Tuesday, April 7, 2020

PL2020 - Week 10 | Sahlin Studio

Week 10 seems like a lifetime ago already.

It was only a month ago.

We knew the Coronavirus was a thing. But definitely underestimated how it was going to change our world.

This was the second last time the walking gals sat in a coffee shop. Now, all the coffee shops are either closed, or drive thru only.

This was a week before schools were closed. Indefinitely. 

  • Mason's last hockey game as a McKnight Mustang Midget player. A number of us mums were trying our best to keep our emotions in check. A number of players were too. So disappointed that hockey is over. 
  • Enjoying a coffee with the walking girls. 
  • Super thankful for a husband who is handy. 
  • Graduation Ceremony and Banquet information package.
  • Waiting to see Mad's teacher for PT interviews.
  • Gold Medal City Champs, so, so proud of this group of young ladies.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

For Real Elements - https://the-lilypad.com/store/For-Real-Elements.html
For Real J. Cards - https://the-lilypad.com/store/For-Real-Journal-Cards.html

Friday, April 3, 2020

Homebody Collection | Sahin Designs

This global pandemic still seems like a dream. Like it can't actually be happening. If you would have told me, 6 weeks ago, that the world was going to come to a near stop, I would have laughed at you. And yet, that is exactly what we're dealing with.

This brand new collection, Homebody, is available now from Sahin Designs. It has come at a time, we need it most.
Homebody Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs
Pieces of this collection, elements, papers, journal cards and digital stamps are available this weekend, thru the 5th of April for 20% off.

If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox for a special link to get the bundle for 50% off.

Also, if you purchase the entire collection through April 8th, you will get this Covid-19 Stamp Pack for free.

Covid-19 Digital Scrapbook Stamps - Sahin Designs

I have a feeling this will get a lot of use in layouts created, during this troubling, stressful time.

Here are couple of layouts I created using this new collection. Trying really, to come to terms with our new normal.

I have always been a homebody. I love my home. Turns out, I love it even more, when I'm the only one in it. Well, with the exception of Libby of course.

This is really h a r d...

And I suspect it will continue to be so, as time goes on.

I'm thankful for technology. That we're able to text and FaceTime and joke and laugh together. This past week I had wine date with my girls, and a morning coffee with my other girls. We all got some laughs out of these conversations.

The weather has been a downer too. The groundhog is a big fat liar. It's snowing here. Still. Today. April 3rd. Cold grey days, make this seem even harder.

When spring comes, eventually, we'll get a whole other element of being outside in the yard, to add to our isolation routine.

Here is our reality right now, this is what getting together with friends looks like:

This next layout was before the kids had any direction as far as school went. They had 2 weeks off before hearing about any type of school work and/or assignments. That has thankfully changed, and both are working away at different assignments, etc. A very different type of learning, that both of them are not super happy with.

I'm relieved that both kids are excited to get to school work. Both miss it. Looking froward to summer vacation is one thing. Looking at 4-5 months off school is another...

The problem with two kids wanting to learn and connect is,  two computers, both of which are being used by a child. I take the back seat...

Eeks... Looks like I might have to make late evenings my scrap time once again, like when the kids were little...

As for our little foursome, we've been having game nights, movie nights, tv watching nights, hot tub nights, and name that tune nights. We're making the most of out it, but still...

It's a lot. Of. Time. Together...

My kids are missing their friends.

I'm missing my people too. All of them.

And I'm very much missing my quiet house. So is Libby.

We're all in this together, doing the best we can.

Be safe, stay healthy. Stay inside.

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

April Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

Here is the Sahlin Studio template freebie for April. 

I recommend you stop what you're doing, right now. Download it. Then create a layout. Trust me, creating layouts and going through photos, takes your mind off the madness that's happening in the world right now. Download it free, through April, by following this link. 

I shrunk my template down, to fit 8x10 size. 

Here it is: 

Team Armada had such and exciting season. 

Ironically, the girls won gold for the first tournament of the season, the NW Ringette Rumble the first weekend in November. Then their last game of the regular season. Not too shabby.

It really was a pleasure watching you girls play. 

I'm thankful that they won this game before the season was cancelled. [Which it was, 6 days after this epic win] 

The girls had made it to provincials, in Leduc, AB, March 13-15th. The remainder of the season was abruptly cancelled, after they played [and won] their first game against the Leduc Jaguars. 

A huge let down, to say the least. They were playing so well together, it's quite possible they might have won the whole thing!  

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Celebrate Kit - https://the-lilypad.com/store/celebrate-kit.html

Monday, March 30, 2020

December Daily 2019

This post is a few months overdue.  

My 2019 December Daily album is complete. [cue angels singing here...]

We are nearly through March, but better late than never I say. And I wanted to share it here on my blog. 

After all, what else is there to do right now? 

I don't have a binder. Didn't order one. Currently, it's being held together by 2 large binder rings. I don't plan to get a binder. I might create chipboard covers for the front and back. I might replace the binder rings with zip ties. I might just leave it like this. Right now, I don't really care. I'm just glad that the album is done. 

This year, I didn't document day-by-day. Rather, I documented story-by-story. It was such a refreshing way to look at this project. It took a lot of the stress away. In fact, I had more story ideas than days of the month. Then time got away from me, and I just wanted this album done and put away. 

I had ordered Document December product from EllesStudio. I loved the journal cards, paper, stickers, numbers and plastic shapes that were part of her kit. I will definitely use EllesStudio product again in the future. I used product I have accumulated from from past years, some of which were ali edwards, paislee press, studio calico. I used digital product from both Sahlin Studio and Sahin Designs.  Other than the Document December stuff that was purchased, I didn't buy a thing. Though I did look for Christmasy vellum/transparencies. I would have loved more of those 'see through' elements. But found nothing like that available. 

I also have a mixture of typed journalling and hand written journalling. 

Guys, this is my favourite album yet. I am so happy with how it turned out. 

Let's have a look... 


Pull out tab for the next two pages, story 17 talks about Madelyn and Ama's annual gingerbread house decorating, which almost didn't happen this year. I'm so glad Madelyn insisted.

Story 18 was about Madelyn's friend group at school. How they all decided to do a secret santa, and everyone got and received such thoughtful gifts.

Another pull out tab here, about how Barry knows my love of the silly Hallmark movies, and ordered these socks for me and then gave them to me when they arrived. So appreciate his thoughtfulness.

This is one of my most favourite pages, and was definitely a labour of love. There was no way I could print small enough to add things to the calendar of this card, included in EllesStudio, but I knew I wanted to use it, because it has December 2019 on it. 

I printed out all these photos, cut them out and glued them on this page.  Mostly they're pictures that got added on the day they were taken, dr appt for me, candles on sale at Bath and Bodyworks, clothing club Christmas Exchange, Trex group at the Nutcracker, etc. 

It really only means something to me, and I'm totally cool with that. 

Like I said, this is my favourite album I've created for December Daily so far. 

I'm so glad it's finished.

Friday, March 27, 2020

March Template | Sahin Designs

Gosh, the kids played a LOT of ringette and hockey the last week of February and first week of March.

Pre hysterics of Covid-19, thankfully. This virus has put the world into a tail spin. The remaining practices and ice events of hockey were cancelled. Madelyn was able to get to her very last practice before ringette followed suit.

We are in a very weird time. Unprecedented.

Thankfully, there are some things you can count on. Elif from Sahin Designs just released her March templates. She doesn't disappoint.

March Template:

Mason and Barry were in an out of town hockey tourney a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to go, as  Madelyn had ice times of her own.

There was a photographer at the tourney, taking pictures of all the teams playing. The images of all the games were shared with the teams.

I was able to create this awesome layout, using those photos. It almost feels like I was there.

I'm so thankful for these last few photos of Mason playing hockey.

There were a bunch of 3-on-3 games scheduled to take place the last few weeks of March. To use up remaining ice slots.  In past years, this is one of the favourite parts of hockey. Playing 3-on-3 against team mates and other McKnight teams. I know Mason cherished this fun social time. I'm so sorry that it was cancelled before it even began.

There have been a lot of disappointments the last few weeks.

And a lot of uncertainty as to what's to come. Right now, we're all just taking this thing day by day.

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

March Template: https://sahindesigns.com/products/march-2020-layout-templates/
Hibernate Papers: https://sahindesigns.com/products/hibernate-papers/
Daybook Papers: https://sahindesigns.com/products/daybook-papers/
Daybook Elements: https://sahindesigns.com/products/daybook-elements/

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

PL2020 - Week 9 | Sahlin Studio

Going back, a little over 3 weeks ago, to week 9. 

The Corona Virus was on the news, but I felt far away from it. Relatively untouched by it.  

Guess how that turned out? 

Little did we know, how different life would become, in the coming weeks. 

  • First city-play off game for the Mustangs
  • House for sale on our street.
  • 2nd round of provincial playdowns for Armada.
  • Working on my December Daily album. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Melon Sorbet Elements: https://the-lilypad.com/store/melon-sorbet-elements.html
Melon Sorbet J. Cards: https://the-lilypad.com/store/melon-sorbet-cards.html

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Grad Collection | Sahin Designs

I've known for quite a while, that I wanted to showcase Elif's Grad Collection, in the creative gallery.

Mason had grad photos done in November.

I have waited patiently for grad pictures to arrive and when they did, I got to work.

3 weeks ago, although I was aware of the Corona virus, I felt relatively untouched by it.

Man, a lot has changed in just one week.

A week ago today, school was cancelled, indefinitely for my kids. We have been encouraged to stay home and self isolate.

Which is what we've done, except for the occasional trip to the grocery store and walk around the block.

On the bright side, my scrapbooking is caught up...

Here's the layout I created.

The idea a week ago, that grad would be cancelled, was not even on my radar... Alas, it looks like that is exactly what's in the cards. My heart truly breaks for the class of 2020, who have worked so hard to get here, and now, we're all facing a fair amount of uncertainty.

Hopefully, down the road we'll look back at this time and be reminded about how it made us grow. In ways we never thought we needed to grow.

But for now, please be safe and take care. Do your part to help, by staying home.

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

J. Cards: https://sahindesigns.com/products/grad-cards/
Paper: https://sahindesigns.com/products/grad-papers/