Saturday, August 1, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 20 & 21

Here are a couple more layouts to add to this years book. Week 20 and 21, and as I type this post, I should be in bed sleeping, because I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow.

But of course, I mastered in procrastinating...

That's a thing you know.

So, without further adieu, here they are:

Week 20:

 We are right in the middle of spring activities. Mason's tennis lessons are going great, and Madelyn is still loving rock climbing [even though my heart hammers in my chest when suddenly she's not attached to anything above...] My girl and I had a lunch date this week, and Mason was in a track and field meet at school. He did long distance running, 2000 metres. We also did our annual trip to Medicine Hat to meet up and have a great visit with friends. Love you guys! Love that the kids get together and just start where they left off last time. Was lots of fun.

 Week 21:

Did my first ever 'Paint Nite' with my Mum. It was a lot more nerve wracking than I expected, but we did have lots of fun and lots of laughs. Would recommend. Madelyn and her friend beautifying the fort in the back yard. Field trip with Grade 7's, downtown to watch Alice in Wonderland, en Francais... Lunch date with my boy. Family bike ride. Madelyn is finally starting to get a bit more comfortable on her big bike. Also, on an early dismissal afternoon, Mason and I rode our bikes to and up Nose Hill. It was awesome.

Sahlin Studio Products Used:

Week 20:

Drift Away Elements
Drift Away Journal Cards

Week 21:

Pure Happiness Elements
Pure Happiness Journal Cards
Paper Piercing Stitch Holes: Basic

Saturday, July 25, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 18 & 19

For these two weeks, I had more pictures that I wanted to add. But not enough to create these pages into two page spreads. These two weeks, the photo templates that I used allowed me to add more photos to a regular 4x6 sized picture:
Week 18:

We thought Mason was feeling tired and lethargic from a sleepover, but after sleeping Saturday and Sunday away I took his temperature, and realized something more than simply 'being tired' was going on.  Using my 'new' mug. Needed to add some room for journaling, since my photo had lots of pictures of the music concert. Celebrating a special someones 10th birthday. Scout celebration at  Edworthy park.

These two pictures are using these templates mentioned above.

Love that I was able to get both the temperature photo, as well as our trip to the doctor. [It was just a virus, he made a speedy recovery]

Was able to capture Madelyn playing all of the instruments she used in the concert. Glad to use this template to have all the photos together. Still can't believe we could actually see her the whole time! 

Sometimes when just using a single page protector, you need to change things around a little bit. I created one photo, then cut it in half, to be separated by two 3x4 pockets. Love that I could capture this 25 Year celebration of the scouts in our area.

Week 19:

Some downtime reading on the couch. Love that Miss Libby was in the photo as well, in one of her favourite chairs. Scout's camping in Banff. We lost Sayid the fish this week... We had that little blue dude for over 2 years! Our tennis boy. Emergency trip to the vet with a dog that ate something she shouldn't have... Birthday party at the roller rink. Picture of me with my favourite little people.

Using this template again, able to capture multiple pictures of the boys Scout Camp in Banff. They did lots of different things over the weekend.

This could be one of my favourite templates. Love the large square space for a picture, and the minimal journaling spot.

Following Sahlin Studio Products Used:

Week 18
Photo Templates Vol. 1
Shine Bright Elements & Journal Cards

Week 19 
Photo Templates Vol. 1
Birthday Cake Elements and Journal card
Flashback Elements

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hiking Up Lake Minnewanka

Any one that knows me, I think, knows I have this debilitating fear of bears...

I honestly don't know where it comes from... I do recall as a child, going through the park gates at Banff and having my dad pass back the YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY brochure...

I remember it detailed foot prints, photographs of the differences between a black bear and grizzly bear.

Whether that's what scared me or not, I'm not sure, but the fear of bears has stayed with me my entire life. It keeps me from heading into the mountains, which is unfortunate, considering where we live. 

So, our decision a few weeks ago, to hike a bit around Lake Minnewanka, in Banff National Park, was not taken lightly. An area known for it's bears and cougar attacks. [Funny thing, I'm not as scared of coming across a cougar, as I am a bear, though I know both are just as deadly]

The Scouts had hiked this trail a few weekends before, while at Scout camp in Banff. Mason was eager to take us and show us where they'd gone.  Recently, Mason has shown a real desire to get out and hike in the mountains. He's even trying to convince his Dad to hike in and camp somewhere this summer. And although the hiking in and camping doesn't appeal to me one little bit, I'm excited to get out and do some hiking together as a family. I'm attempting to put aside my fear of bears, and go for it.

We got to a certain point along the trail, that we came across a sign, very similar to this: [I wish now I would have taken of a photo of the actual sign, but I was trying to appear, aloof...

It talks about seasonal trail restrictions: You must travel in tight groups of 4, you must have bear spray, you are not allowed to have dogs with you, no cyclists, no walk in campers from July 10th-September 15th, and the I'm thinking... "Wow, bears know this? So thankful we were there at the end of May... Because the bears must realize it's 6 weeks before the trail restrictions are in place..." Not. So, for a faltering moment, I was ready to turn back, my heart hammering in my chest, but we didn't... We carried on.

The trail wasn't busy. We came across campers hiking in. We got out of the way of cyclists. We passed a few others with dogs [Miss Libby came with us for her first ever mountain hike] We made it to the same lookout the Scouts had made it to. We didn't encounter any bears. We did run into some deers that were absolutely not afraid of us, and were stubborn about getting out of our way.

I did it.

By the time we got back to the car, we'd hiked nearly 12 km. Not bad for our first time out this season. And I'm looking forward to more. The scenery is breath taking, and we're an hour away from it. So, my goal this year is to be brave.

Here are a few photos of our trip, and also a layout I created:

 I never tire of these types of photos.

 Checking out the lake at a look out point along the way.

 Kids and dog, at our turning around point.

 Barry and Mason.

 Madelyn and myself.

 A highlight for Madelyn for sure, is finding a chipmunk. She would love to have captured it somehow and brought it home.

Taking it all in.

Looking so small against the mountain back drop.

A trail selfie.

Sahlin Studio Products used:

Country Road Embellishments

Paper Piercing Stitch Holes

PL2015 - Weeks 16 & 17

Going back a few weeks:

Week 16:

This week I received my first dandelion. Mason used to bring them home to me all the time. Now it's Madelyn. I know I don't have many more years of these lovely little bouquets, so I look forward to them when I get them. Mace joined the track and field team at school, I took a photo of the boys while they were practicing their long distance running. [Just with my iPhone, but better something than nothing] Miss Mad at the doctor after too long with a pesky cough and cold. The boys at the banner raising ceremony, to acknowledge their winning both Esso Minor Hockey week, and the city championships. A shot of Mad in bed, with all her stuffies and a photo bomb by Daddy.   We had the hockey wrap up this week, and all the boys were gifted a beautiful frame which houses the certificates and medals they won this hockey season. Such a great keepsake for the kids. Last bottle drive of the season. 

I keep thinking I will stop with the white borders, but I just love the clean look of it. I don't think I'll stop after all. 

Since I keep each week to a one page spread, I tend to do a lot of journaling directly on my photos.  On occasion, it's hard to see the text, so in the case of the photo on the bottom, I add a layer of paper, under the journaling, and bring the opacity way down. It's very subtle, but makes the text easier to read.

 Week 17:

This week during parent teacher conferences, the school held a book fair. I happened to work the book fair, and when we shut it down for the evening, Madelyn took advantage of the quiet, and read the books. Sometimes, all the stars align, and me and my girlfriends are all available for coffee on short notice. This was one of those times. Mum & Daughter pedicure. Girl at the park. Coffee date with my sweetie. New bike! And a sick boy. Poor pup just isn't happy when her people aren't feeling well.

Love the frame included in this pack. As well as the sequins. So fun to use!

The journal cards are perfect to use for weekly tittles. 

Sahlin Studio Products used:

Week 16:

Week 17 :


Monday, June 29, 2015

PL2015 - Week 15

Here's week 15:

We have been so lucky with the weather this spring. Of course, the evening we had to go sell Girl Guide cookies door-to-door it was dreadful. But other than that, it's been pretty good. Mason and I took Libby for a walk on an afternoon he had off school. Mum took the kids to see the movie Home. Miss Libby in a favourite place on the deck. My photo that made it into the Gastropost section of the Calgary Herald. This weeks challenge was my 'go to' condiment.

I had fun using the stitch holes this week. Love the attention it draws to the photos.


Sahlin Studio Products used in the this layout:

Flashback Paper, Elements and Journal cards

Paper Piercing Stitch Holes

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PL2015 - Week 14

This was a super fun week. I made my first batch of muffins in our new oven. It's fabulous. It's bigger than the other one we had, plus I can do multiple batches, at the same time. It also bakes at the temperature it's supposed to. Couldn't be more pleased. Girl Guides had a bowling night. Little fish note from Madelyn, indicating she fed the fish. Dying Easter eggs with the kids. Crocus in bloom up on Nose Hill.

Rain on the window. The Outlander series is starting up again. Jamie McTavish.... Mmmmm... Enough said.

These flowers are certainly a symbol of spring to most Calgarians. So happy to see them blooming.

Sahlin Studio Products used in this layout:

Create Kit Sampler
Create Journal Cards

Friday, May 29, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 12 & 13

Here are weeks 12 & 13 of my project life spreads:

Week 12:

This week marked the start of spring break. We always look forward to the slightly longer days and slightly warmer temperatures. On my Thursday morning walk we came across an older gentleman feeding birds in the park. I have a feeling he's a regular, and that they all know it. Kids got haircuts. The Scouts went to Lloyd's Roller Rink. Barry wasn't able to go tonight, so I took Mason there. Madelyn decided she wanted to try her hand at rollerskating too, and was thrilled to find she loved it!
We've had a lot of fog this year, both before winter and now, after winter. Not usual for us, but maybe this is our new usual?

Week 13:

This week was my birthday. We went for my favourite dinner, Vietnamese. We fit a quick birthday dinner in between school and hockey practice. We had my family over the next night, my Mumma brought my favourite cake. [I've always had a thing for store bought birthday cakes... Though, it's a toss up between that and a Rum Cake these days] We ended out week with a trip to Edmonton for our first ever 'away' hockey tourney. I have to say, that I've dreaded the idea of an away tournament, since we got involved in hockey. But we had a terrific time. By Sunday night though, all of us were exhausted.

Sahlin Studio Products used:

Week 12:

Life As We Know it

Week 13:

Create - Kit Sampler [May MPM Add-on]
Create - Journal Cards [May MPM Add-on]