Saturday, December 19, 2015

We're on Vacation

Christmas vacation, that is.

Our usual routine will be put to the wayside for the next 17 days. T H A N K  G O O D N E S S.

The theme in my life, and many of the people that I know is, the racing of time.

This morning, I actually feel relaxed... I don't feel panicked at all. Not yet that is. That will come. In a day or two.  When I realize everything that I need to do to be ready to head out for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... 

It's no surprise, to almost everyone who knows me, that I adore summer vacation. Not just because the weather is nice. Trust me, that certainly doesn't hurt. I love summer vacation, because the pace in our life is S L O W.  We usually fit a summer vacation in, for a couple of weeks, which sees me spending more time in a lawn chair, than I would at any other time. It's just a time to relax. To unwind. I know some people don't do relaxation and unwinding very well. I've never had a problem with it. I would even venture to say I'm GOOD at it.

Once the beginning of the school year starts, I most relate to this guy...

It feels like I'm always going.

The beginning of September starts and I think, I will just be this busy until October...

And then when October hits, I think, "things will slow down after Halloween..."

When mini candy bars are being consumed, I imagine, that once November is over, I'll have done all my Christmas shopping done. I'll be finished everything I need to be. I will be able to thoroughly enjoy the month of December. Yes, I decide I'll rush around in November, to have a slow December.

Then suddenly, it's December. I have a ton of shopping done [which was really awesome and I actually had the majority of it done] I still have key items to find... And I'm having a hard time finding said key items.  I begin to panic, ever so slightly. I agree to a cookie exchange, because it sounds like such a great idea, at the time, [it did turn out great, I have 5 different types of baking things to add to our plate]  We have a snow storm, the roads are terrible, I'm grateful you don't have to leave the house, but I realize I need to do some last minute running around, because my kids are off in a few days. Then the reality hits that if my kids are going to be home, I need to sort and wrap gifts because you can't very well do that when they're around. I have to ensure there are an even number... Because after all, someone might notice if there's a discrepancy... And I realize that I forgot about teachers gifts, so I find myself making another 120 cookies the night before school is finished, so they can be given out as gifts. I have to get my kid to a ridiculously busy theater, in the middle of the afternoon, for a birthday party and opening day of the most anticipated movie of the year, then get home and realize, I haven't got my pot luck item ready for the ringette party you're attending...

From September, until now. In a nutshell.

So yes, this morning I have 17 days ahead of me and I'm calm. I'm not worried about what I need for Christmas Eve or whether I have what I need for Christmas Day dinner. No... Today I'm calm...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 38, 39, 40 & 41

Here are a few more weeks of my project life album.

Week 38

By week 38 we were back into the swing of things, with school, ringette, hockey. I started up on my Thursday morning walks again. This was the week Beakerhead was in town, and we walked through St. Patrick's Island and got to see some of the cool things set up around east village. Johnny Jump Up, blooming in the garden. Well actually, outside of the garden box... All on it's own. Madelyn is still in ringette evaluations.

Week 39 

Enjoying the colours of fall this week. We've been SO lucky. I honestly cant remember a fall that's been this nice. We also made it to Lake Louise and Emerald Lake this week. Both amazing, with the larch trees changing.

Week 40 

Week 40 I got to go on a Grade 5 field trip to Weaslehead. The day could not have been more perfect. It was one of the best field trips I've been on in awhile. Madelyn helped me make dinner, home made chicken pieces. Little Miss went on her first ever horse camping weekend with Uncle Don. She had a fantastic time, though couldn't sit cross legged for a few days at the beginning of the week. 

Week 41

Week 41 was full of excitement. Mum, Libby and I checked out Pearce Estate Park in preparation for taking photos. The back window of my car got smashed while I volunteered in the school. We saw the most amazing sky as we came out of a ringette game in Cochrane. And we celebrated Thanksgiving at Pat's house.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 38 

Gather - Digital Stamps
Gather - Journal Cards

Week 39

Chesterfield - Kit
Currently Journal Cards
Paper Piercing Stitch Holes

Week 40

Project Mouse No.2 - Bundle 

Week 41

Pause - Kit
Pause Journal Cards
Paper Piercing Stitch Holes