Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 5

Prompt: What do you love to hate about your loved one?

Look at those poor little lips... SO chapped. They were actually bleeding on Thursday. And yes, we try to keep her covered in lip balm or Vaseline. But she can't leave her lips alone. [And yes, I sneak into her room when she's asleep, and lather those little lips up] Because her lips are so very chapped right now, she's got this dreadful habit of stretching her mouth open... If you've seen it, you'll know EXACTLY what it is I'm speaking about, right Mum? I'm sure she's doing it, because the skin is so chapped and tight, and she's constantly feeling her sore lips trying to heal. But I can barely stand to watch it. It drives me insane. Anyone who doesn't know her and glances at her while she's doing this 'mouth thing' must FOR SURE think there is something wrong with her. That breaks my heart, that while she's at school, her little classmates are noticing her doing this [and how could they not be] I'm sure at some point someone will say something to her about it. We try to keep lip balm handy, and we try not to mention it too much, because that just seems to make it worse.

Little girl, you seem to have one little idiosyncrasy after another. I hope they don't get worse than this one...

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rachel said...

ouch! That looks so painful...poor munchkin! I recently tried this stuff at London Drugs that was recommended to me. I forget the name, but the lady at the makeup counter suggested it and it was amazing. Way better than any chapstick/vaseline/etc that I've tried. It was more of a medicated ointment in the beauty section.