Saturday, February 28, 2015

PL2015 - Week 4

Here is the 4th week of my project life album.

This week we made another trip to the orthodontist, and were told we don't need to come back now, until April! Yippee! On the downside, it looks like braces are in this kids future... Spa night at Guides, Madelyn was in charge of massages. This week was unseasonably warm, and were hung out outside with NO JACKETS ON! [Sadly, it's both snowed and significantly cooled off since then]. A quick look at my Mum and Dad's kitchen reno. Wall has been removed. The Mustangs at a Hitmen game, they got tickets to see a game, as a result of winning EMHW. I changed the photo to B/W and then brought the colour of the jersey's out. Love how it turned out. Thanks to my hubby, who took this photo and made sure I got a copy of it.

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The Everyday Routine

I am loving this new bundle and can see using it a lot in the future.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 2 & 3

Here are my photos for Week 2:

This week was a cold one. We have had a super mild winter. I feel bad for all the people who have had so many terrible blizzards and storms this year. We usually have frigid temperatures and tons of snow, but this year, it's been pretty easy to take. So this week, withe a cold snap in the forecast, we turned into a bunch of cry babies... A bit of journaling about how busy our family has become this year with 2 kids in organized sports. Little Libby and her friend Ratty, waiting patiently to be played with. Mason filling up the suet bird feeder, before the cold snap hits. Madelyn at a ringette practice. We went to the movies on Friday night. The boys saw the Hobbit [Mason had already seen it with a friend] and the girls went and saw Annie.

Week 3:

This week was super exciting. Mason's team ended up going all the way and winning the gold medal for their division, in the Esso Minor Hockey Week. Madelyn was in a tournament the same weekend, the Esso Golden Ring, she too received a medal for her hard work. The week started off with a sick little girl and a doggy who seemed upset about the 'unusual situation' of her asleep on the couch. We also took family photos for my Happy New Year 2015 cards. We made a trip to the local green house, to enjoy both the temperatures as well as the colour of the foliage. Madelyn was bound and determined to get a 'pet' cactus. I refuse to allow any rodents in the house, much to her horror. She couldn't believe how quickly I agreed to her having a 'pet' cactus... Named spike... She made sure we got to the garden center before I changed my mind.

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Week 2

The Everyday Routine

Week 3

Chesterfield Journal Cards
Chesterfield Elements
Photo Journal No. 1 - Word Art
Photo Journal No. 1 - Templates

Friday, February 6, 2015

Project Life - 2015

I still love this project life thing. This will be my 5th year doing it... I've seen all sorts of different scrappers talk about changing things up. Using a smaller format. Not being confined by weeks, etc.

I'm still going with a weekly format.

When I look at past years, I'm super glad I kept track of stuff.

Keeping it weekly however, certainly makes you realize just how quickly time flies by... Because I look at detailed photos and read the journaling and think, "That CAN NOT be a year ago already" But alas, it is. So this really shows how fast life goes.

Another thing I find, it keeping with the digital format, my whole year last year fit into a 12x12 binder.

I couldn't decide if I should change up my photo design slightly this year. Should I  do away with the white borders around the photos. Should I round the corners of the photos. I look at other peoples project life, and I like that look. But when I look at mine... Nah. Couldn't do it. So corners are not rounded and photos have white borders. And I STILL love the look of it...

Here is this years title page.

I changed all the pictures to black and white, so that colours didn't clash.

Week 1:

Week one was actually from the 29th of December, through the 4th of January. We had some lazy days after Christmas. A lot of jammie time. One of the hits of Christmas was a game Mason had asked for called the Settlers of Catan. It got played over and over and over. Still does in fact. Even I play it with him, and that says a lot...

We went to Kananaskis again for New Years. We had a great time, and got in 2 days of skiing. We came home from there and had a get together with some good friends.

When I first started doing this project life a few years ago. I thought I want my book to coordinate. I want to use the same colour combinations. Once I became a creative team member on Sahlin Studio, I quickly let that idea go.

I LOVE the fact that I get to use all sorts of different new products. I love how my pages change from week to week. I wouldn't do it any other way. And yes, I love the white borders around my photos...

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Title Page:

Hello Sampler Kit  [an add on available with this months Memory Pocket Monthly]

Photo Overlays - Love

Week One:

Shine Bright Kit

Friday, January 30, 2015

PL2014 - Weeks 49 through 52

Okay... I've done it.

I've caught up and posted 2014's project life pages. Woot-woot... I'm pretty pleased with myself. So, without further adieu, here are weeks 49 through 52:

Week 49:

This week Calvin arrived at our house on December 1st. Mason and Sam, at the school Xmas concert. A walk up Nose Hill. Sweet little dog, who has completely stolen our hearts. Classroom help at Madelyn's school. My village display. The teddy bear toss game. 

Week 50:

A trip to Chapters and some startling facts. Messy dog. Boys at the end of their tournament weekend. Miss Madelyn in goal.

Week 51:

A favourite new spot to sit, looking out the window and watching the world go by. Making gingersnap cookies. Movie watching with my girl on the couch. Family skate with the Mustangs.

Week 52:

 A trip to the mall to find and get a photo with Santa. Watching the Polar Express. Christmas Eve family skate. Christmas day robes and pre meal drinks.

Sahlin Studio Product used:

Week 49

Worth a Thousand Words

Weeks 50 & 52:

Using add on's and the Sahlin Studio portion of the December's Memory Pocket Monthly from the LilyPad.

Week 51

Making Spirits Bright

Thursday, January 22, 2015

PL2014 - Catch Up Cluster - Weeks 44 through 48

Doesn't it always seem, like there's never enough time? I constantly seem to be plagued with 'busy-ness'. There never seems to be enough time to get things finished. I am always saying to myself things like, "When Christmas is over, I'll have more time to spending doing this..." Or, "As soon as the kids are back to school, I'll be able to do that..."

And oddly enough, this and that don't seem to happen.

I don't want to wish my time away. I don't. I'm frightened that my kids are getting older and bigger, with each passing day, not to mention each passing year... In the not to distant future, I WILL be able to leave my kids home alone. Both of them. And that's pretty scary.  At least to me it's scary.

Madelyn recently took the home alone class at school, and is absolutely DYING to stay home alone. And that's not going to happen. Not this year any way. And I'm sure I felt this way about Mason too, once. But now he does have the freedom to stay home by himself here and there. It's not a regular occurrence, but it did seem to happen quite naturally, when it did begin to happen.

Kudos go out to all you Mama's out there, who work either full or part time, and parent. And care for the house. And get your kids to sporting events. You totally rock.

Having gotten that off my chest, I have some pages 2014 project life pages to share. I hope to get completely caught up in the next couple of posts.

Week 44:

This was the week I played along with Ali Edwards, A Week in the Life. I just printed off all the photos for that album. I now need to put it together. Once I do, I will share it on the blog.

Week 45:

It's taxing my brain a little bit, to go back this far... This week started off great. With unseasonably warm temperatures. Libby corralled in the kitchen, love you can see her little head peeking above the board. Great walk along the Glenmore Reservoir with the girls. Red cups are back! Pictures of food, might be something a bit new. Saturday was jam packed, Madelyn had a Veteran's bottle drive with the Girl Guides, then we had to leave for her to play ringette [where she got her first hat trick!] Then we went to Mason's game across town, and then a date for Barry and I to go to the McKnight Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction. When we came out, it had started to snow, and then snowed like crazy.

Week 46:

Madelyn has set up a vet clinic in the basement, and has all sorts of cubbies lined up ready for customers. A walk down by the river, that is breath-taking. My sandwhich picture was posted in the Calgary Herald. Hip Hop dance presentation at SVS. Kids at G&G's house.

Week 47:

This week, we had Miss Libby fixed, so it was a quiet couple of days, trying to keep her calm. Mad always reading. Game playing. Home made chicken noodle soup. A lunch date with my favourite little boy.

Week 48:

This week we started putting up the tree. Poor thing sat like this for a week... First red cup of the season. Snowfall warning. Lunch date with my favourite girl. Birthday celebration. Grey Cup winners! And first Xmas party of the season.

Following Sahlin Studio Product used:

Week 44

Autumn Frost

Week 45

Sahlin Studio portion of the MPM kit - Gather
Word Art  - Add on
Washi Tape - Add on

Week 46

Documentary Kit 
Magical Photo Overlays

Week 47

Flashback Bundle

Week 48

PS I Love You - Kit

Thursday, January 15, 2015

PL2014 - Week 43

Believe it or not, I am caught up. I've even done the first week of 2015.

Do I plan to continue on with project life this year? You bet. Last years format of a page a week was awesome. It worked out just fine for me. If I wanted to add more, I could. But a page was enough to capture the stories I wanted captured.

I am planning to do a lump post, of a bunch of layouts. But, the photos are all still at the developers. I have yet to pick them up. So, it will be awhile yet, before I can do that.

For now, here's week 43:

This week: our ski passes arrived in the mail. I have mixed feelings because I'm excited, but not necessarily about the snow... A visit with Gigi. Madelyn found a leaf shaped like a heart. The boy playing volleyball. Kids at the Halloween Hop [Mason informed us he was going as the Grade 7 Jr. High kid, who didn't dress up] And we decorated skeleton cookies.

Product used from Sahlin Studio:

Autumn Frost Kit and Journal cards 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Daily - Day 20

The kids got emails from Santa. I'm telling you, Santa rocks. He thinks of everything. With technology the way it is and all, of course Santa has email. It's such a great confirmation that he knows who you are, and what it is you've asked for. And since Madelyn has asked for a 'tiger' this year. That's right, a real. Live. Tiger. I'm kind of interested to see how Santa is going to handle that...

Products used in this layout:

Sahlin Studio - Project Mouse Christmas
Sahlin Studio - Making Spirits Bright - Number Cards and Bits.