Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 49 - 51

Here it is!! I did it! I have finally posted the last few weeks of project life pages that I have, for 2013.  It's true... I'm missing week 52... And I'm still undecided about how much I care...

For weeks 50 & 51, I did a single page spread. I wanted to include these weeks, in the book.  [Even though I document the days in my December daily book] Looking back now, I realize I didn't post all my December Daily Pages here on my blog... I did post them here in the Studio Calico gallery. If you're interested, go check them out.  I don't think I'll post them here.

I'm ready to be done with last year, you know. I want to start new and fresh.

Week 49 - both:

 Week 49 - left side:
 Week 49 - right side:
 Week 50:
 Week 51:

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 49:
Magical Overlay
Project Mouse - Christmas

Kitschy Christmas - embellishments
Kitschy Christmas - journal cards

Week 50:
Kitschy Christmas - journal cards
Project Mouse - Christmas
Project Mouse - Journal Cards
Santa's Workshop

Week 51:
Magical Overlay 
Kitschy Christmas - embellishments
Project Mouse - Christmas
Project Mouse Days - Washi Tape

I realized, doing the single page weeks, that I don't have to try and document what happens every. single. day...   In fact, I really enjoyed condensing the weeks into a one page spread. So much so, that I thought I would give it a try going forward, with my 2014 Project Life Album. So that's what I intend to do. I'm quite excited about it actually, because it significantly cuts down the amount of work, but at the same time, captures our stories. Plus, if I want to add more pictures or pages, I will. Simple as that.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blast from the Past - Project Life weeks 46 through 48

Even though I haven't posted my last few project life weeks, I did indeed complete them. Well... almost complete them. I still haven't done week 52, and now, a few weeks into January, I don't think I really care... Although, it would include a few tidbits that weren't included in my December Daily, because I only do that through to the 25th of December. I haven't decided what I'll do yet, but for now, here are the pages:

Week 46 - both :

 Week 46 - left side:
 Week 46 - right side:
 Week 47 - both:
 Week 47 - left side:
 Week 47 - right side:
 Week 48 - both:
 Week 48 - left side:
 Week 48 - right side:

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 46:
Reflection Elements, Paper & Journal cards
Magic Photo Overlays

Week 47:
Kitschy Christmas Journal Cards
Kitschy Christmas

Week 48:
Kitschy Christmas Journal Cards
Kitschy Christmas 
Washi Tape No.3
Learn. Explore. Grow. - elements

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catching Up.... Project Life - Weeks 43, 44 and 45

I can see the light, at the end of the tunnel! I'm nearly there! Here are weeks 43 through 45.

Week 43 -Both Sides:

Week 43 - Left Side:

Week 43 - Right Side:

Week 44 - Both Sides:

Week 44 - Left Side:

Week 44 - Right Side:

Week 45 - Both Sides:

Week 45 - Left Side:

Week 45 - Right Side:

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 43

Project Mouse Halloween
Magical Photo Overlays

Week 44

Project Mouse Halloween
Magical Photo Overlays

Week 45

Project Mouse Washi Tape
Magical Photo Overlays
Acrylic Arrows

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Little Breather....

First off, Happy New Year. Wow... 2014.  I feel really good about this year. Maybe it's the even number...

I'm not sure if my stay at home mum status has turned me into a slow poke. I don't know if I've been away from the work force long enough, that I've actually forgotten how to be efficient at managing my time. I don't seem to be able to manage my  as well as I once did. The very  idea of holding down a full time job, and doing this job of parenting, scares the dickens out of me. I have posted before, about how grateful I am to have the opportunity to stay at home. I feel truly blessed and thankful that at this point in my life, my job description is home maker. You would think, that I'd have scads of time, especially with my kids both in school full time. But I don't seem to have scads of time. I never seem to have enough time. Ever. I don't know how some of my girlfriends fit work into their busy schedules. But seriously, kudos to them, you guys are amazing.

Does the utter lack of time sound familiar to anyone else? As we headed towards Christmas, I thought, I need to do this, I need to do that. I made lists of things I wanted to conquer over the holidays.  Projects I wanted to finish up. Unfinished things such as my week in the life, from back in September... I thought I will have 2 glorious weeks that I don't have to worry about a schedule. I could stay up a bit later. I was pretty positive that I would get all sorts of things accomplished. [Finish our Disneyland album, for example, I only have 2 more pages, and then it will be complete] and yes... We did Disneyland in 2011...

I'm so envious of how people find time to scrapbook and blog and instagram... And blog. And keep current. And do multiple projects. And blog... I want to do better, but I just can't seem to make all the hours in my day cooperate.  What falls by the wayside the most, is this blog. I have good intentions, but just can't seem to find the time.

Now, my list of things to do, still remains a list of things to do. A bit disappointing. But what I did do was keep up to date on my December Daily Album. This year I printed pictures off at home. I was pleased with the quality, but around day 17, I ran out of ink in my printer. So, I then sent pictures out to be printed. I have to pick up the pictures for the last few days up to Christmas and put the final touches on the pages, and then my DD for 2013 will be complete. Complete!! Whoop-whoop. I have posted up to Day 21 on the Studio Calico gallery. You can find my pages by clicking here. They're all together.

Also, I am currently working on Week 52 of my project life book. So I would say that's pretty successful. I still have to finish my title page and now week 1 for the new year. Will I be doing project life again this year? Oh yes. Indeed I will be. I just love, love, love this avenue of storytelling and memory keeping.  Can't say enough good things about it. I am considering a slightly different process this year though... Though I haven't decided exactly what that will look like yet. I'm toying with the idea of going completely digital, and then having a 'photo book' made at the end of the year... I'm considering doing a 1 page 12x12 spread per week rather than 2 pages. I guess if I have weeks with more info, I can be flexible and add more pages if I want to. I want to carry on, but I also want to simplify. So, I'm going to try a few things, play it by ear, and decide. Because I can do this however I want...

I am really missing the traditional paper scrapbooking. I really enjoyed doing this years DD album the traditional way, for the most part. So I want to dabble with paper again. And continue with digital stuff as well. I love it all.

Any way, that's where I'm at. Just thought I'd share.