Friday, June 9, 2017

T W E L V E...

It's happened. My baby has turned 12.

My little, who is not quite so little any longer. 

She's been waiting many years, for her friend sleep over birthday celebration. I, on the other hand, have been dreading it for the same amount of years...

My Mum hated me and my brother having sleep-overs. I couldn't understand it. They were SO FUN. That's what I thought when I was vying to have them and go to them. Now, I get her. I hate sleep overs...  The most obvious reason, my over-tired, cranky, unbearable the next day, kids... Hate that part. They deny it of course, but there are more often than not, epic meltdowns at some point the next day. I hate over tired cranky, crabby kids. Especially my own.

Having said that, we had a 'camp out' themed 12th birthday celebration.

She was allowed to invite 3 friends [my limit for kids sleeping over is 4; including my own] I haven't budged on the number of kids yet. The same rules apply to Mason and his friends. It was a tough decision, but she managed to narrow it down to 3 friends.

Thought I hate sleep overs, I do love planning a party.

I'm not going to lie, Pinterest does make me feel inadequate at times. I mean there are some extremely crazy talented party planning mums.  Some of them go totally over the top.

And that's cool.

But it isn't for me. I do like to pick up my favourite tidbits, and put my own spin on things.

This year, I was feeling a substantial amount of guilt, because last year, she ended up not having an birthday party. I don't need to get into it, but having or not having a party, were on Madelyn. Having said that,  I am still plagued with mum guilt. [Last year she was going through a Wizard of Oz phase, and that would have been much fun to plan also...] Here is last years invite:

It never got finished, or sent out. Like I mentioned, in the end, the onus was on her, and she didn't follow through. But the guilt... Ay-yi-yi... When your kids says, "Yeah, I never even got a birthday party this year..." To friends, aunts and uncles, grandparents. To anyone that would listen actually. Well, it does have the desired effect.

It's obviously going to be long lasting. That guilt.  I digress.

At least I don't have the guilt for this years birthday celebration. This one, thank goodness, was successfully planned and executed.

Here is this years birthday invite:

This was her first sleep over with more than one friend. So we had the idea of putting the tent up in the basement for the girls to sleep in.

She thought it was an AWESOME IDEA, and so operation 'birthday campout' was in effect.

I helped set the stage of course:

The dinner menu was BBQ-ed dogs and veggies and dip. I was surprised at how much some of these kids could eat! I'm used to the teensy amount of food Madelyn eats. Grilled dogs were perfect camp out themed meal. 

I picked up a red and white checked table cloth from the dollar store [I'll be able to reuse it for this years Canada Day celebrations] From the neighbourhood, I picked up twigs and pinecones to decorate a vase on the table. Easy-peasy.

After dinner, the girls did an outdoor adventure hut. They went around the block as group, looking for what was on their lists.

Alyssa did find everything on the list [the feather being the toughest item to find] There were no prizes, they just did this for fun.

The red solo cup... With names, as to not confuse which cup belongs to who... 3 girls with  names that begin with the letter M...

Madelyn requested a cookie panookie for her birthday dessert. I turned it into a S'more Panookie. I melted a chocolate chips on top of the cookie, and broiled a layer of marshmallows to create the S'more look. Made a tent out of paper and campfire of candles. 

The happy birthday girl, making her wish.

 The highlight was undoubtably, the trail mix bar...

There was no rhyme nor reason to this, just a bunch of treats. They could choose from pretzels, hickory sticks, miniature marshmallows, gummy bears, M&M's, cheese its, pretzel chips, onion rings, nibs, cheddar popcorn and s'more teddy grahams, marshmallow cones. It was quite a combination.

I crossed my fingers that no one would eat so much, that they'd throw up.

In the basement. In our tent.

And thankfully, no one did.

The girls had a great time. They laughed and giggled and squealed. Madelyn made a point of coming upstairs to thank me and telling me "This is the best party I've ever had!"

So, Mum guilt for this year, isn't happening.

And to be totally honest, they kept themselves entertained better than I thought they would. They hung out in the tent, rather than watching movies. They played a little bit of video games. All of them were gone by 11:00 the next morning. There was however, the anticipated meltdown the next night, at 10:45 pm. Those are always expected though, so I wasn't at all surprised.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June's Template Freebie

As you probably know by now, Sahlin Studio offers a template freebie each month. This is June's template. Click here to go to template download.

I'm always excited to see the newest template freebie.  I love working with templates. All I have to do is locate a photograph, and decide which kit I want to use. 

Looking through my photos, I found the photo I knew I wanted to document, but it wasn't in the right orientation. Easy-peasy... I turned the whole template around 90 degrees so it would better suit my needs. 

Here is my take on this months template: 

We had a great visit with friends. We look forward to it every year. The kids always seem to pick up where they left off, and for that we're all thankful. I think this might have been our best get together yet. I don't know how many more years, we'll be able to round these kids up and spend the weekend together, but we'll doing it as long as they're all still willing.

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PL2017 - Week 14

Week 14 took place back in April. April 3rd-9th, to be exact. 

  • Snuggles on the couch with Miss Libby. 
  • A trip to the hardware store and office store. I talk in my journaling about how nice it is, for the two of to go out and run errands. Now the kids are old enough to stay home by themselves, and sometimes opt to do that. 
  • I never tire of the snapchat filters... So fun
  • Date lunch with my boy. Love to get to spend some time with my kids one-on-one. Also, love that he's found a new love of food, and will try things [and even discovers he likes things...]
  • Dinner out with the family.
  • Hockey wind up, paintball of course...
I would also like to mention in this post, that we got all the info from our PC back. Remember when it died last summer? I lost a lot of layouts that I hadn't saved anywhere. We got them ALL back, and I'm absolutely delighted. I'd also lost about 5 months worth of pictures, but got them back also. 

Note to self. Back things up. Will attempt to be better at this in the future. 

The following Sahlin Studio Products used: 

Photo Journal No. 2 Templates

Sunday, May 28, 2017

PL2016 is Complete

You guys, I did it. I'm finally finished my 2016 album...

What a relief. 

Here's my two page spread for December. 

There's not much to say about this month. Every December, I also do a December Daily album. This year, I did it in a 6x4 sized format. If you're interested in checking it out, it's here.

Knowing that I document the month, in a lot of detail, I still like to include pages in my project life album. Some of the photos over lap. Some of the photos are different. Here's a quick look:

  • A celebration for Gigi. She was 99, and she would have been pissed that it took this to get all her grandkids together. But we did all get together, and it was a nice visit. 
  • We were at a Christmas party out of town, and of course, it began snowing on our way home... Of course. An hour drive under normal conditions, took us 2 1/2 hours. The highways were treacherous.
  • Calvin returns.
  • Miss Libby, loves to romp in the snow.
  • My fav 9 photos on IG for 2016, of course I had to see what they would be.
  • These two goofs, sporting Christmas present items. 

  • Girl Guides went and sang carols at a senior residence. Their last meeting of the year. 
  • Xmas morning stocking reveal. 
  • I surprised Madelyn with tickets to the nutcracker. She was so pleased. The girls went. I even let her pick out a mask. I was 'fun mum' on this particular trip. 
  • Barry and the kids Xmas Eve, I was home sick with the flu...
  • TRUST, my one little word for 2017. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

May's Template Freebie

For the month of may only, you can download this Sahlin Studio template for free! Check it out here. 

Here's my take on this months template:

Miss Madelyn just performed in The Show Must Go On. She was thrilled to get a pretty big role as one of the teachers at the school. She practiced for weeks. She had early morning rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:10-8:45 am. The rehearsals began in February. 

The last 5 weeks or so, before the play, they also added an after school rehearsal, Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30. She didn't miss a single one. 

Her work definitely paid off. The day of the performance she absolutely nailed it. 

Of course, we all came and watched, as proud as proud can be, from the audience. 

Way to go Madelyn! Maybe you have the acting bug...

PL2017 - Weeks 12 & 13

Fell behind there again... 

Not my intention. But it seems to happen on a fairly regular basis.

I have a couple of layouts to share, so here they are:

Week 12:

  • I went on a Gr 9 field trip, to Telus Spark. I had to laugh, because when they had free time, the kids all wanted to go outside and check out the playground. 
  • Love the Snapchat filters. 
  • A dog and her rat.
  • The story of the 'readers'.
  • Celebrating my birthday at my Mum and Dad's.

Week 13:

This week happened to fall on spring break. I adore spring break... Days are getting longer, but not necessarily warmer. Or, warmer for a day or two, then cold again. 
  • We did manage a lovely afternoon up on Nose Hill. 
  • We went to Telus Spark, trying to get another couple of visits in before Madelyn's pass expires. 
  • A sleep over with a best friend, it f i n a l l y happened...
  • Barry's re-doing some plumbing to our master bath and kids bathroom. Needed access to the supply lines. Good news, our master shower seems to be working just fine now, with no leaks!!
  • Madelyn making drumsticks for dinner. It's one meal that she loves to plan and make. 
The following Sahlin Studio Products were used: 

Week 12

You Are Here Kit -
You Are Here Journal Cards -

Week 13 

For Real Journal Cards -
For Real Paper -

Saturday, April 29, 2017

PL2016 - November

This has taken a lot longer than it should have, but I'm glad that I didn't give up.

This is the two page spread I created for November, in my project life album:

November was a pretty eventful, busy month. However, once school/hockey/ringette starts, all our months are busy.

  • Grade 6 field trip to the Youth Link, part of the Calgary Police Service. This field trip was excellent. It focused on many things that are very important to this particular age group: Healthy relationships. Gangs. Drugs.  Bullying. A lot of good information shared.  
  • Grade 6's also ran the Remembrance Day Assembly at school. My last Remembrance Day Assembly... 
  • Sadly, there have been very few trips to the playground after school this year... So if she asks if we can go after school, I say "absolutely".
  • Ringette weekend in High River. Pool time = Awesome. In fact, they could just take the girls away and go to the hotel and the pool. That's really all they'd have to do. As long as there's a pool, all is good. Madelyn went with Kaelin and Kristina. We picked her up the next day. 
  • Mustangs finally won a game. It was a much needed, confidence building, win. 

  • Mason helping with yard work. If he had the choice, he absolutely would NOT help. But he doesn't have a choice. 
  • Date night, vehicle selfie. 
  • Last visit with Gigi. 
  • Trump wins the US Election... Still don't know what to say about this, and we're '100 days' in to his presidency. 
  • Grade 6 field trip to the Edmonton Legislature Buildings. Best. Field trip. Ever. Seriously, it was a whirlwind day, but it was awesome. The house was even in session, and we got to go in for a little while. 
  • Celebrating Chris' birthday. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: