Friday, February 11, 2011

11 on the 11th, February 2011

  • My little girl started our morning off, with a fever of 103°. It seems the bugs have been hitting us hard ever since December. I’ve noticed as well, these days always happen, when I have specific list of ‘things to do while she’s at school’. Today was running errands, to 3 different places, all in the span of 2 hours and 45 minutes. You just can’t be as efficient when a little someone is with you. [She finally came downstairs at about 10 am, and had a bowl of cereal. I loved that she looked at the comics while she ate... Maybe she can actually read better than we give her credit for.

  • So, with a sick kid at home, I had to switch gears. That means today I’ll make cookies. Chocolate chip cookies for Barry, Peanut Butter Blossom cookies for my brother and sugar cookies for the kids. All for Valentine’s Day of course. [Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I got Barry's and Chris' done]

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies w/Kisses.

  • Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a ton of things to create in the next few days. I’d better get to work!
  • I am just about ready for my laundry room reveal… It hasn’t actually taken this long, I’m just waiting for one more picture to be hung up [and you’re right, I could do it, but a heavy frame and a pocket door wall are involved. That means, no stud. So… I’m kinda waiting for Barry to come to the rescue] Oh, and a quick trip to the dollar store, and I should be good to go! [btw – the dollar store was supposed to be one of my stops today]
  • I have a LOT of favourites on my computer. In fact, I’ve set up folders for them all. I would be bummed out to lose all these… Seriously. One of my favourite folders is the one I labelled FOOD… I’m thinking I should change the label to DELICIOUS THINGS because out of about 95 entries, they’re mostly dessert/cookie/cake/bars/sweets/treats… Check this one out…. Mmmmmmm. And then of course there are these…. Seriously, Brookies? Half Brownie and half cookie... It’s just too much. It’s amazing I’m not morbidly obese…
  • I can’t seem to catch a break at the library… Seriously, I just paid off my fine, 2 weeks ago when I renewed my card. Within days, I had a late charge... Then Thursday, I completely forgot to drop off my movies... I’m 3 weeks in, and already a delinquent. Those darn 1 week movie rentals get me every time.

  • Last night I filled up these little baggies, with these candies. It’s the Valentine’s Day treats the kids are giving out to their classmates. I’m so excited that Mason is still ‘into’ doing this stuff. He’s told me how many kids are in his class, and let me know that if someone is away, he’s planning on leaving a Valentine for them any way. I'll be lucky if I get another year... Oh my, it's gone too fast.

  • We went to Family Literacy Night at the school on Wednesday. We all gathered in the gymnasium to hear a story. The story was read by 22 different students at the school. Madelyn got to say the title of the Story and the authors name… The Quilt Maker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau… I get to hear her little voice, all the time, but to hear it over the speaker system… It made her Dad and I swell with pride.
  • At the literacy night, we had to go to each child's class, there was something set up for the kids/parents to do. The kids were to be the 'teachers'. Mason explained to us how we were to go about creating a “Six Room Poem”. A what… You say? [Me too]… Six rooms [image,light,sound, similes/metaphors, feelings and questions] you are to fill each room with descriptive words/phrases that will help you create a poem… Right… So, Barry and I tried our hardest to answer Mason’s questions. He kept shaking his head and rolling his eyes at us, and he finally blurted out “Look, turn off your actual brain, and turn on your imagining brain” But not before he got mad at me and said, “Look Mum, write it down with poetic words, not regular words…” I’m sure glad I never have to do grade 3 again. It’s scary
  • My kids have both mastered eating popcorn with chopsticks. Love it…

  • We had a quiet Friday night home [like most Friday nights I suppose] Little Miss spent the entire day on the couch. I kept supplying her with children's Motrin to break the fever. She still can't explain what's the matter, just that she doesn't feel well... Hope tomorrow is better!

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