watched week after week, as numbers rose, and situations seemed to become more dire. We've watched helplessly as the death toll climbs higher and higher. 

We've seen injustice at the hands of the police, in the United States. George Floyd. The man and the name that has started the great movement which is now world-wide. I can't even begin to imagine what his family is going through. It's not okay. Things need to change. Worldwide. 

We've watched peaceful protests. We've watched riots. We've definitely seen both the best and the worst in people. 

We need to be kind to one another. If we all lived by the rule, 'treat others as you want to be treated' imagine the place our world could be. 

This past Saturday night, Calgary was hammered by a thunder storm. We are counting our blessings today, that we got by without any damage. The news last night said that Saturdays storm caused more damage than the great flood of 2013. We got a ton of heavy, heavy rain, but luckily, the tennis ball sized hail dodged us. Other parts of the city weren't so lucky. 

I certainly hope, that on top of everything else, this won't be a summer of crazy wild weather. I don't know if we can take it. 

Here's pre-storm week 18:

  • Though there has been a lot of time spent in front of computers, doing homework and school, there has also been a fair amount of lounging. 
  • First time I  was out, in literally weeks. Face masks were mandatory. 
  • Cutest little dog face ever. 
  • Making paper flowers, we made over 70 of these, I honestly thought the paper cuts on my fingers would never heal... 😂
  • Little Miss turned 15. We surprised her with a birthday parade. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Drift away - J. Cards:


Friday, June 12, 2020

PL2020 - Week 16 | Sahlin Studio

I'm sharing week 16 of my Project Life album.

We have spent a lot of time together. We have utilized all our space in the house. 

We're using our front living room, more than ever. To just hang out, listen to music, chat with one another. Lately, to enjoy the evening sun that streams in. 

Here is week 16:

  • Like I mentioned, we are collectively chatting with one another, more than we ever have before. I hope this will always be the case. 
  • Patient Miss Libby. She doesn't mind when her stuffies are piled all around her. 
  • Madelyn & Barry came home with slurpees... It was glorious.
  • Barry and the kids set up a race track in the basement.
  • We had pub night one night, playing darts and foosball. Lots of laughs. 
  • Our first 'social distance' outing at M&D's. We enjoyed a drink outside on the back deck, all spaced appropriately apart. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Like a Boss Kit -
Like a Boss J. Cards -

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Family Day Collection | Sahin Designs

For Sahin Designs June Creative Gallery I chose the Family Day collection, to capture another story that I want to remember, during this crazy time.

Things are cautiously, opening up here in southern Alberta. We are slowly and carefully venturing back into the world again. Our Coronavirus numbers are pretty low. It looks like things are heading in the right direction. [Fingers crossed] 

This comes on the heels of being home for the past three months. 

Twelve weeks. 

Eighty-six days.

After the initial fear of Covid-19, and all that it encompassed finally subsided. I have leaned heavily  into our time spent at home.  Just a few days ago, I came across the following quote on Instagram,  

Is that not the truth? 

This didn't just speak to me, it yelled at me. 

If there's one thing that 12 weeks at home has taught me, it's what is and what isn't important. 

The most important. The people you live with. 

Then food. Then toilet paper, yeast, flour...  I joke of course. Those things are now all readily available. We can finally laugh at the hoarding and nonsense that kicked this whole thing off.[However, now you can't find plants or lattice anywhere, in case you're wondering] A whole lot of back yards are on their way to being beautified. 

Once again, I'm grateful that I genuinely like the people I was stuck at home with.

One day, when things finally gather speed, and we're rushing head-first back to normal, I know I'll look back at this time of slow and intentional, with a smile on my face. 

During the pandemic we made the decision to 'take our evening meal' in our dining room. A space that for some reason, we only ever used for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. 

My vote is to keep on eating dinner in there. Enjoying our time spent together at every meal. While we can, because I know these kids won't be living with us forever. 

 The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

June Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

Sahlin Studio has released this months template freebie.

Follow this link to download the template. Get it soon as it's only free through the month of June.

I was recently going through some of my scrapbook albums, and saw that I'm missing a few pages. To remedy the situation I'm filling in some random missing pages, so my album is complete.  

I never got around to documenting Halloween 2015. I'm not sure why it got forgotten, Halloween is one of my favourite things to document. This particular year, Madelyn was infatuated with bats and wanted a bat costume. It was very simple costume to create. A black long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of black pants. I sewed 'wings' under the arms. Added a little face paint and viola! She was thrilled.

Mason went as a stick man. We made the face from foam board, picked up white pants and top [easily found at Value Village] and used black duct tape to create the body. Another costume that was very effective and couldn't have been easier to make.  

Glad to fill in this missing page in my album! 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

PM HalloweenKit:
PM Halloween Enamel Pins:

Monday, June 1, 2020

PL2020 - Week 17 | Sahlin Studio

I'm skipping ahead to week 17, because this project life spread uses the Sahlin Studio collection Highs and Lows. The collection also happens to be June's Featured Product from Sahlin Studio.

Through June, you can download any product from the Highs and Lows Collection Kit, Elements, Papers or Journal Cards for 40% the regular price. [If you purchase the kit, journal cards are free!]

With what's going on in the world right now, I think most everyone can relate. We've all had highs and lows in our life. I know I've felt this way more than ever recently, since the Pandemic began. Some days are good. Some not so much. Everyone deals with uncertainty a bit different.

Week 17:

  • With the snow finally gone, backyard clean up begins. Madelyn is always a good helper. We're very appreciative of it. 
  • Libby before and after. This is what 4 months in between a grooming appointment looks like.
  • Speaking of Libby, she's always close to someone.
  • Driving in the car, sunroof open. I felt 'normal' for a few minutes today.
  • Having a fun time playing Pictionary on the whiteboard.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Highs and Lows - Kit:
Highs and Lows - J. Cards:

Thursday, May 28, 2020

PL2020 - Week 15 | Sahlin Studio

Week 15 seems like a long time ago. We still regularly had snow back then.  I think it's safe to say now, that we might be in the clear as far as snow advisories go, at least until September... 😂 Fingers crossed really, because anything could happen. 

We were actually joking at dinner last night, that we feel like we're in the 97th day of March...

We've been home for 77 days. Which amounts to 11 weeks. 

E L E V E N weeks. 

I've gotten out a bit more recently. I actually ventured out to the grocery store, for a big shop, this week. [I have been ordering on-line and then just picking up] It felt good to do something so normal. Though, there was nothing normal about it. Only a certain amount of people allowed in. Cleaning the cart handle before touching it. Trying to maintain distance between shoppers [most people are really good about it, but there are a number of people who DO NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT 2m DISTANCE IS] I have never felt so nervous about being in such close proximity to strangers before. Sadly, this pandemic has definitely changed how I view others.

Then, there is one line up for the tills, with lines on the floor, spaced 2 m apart. I found myself towards the very back of the store... Waiting in line. That is another thing I'm not loving. The line ups nearly every where we go.

I guess, 11 weeks in, I've finally really leaned into the 'being at home' vibe. I'm glad I like the people I live with. Not to say there aren't the occasional blow-ups. There are. [Four people, 2 adults and 2 young adults were NEVER meant to spend this much time together]

Things are beginning to open back up again. Which makes me nervous. Now I just don't want to go anywhere... All the places that brought me joy, Second Hand shops, Michael's, Winner's/HomeSense, will all be a totally different experience. I'm sure much of it will be just getting out there a bit. Getting used to our new normal. Such as it is. 

Any way, back to week 15, with the snow that never stopped and still feeling really anxious about the pandemic:

  • Making S'mores over tea lights in the kitchen.
  • Using my sewing machine to make face masks... [which I do fear will become something we will be required to have on, while we're out]
  • Our menu, which I thought would be really interesting to keep track of, because in 11 weeks, we've eaten most of our meals from home. [I'm a smidge tired of being the chef and meal planner] I can count on 3 fingers, how many times we've brought something in. 
  • Video chats with friends.
  • Cinnamon buns, again. So, SO good.
  • Always snowing.
  • We had a very quiet Easter this year, just the 4 of us. We made the most of it, eating off our china and in the dining room. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Pure Happiness Elements:
Pure Happiness J. Cards:

Friday, May 22, 2020

Hooray Collection | Sahin Designs

For Sahin Designs creative gallery for May, I used the Hooray Collection to document the Drive-by Birthday I'd organized for Madelyn.

She turned 15. Birthdays in the middle of a pandemic, are not much fun for anyone. When you have a child, that begins to plan next years birthday, after this years is over, it's even more disappointing. I decided to surprise her with the new Coronavirus-Style, Street Parade.

She had no clue. She thought perhaps Grandparents would drive by at some point during the day. She was shocked when friends first started to drive by. Then extended family arrived. So many came. Lots of smiles from her this day. 

The day was perfection. Not a cloud in the sky. No wind. People ended up parking and staying for a few hours. [I'm glad we didn't get the authorities called on us, because there definitely was a lot of loitering] We all stayed respectfully, 2 metres from one another. 

Having conversations with people, when you're standing far apart, isn't ideal. It still seems so foreign. 

In truth, this was the most people we'd seen, in over 6 weeks. I think everyone needed it. 

Even though she had other plans for her birthday [which involved inviting friends over to watch as many Jurassic Park movies as possible and eating junk food] This is certainly a birthday she'll never forget. 

So, so grateful for everyone who made the drive to help us celebrate our girl. 

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

PL2020 - Week 14 | Sahlin Studio

Going back to week 14. The kids had been off school for 2 weeks. The first week because of school closures and Coronavirus, the second week was our scheduled spring break.

Week 14 was the start of learning at home. 

A huge learning curve, for everyone, as we're all trying to navigate this together.

  • Libby doesn't mind having us home all the time.
  • Mason's new normal. Scheduled video lectures.
  • The baking needs to slow down a little bit...
  • Madelyn as well, connecting with school/teachers.
  • Favourite funnies or memes I've seen up to the point. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Simplify Kit -
Simplify J. Cards -

Friday, May 15, 2020

Day in Review Collection | Sahlin Design

Sahin Designs brand new Day in Review Collection is available now! If you are participating in Ali Edwards, A Week in the Life, this is the perfect addition. 
This collection is available now through Sunday night at 20% off. If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox for a 50% off link.

This year, a week in the life is a little different from past years. The biggest being, we're in the middle of a pandemic. If that's not a reason to document in detail, a week in your life, then what is? 

I spent last Sunday preparing for this mini album. 

I created a 'recipe' this year. All days will include these elements: 
  • A journal card with the day of the week on it and the number that corresponds to that, for example, Monday is Day 1.
  • Every day will have a favourite picture of the day. 
  • Every day will have a list of gratitudes.
  • Every day will have a bit of journaling the corresponds with the 3x4 sized cards. 
I will go into more detail about how I put this album together, with it's repeating elements in another post. 

Here are the first few pages from Monday.  

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

PL2020 - Week 13 | Sahlin Studio

Is anyone else participating in week in the life this week?

I am, and so far, day 3, things are running quite smoothly. 

I went though all my past albums. The first year I did an 'album' was 2008. I haven't done one every year. I'm missing 2009 and 2019. I was surprised not to be able to find 2019... But I have a teeny memory of thinking I wouldn't do it. Which now, looking back, is disappointing. 

My kids are older now, and aren't quite as interested in being in all my 'stuff'. Though having said that, they've endured 10+ years of project life type memory keeping. 

They say they hate it, but love to go back and look through albums. I am more mindful of their privacy now, and don't post publicly things they ask me not to. 

I thought this would be a good year to participate in A Week in the Life, as we're in full swing Global Pandemic. One day, I hope we'll look back and say, remember the year 2020?

Here's week 13 of my project life album. 

  • My goal is to do a home practice yoga session 3-5 times a week. 
  • Celebrating my big birthday, with just my little 4-some. [I already declared this a birthday do-over for myself, and for whoever else has a birthday during this time. 
  • Madelyn made herself a very real looking pair of cat ears. 
  • The kids making me birthday break.
  • The new way we chat with one another. 
  • Game nights are a lot more frequent as of late. We learned how to play Mexican Train. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Vibe Elements -

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

May Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

It's that time again, the release of a Sahlin Studio template freebie. Follow this link to go to the template, free to download through the month of May.  

This was our last date, before we were all told to stay home. We had no idea what was about to happen. 

It seemed that overnight, our whole world changed.  

I know we had fun and enjoyed ourselves, but had we known then, what we know now... Well, I would have enjoyed the evening that much more. It was the first time we had our 'live-in' driver drop us off and pick us up from an event. 

If we realized this was our last 'date night' in the foreseeable future, maybe we would have stayed out later. But it was a school night after all, and we didn't want to keep our driver out too late. How considerate of us. 

On March 10th, we had no idea that schools would be shut down indefinitely less than a week later.  That idea really would have seemed preposterous.

I'm glad we got this night,  our last night of normal.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May Featured Product - PM Movies | Sahlin Studio

Sahlin Studio featured product for the month of may is Project Mouse Movies.

I think this is being featured at the perfect time. 

I'm not talking about heading out to a theatre to see a movie. Sadly, that's not happening anytime soon. Or in the foreseeable future, as near as I can tell.

We have a ton of movies at home,  many that I have never seen. One result of total crap weather and the Coronavirus, we're watching way more tv/movies than we ever have before. 

Mason was really eager for us to watch the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. They are some of his favourites. 

Madelyn really wanted to read the Hobbit before we watched it [which she did, in one day...] 

Both movies were trilogies. 

By the end of the last movie, I'd watched nearly 20 hours of hobbits, orcs, dwarves, elves and wizards, to name a few. In a very short period of time. 

Not sure what the next movies will be on our 'must see' list.

We recently did a Star Wars Marathon, so I don't think it'll be that. 

Maybe Harry Potter? Mad still hasn't seen some of them. 

We watched the first 2 seasons of Jack Ryan recently, to even out our binge watching. It's been fun watching things together as a family.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

PM Movies - Elements -
PM Movies - J. Cards -
PM Movies - Word Art -

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Exploring [a Travel] Collection | Sahlin Studio

Sahlin Studio just released Exploring, a travel Collection. 

Limited Time ** Exploring (BUNDLE) by Sahlin Studio - Perfect for all of your travels in your Smash Books, Project Life album or digital scrapbooking!!

We haven't been anywhere this year, and chances are pretty slim that there will be any trips in our future. I began to reminisce looking through last years photos.

I had done a quick spread of our trip to include in our project life album, but I didn't include much detail. This collection made me want to be a bit more intentional with our road trip stories.

It makes me so happy to have these pictures. Photos just take you right back.

Here are a few pages I plan to add into last years project life album:

I'm so thankful I have these memories.

I'm even more thankful we did this trip last year. What if we'd waited to take it this year? Obviously it was meant to be, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I'm just not sure this summer that we even want to get too far away from home. I think this will be the year of the STAY-cation.

For now, I'll just relive the past...

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Friday, May 1, 2020

Livin La Vida Collection | Sahin Designs

This is the latest collection from Sahin Designs.  I love the bright colours of this collection.

I'm loving any colour right now, because we're currently in the 'snow has all melted, but we're weeks away from the green and blooming' stage.

Oh Canada, spring certainly takes its sweet time where I'm from. I understand we could have green grass all years and gardens beginning to bloom early in the year if we lived closer to say, the west coast... [My happy place] Maybe one day... Never say never... But for now, we'll be midway through may as the first flowers start to show themselves and the grass begins to green.

I'm sorry, I wandered there.

This collection from Sahin Designs is on sale through Sunday May 3rd, get it while it's on sale. Also, if you happen to be a subscriber, watch your email for a 50% off link.

Since it doesn't appear that we are going to be able to head anywhere, in our near future, thanks to the Coronavirus, I'm looking back longingly on last years holiday.

Man, am I glad we did it this last year. On top of all the other disappointments that have been 2020, it would be even more heartbreaking to have to cancel a trip we'd spent months planning.

Thankfully I have pictures to look back on and remember.

The following Sahin Designs products were used:

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

PL2020 - Week 12 | Sahlin Studio

Looking back, this was the first week of our new normal. [It's been 6 weeks since then]

I had the news on most of the day, that first Monday. We'd only received confirmation at 8 pm the night before, that schools would be closed.  


We'd stopped watching news, for the most part, since the holidays of 2018. It's just too dang depressing. But all of a sudden, I was watching all the news. Morning, dinner and evening news. 

It didn't take long to realize, watching the news at 11:00 pm, then trying to turn the lights out and go to bed, was a problem. I quickly learned, that watching the news, that was reporting on the same thing over and over, was not healthy. Within those first few weeks, I watched the 5 pm news only. 

And I started projects around the house. 

The first few weeks the kids were off, were filled with a lot worry and dread. 

Thankfully, a few weeks later, the kids at least, had some direction as far as school went. 

  • If cancelling school, all professional sporting events, concerts and community sports wasn't enough to get your attention, the closures announced on that first Monday, when the city declared a 'state of emergency' certainly did. 
  • I began to go through 20 years of 'I'll just put this here for the time being' photos. 
  • Trying to get in a little bit of vitamin D, when the sun was out.
  • Drinking has increased 10-fold around here as we navigate something we don't know how to navigate.
  • Madelyn read the Hobbit. In one day. Challenge from her brother, accepted. 
  • Playing board games is one thing we're doing with a lot more regularity. 
  • Mason still plays online games with friends. Glad for the laughing and talking that happens when he's online. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Spring Stories Kit -
Spring Stories J. Cards -

Monday, April 27, 2020

Quarantine Report

I have started this post 3 times.

The first time, was right in the heart of all the cancellations and uncertainties.

I cried a lot.

There was SO much we didn't know.

Now I've been home for 42 days. It's obviously feeling more 'normal' now, to not leave the house. Yet I don't want to forget what my feelings were at the beginning of this, so I've decided to go ahead and post this.


Thursday March 12th was the last day before all hell broke loose in our little corner of the world. It was the first time I 'd heard the word PANDEMIC be used in association with the coronavirus.  A global pandemic.

Mad's school trip was cancelled less than 36 hours before they were supposed to meet at the airport. Such a disappointment.

We keep waiting, hoping, that things will quickly go back to normal. The not knowing, is the hardest. 

At the beginning of this, I was trying to put on a brave face. Trying to act normal, when nothing that was happening was normal. 

Having said that, I grapple with opposite feelings all the time. For example:

I want everything to be back to normal AND I'm scared there will never be a 'normal' again.

I want to stay informed with what's going on AND I don't want to know the latest updates.

I am trying to be brave AND I'm feeling scared. 

I am making masks for my family AND the idea of having to wear one out in public couldn't be more foreign to me. 

I want to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription AND I look at everyone else like they could infect me. 

I want to see family/friends AND I'm afraid someone will get sick. 

Call it whatever you want, self-isolating, quarantine, sheltering in place, we have been home since the 13th of March.  We're making the most out of our situation. I couldn't be more tired of hearing the word unprecedented right now. 

I've been doing a ton of cooking and baking.  Meals are one thing that I have complete control over.

We're five weeks in, I'm not feeling nearly as panicked as I was at first.

It's the end of April and I can count on one hand how many times I've been in a grocery store in the past 5 weeks. One hand. And 5 weeks, actually feels a little like 10 weeks or more...

I'm obviously documenting this pandemic in my project life pages. All my recent layouts have been about it as well. It's pretty big and scary right now. 

This past week, we've seen a lot of the glorious sun. What a mood booster that is.

Grad was officially cancelled last week...

The Calgary Stampede was officially cancelled this week...

I'm just not sure that anything will be normal again...

Thankfully a ton of funnies and memes have shown up all over. It feels good to laugh, we need to keep doing that. Until such a time the we can get together in person again.

This too shall pass.

Friday, April 24, 2020

April Template | Sahin Designs

April templates have been released from Sahin Designs. I adore working with circles. So this did not disappoint one bit.

Here are the templates:

This is my layout using one of the templates.

Surprise, surprise, it's a Cover-19 layout.

If nothing else, Coronavirus is giving us something to document.

Does this still feel surreal to you? It does me. I've been home now for 42 days. I've only left home a handful of times. I still can't quite believe that there is tape around playgrounds, indicating they are 'closed'. I can't believe there are empty shelves at the grocery store. [Last week I found yeast, the week before that, snagged the last 10 kg bag of all purpose flour] So baking can continue [which is a good and bad thing, my waistline will tell you]

Ironically, one thing I haven't been able to do is settle down and read. What? At the middle of March I'd already read 17 books. Seventeen!! And since March 14th, I've read 1... I don't quite understand it myself. I have the green light to sit and read, and I just can't seem to focus.

Covid has shut down so many businesses, I can't even imagine what things will look like a few more months down the road.

I'm so ready to get back 'out there' to the normal every day things I'd be doing. Yet, so nervous at the same time.

So thankful that the sun is a little bit more dependable as of late.

Sitting in the front or back yard, feeling the sunshine on your face, nothing is as good as that.

The following Sahin Designs products were used:

April Template:
Homebody Elements:
Homebody Papers:
Covid-19 Digital Stamps:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

PL2020 - Week 11 | Sahlin Studio

Gosh, what I'd do to go back to the way things were, before Coronavirus was all anyone ever talked about.

This weeks project life spread, goes back to the exact start of our world turning upside down. 

The first few weeks of this were scary. I remember having the tv on during the day, watching, waiting, listening...

I learned very quickly, that was not a great idea. Especially for one's mental health. 

The late news simply had me lay in bed all night long, with my eyes wide and fearful, going through one worst case scenario after another. 

I then limited the news to dinner time only. 

Now I only watch it every few days. It's just too much. 

We're doing our part by staying home. I'm hopeful this will get under control and we'll be able to return to normal. 

Although, what is normal anymore? 

  • Date night, we went to a wine tasting event with some of Barry's co-workers. It was our first 'date' since hockey and ringette were finished, and at the time, we had no idea that it would also be our last in the foreseeable future.
  • Toilet paper suddenly was in high demand, everywhere. 
  • Getting Madelyn packed and ready for her Bamfield trip. [Which was cancelled 36 hours before the plane was to leave]
  • Seeing the word 'PANDEMIC' for the first time.
  • Closures of all the things that never close... Seeing professional sport teams suspend play,  Disneyland close it's gates, these things certainly got my attention quickly. 
  • My inbox, which also alerted us to the fact, that life was about to change. 
  • Schools were closed, indefinitely, on Sunday March 15th. We received official word after 8 pm. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Rough Times Elements-
Rough Times J. Cards -

Monday, April 20, 2020

Ups & Downs | Sahin Design

This is our new normal.

Our reality. 

The kids both sit at a computer each day, watching lessons, live teachings, lectures and both have been busy with homework and assignments. 

It's tough.  Especially on my momma heart. This is NOT how these kids want to be learning. They want to be at school. With their teachers and surrounded by friends. 

I was thinking, families with little ones, definitely have it harder right now, during this Coronavirus. It would be So. Much. Harder. doing this with young children and elementary aged kids. When you need to watch them constantly from morning to night. With no break but for bed time. 

I don't spend any time during the day, going over lessons or teaching my kids. They, thankfully, receive prompts from their teachers and they both get to work. I think they've both welcomed this little bit of 'normal' in the midst of nothing being normal. 

What's hardest for this age group, is not being surrounded by their peers. 

And now, that grad has officially been cancelled [which we pretty much knew was going to happen, but we still held out hope] they don't even have anything to look forward to. 

Makes my heart ache... 

I'm glad to be able to document this crazy period of our lives. 

One day, we'll look back at this period and say 'Remember when...'

For now, we continue to take it one slow day at a time. 

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