Friday, February 26, 2016

PL2016 - Week 5

Some weeks I definitely seem to have more stories than others. This week, I found myself kind of struggling to 'fill space'. I don't know why that happens every so often. In this case, I was able to include one of Madelyn's artwork pieces. Right now, she's totally into hedgehogs. Everything has hedgehogs drawn onto it for some reason. This fad could be over by tomorrow. Usually it ends as quickly as it begun. I love to include the kids art work when I get the chance.

Week 5:

This week included a hedgehog wedding. Getting pulled over by the cops... [I didn't document that with photos too much, tried not to draw attention to the fact that I was taking a photo of flashing lights in my rear view mirror] Miss Madelyn doing some badge testing at Guides. Weather is crazy awesome at the end of January, the girl came out without a jacket on. Mace with a 2 minute body contact penalty. Renewing our passports. A scout day in Kananaskis.

The scouts had a Klondike Challenge day in Kananaskis. They went out and met several other troops and had to go through and complete a bunch of winter challenges. They had a great day. What I love most about this, is I used a 4x6 journal card, and created pictures in the boxes. I love how it turned out. Such a fun photo to add of random pictures Barry took that day. This card with the pictures on it, to me conveys the fun they had.

The following Sahlin Studio product was used:

Like a Boss - Kit
Like a Boss - Journal Cards

Thursday, February 18, 2016

PL2016 - Week 4

We're halfway through February! Wowza...

We've been enjoying an unseasonably warm winter, which is good and bad.

I've taken down on my 'snow is welcome here' paraphernalia... Because now it's not. Welcome any more, that is. Hopefully the snow will stay away. [I'm not naive enough to think we've seen the last of the snow. It's the middle of February for heaven's sake] But I am optimistic.

We just had a mini holiday. Teachers convention and family day. Sadly my girl was under the weather for most of those days. I guess you could say it was 'lucky' because she didn't miss any school.

Any way, here is my layout for week 4:

A selfie of me and my little side kick. A quick mug shot of my coffee cup. Mason at an ortho check up. Madelyn having a little lie down in the cart at Costco, so unlike her. A shot of the highway between Drumheller and Hussar, Alberta, where we were having a hockey tourney. Random photos at the tourney. 

I used product from Sahlin Studio, that is totally geared to loving your body and having positive self image. I had absolutely no pictures to represent those things, so I used the product in my project life spread. I love that it's so versatile and can be used for lots of different occasions.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

PL2016 - Week 3

This was a busy week. Esso Minor Hockey Week [EMHW] started last weekend and continued on this week. Then, the Esso Golden Ring started on the Friday.

Ringette differs from hockey, in that tournaments start Friday morning. You read right, Friday morning. Madelyn played her first game Friday morning at 7:00 am. Her 2nd game of the day was 4:30 pm. On the bright side, she didn't miss any school.

Last year the boys ended up winning Esso Minor Hockey, which was super exciting and really, kind of unexpected. This year the boys were out after 3 games. This meant that everyone was available to come to all of Madelyn's games. All 6 of them...

This week I went and had a visit with Gigi. Mason hanging out with his dog. Madelyn got her first penalty ever! 2 minutes for slashing. Woot-Woot! Mum and I went to see Shaping Sound at the Jubilee. Even got to see cutie pie Ricky Ubeda up close. He was the winner from season 11's So You Think You Can Dance. The show was excellent. And finally, after 6 ringette games, and two 7:00 am games, our girls came away with a silver medal. They went to the gold medal game! The final score was 5-4 and those girls put their whole hearts into that game. They could have very easily come out with gold medals for sure. Such an awesome experience.

The following Sahlin Studio Product was used:

Pause Kit -
Pause Journal Cards:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

December Daily - 2015

**Warning - This is a very photo heavy post.

Consider yourself warned.

I finally finished my December Daily album.

This year it felt painful.

I wasn't prepared ahead of time like I have been in the past. Next year, I need to re-read this post.

BE PREPARED... Get things ready. Have foundation pages created. Buy a proper book.

I'm finally comfortable in my own scrapbooking skin. Which means, I'm okay with MY stuff. There will always be people out there, in blogland and pintetest. [ESPECIALLY on pinterest] People who's work I admire, and gravitate towards. I've finally stopped caring that my albums don't look like somebody else's.

Having said that, I completely 'winged it' this year. Which, from experience, I do NOT recommend.

I used an old 6x6 album I had lying around. I thought getting page protectors for it would be easy. WRONG. Turns out, no one seems to be selling 6x6 sized page protectors any more. Major bummer. I have always enjoyed using lots of different sized page protectors. Next year I will most likely buy a December Daily Album. Who am I kidding, next year I will most likely buy Ali Edwards December Daily Album. Love that girl.

I bought myself a FUSE tool, from We Are Memory Keepers. Since I couldn't find 6x6 page protectors to buy, I had to get a little bit creative. I waited until I was able to purchase it with a 50% off coupon at Michael's. [Merry Christmas to me] I used it quite a bit, but I'm not totally sold. I like it, but I don't know if I love it...

That being said, it allowed me to buy standard page protectors [I got mine from Staples] and cut them down and create my own page protectors.

So, with a huge sigh of relief, here's my 2015 December Daily book.


There are some pages I love. There are some pages I don't love. But I'm finished. It's put away for another year. Next year, when re-reading this post [because my intention is to PREPARE IN ADVANCE for my December Daily album] I will also be reminded, to TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. Even if I don't feel like it. Because I'm totally bummed out with the lack of photos I have. [Even though I said it was okay... And it is...] I'm still wishing I'd had a few more pictures to choose from.

I used the following Sahlin Studio product for this album:

Project Mouse Christmas [dec '13 release]
Making Spirits Bright [nov '14 release]
Joy - MPM Add on's [dec 14 release]
Mad for Plaid [nov '15 release]
Number stamps [nov '15 release]

Other product used:

Sara Gleason - MPM Add on - Arboretum Joy [dec '14 release]
Sara Gleason - MPM Add on - Joy Word Art [dec '14 release]
Stolen Moment Designs - MPM Add on - Joyful Papers [dec '14 release]
Stolen Moment Designs - MPM Add on - Joyful Elements [dec '14 release]

I also used papers and elements that I had in my stash. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Project Life 2016 - Weeks 1 & 2!

Back at it again! Another year of project life has begun.

I finalized my 2015 album, and it just feels so darn good to be done.

I have yet to create my title page for this year. I'm wanting to get some current family shots, which is proving to be difficult. On the bright side, literally, the days are becoming noticeably longer, so that should make taking photos in natural light a little bit better.

Here is a look at Weeks 1 & 2:

Week One: 

After Christmas, on December 27th to be exact, Madelyn's ringette team was in a 3 day tournament in DeWinton, AB. We played 5 games in 3 days. It was pretty awesome, because we won every single game. On the 30th we headed out to the mountains for a ski get away. We skied for 3 days and also celebrated New Years. We had a really good time. The kids are at a great age. I was most appreciative of this watching families with little kids. Little kids that have no manners.  Little kids who have parents that have never uttered the word no... Eeks.

Week Two:

Mason started back to school on Monday, but Madelyn had an extra day off. [To which she was elated] Her and I went to see The Good Dinosaur. A good family movie. A token photo of the 'boy' doing what he does. This is a sight that takes some getting used to I have to admit. Miss Mad, earned the player of the game hat again. So proud. Love it. We also got together for our annual Christmas Table dinner with a group of people I used to work with. So many laughs with this crazy crew.

Following Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week One:

Monthly Calendar Cards
Photo Tabs weeks
Shine Bright Elements 

Week Two:

February Template Freebie

Right now, for the month of February, you can download this template freebie from Sahlin Studio.

The reason I love templates is very simple, really.

They're super FAST.

I don't have to put any thought into the set up of my own layout. I do enjoy creating layouts. I spend a lot of time, tinkering and trying different positionings [is that even a word?] I wouldn't say I'm super fast at it. It probably takes me just as long to create a digital layout, as it does to create a paper layout. It's a good thing I love doing it so much. I guess that's why, getting a template is so much fun.
The layout is already done for me. Instead, I get to focus on:

- What story I want to remember/tell. 
- What photos I want to use, to do the storytelling.
- What paper/elements/journal cards etc, will help me do that the best.

This Christmas break, we made our 3rd trip out to Kananaskis between Christmas and New Year's for a little getaway. This one was our best ski trips. The kids are both at such an awesome age.

I see families on the hill with tiny, tiny kids, and sometimes I think we should have started sooner. But we didn't, and you can't constantly live with 'should haves'.

The important thing is we did start. Barry and I were reminded just exactly how much we enjoy this winter sport. It's something that we can enjoy together as a family. All the quad chairs make it a family experience for sure. We go up as a foursome, and come down as a foursome.

Now, our only problem is, trying to fit in some ski days between hockey and ringette games and practices. That's not quite as easy as you think.

Following Sahlin Studio Product Used:

PS I Love You - Elements
PS I Love You - Journal Cards
PS I Love you - Paper