Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Happy Collection | Sahin Designs

This newest collection, Happy Happy, is a collaboration with Sahin Designs and Designs by Soco.  Don't the colours just make you swoon? I  love them!

Happy Happy Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs

The collection is available now, and will be available for 20% off through the weekend, until January 26th. 

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Here's a page I created to add to my scrapbook album. Simple and easy, just how I like them. 

This monumental birthday slipped by rather quietly. 

You weren't interested in a party. You weren't interested in a trip. Well, perhaps if I'd used the word GOLF in a sentence, there would have been interest... Not much chance for that I'm afraid, September is one of our busiest months.  

We met friends at a Pub on wing night Wednesday, you both wore birthday girl/boy badges. We ate wings, had a few drinks, and called it a celebration. 

On your actually birthday, we had to be at a rink [like we have been every year since the kids have been involved in hockey/ringette] But I did decorate the kitchen, and make you a cake. 

It was a low key birthday, but we did celebrate you. 

This collection is super versatile, I love all the colour combinations. Also, can't wait to use the balloons sometime soon. 

One thing we know for sure, everyone has a birthday once a year! 

I used the following Sahin Designs products:

Journal Cards:

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

PL2020 - Week 1 | Sahlin Studio

Here is the first week of my 2020 Project Life album. 

This week is a bit journal heavy. I honestly didn't have a lot of photos. 

The time between Christmas and New Year's around our house, was very quiet. It was lovely. But not much happened. So I highlighted a few of the stories that matter. 

I am still working on a title page. That always seems to be something I incorporate at a later date. 

I'm still using photos and a project life album. Page protectors seem to be harder and harder to come by, but I'm going to improvise if I have to, and use my stash of stuff. 

At one time, I considered creating digital layouts, uploading them and creating a digital book. However, I don't like the idea of having to wait so long to see the finished product. Obviously I'd have to have the whole years worth of pages before making a book. 

I created my first project life type album in 2011. I was new to digital format, but I did it. 

I love to go back and look at the past years. So do my kids. 

While they're still at home and I'm still loving this format, I'm keeping it going. 

Here we are in 2020 and here is week 1: 

  • Mad's posse met up for a skate at the outdoor rink, and then to an escape room.
  • Zoo Lights on NYE with Madelyn and Barry.
  • New Year's Day dinner at M&D's place, starting the new year out right. 

I used the following Sahlin Studio product:

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Midnight | Sahin Designs

Happy 2020!

It seems crazy to say that date out loud. It will likely take me months to get it right. 

I created a layout as part of the creative gallery for Sahin Designs, using her Midnight Collection. 

Here is my first layout of the new year, documenting, New Year's Eve.

Like I say in my journaling, I was preparing for this. Knowing sooner or later, our kids will want to be elsewhere as the 'ball drops'. 

Mason went to his girlfriends house, so it was just the 3 of us. 

Madelyn has been itching to go to Zoo Lights this year. 

When the kids were little, we went every year. It was part of our December tradition, but as they got older, schedules got busier, this wasn't very high on the priority list. 

We figured New Year's Eve was a good time to go. And it was. Not too cold, and it wasn't as busy as it's been in past years. We spent about an hour there, maybe slightly more. We checked out all the light displays, sat by a fire or two, then checked out the gift shop. Done and done. I think Madelyn enjoyed having us all to herself. 

Later on, we went and watched the fire works they were setting off the Calgary Tower. It wasn't spectacular, perhaps we were simply too far away. We had a great view. 

After that we picked Mason up. 

Before we know it, there'll just be two of us again, at the stroke of midnight.

I used the following Sahin Designs product: 

Midnight Elements:

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

PL2019 - December | Sahlin Studio

This is it! The last few pages of my Project Life album for 2019. 

There's a few more things I want to add, so I might one more page. For example, the last few years I've kept track of the books I've read. I'd like to add this years books. Not sure how I'll approach it yet, but I will approach it. 

For now, take a look at these pages. 

In my journaling I talk about condensing the month, as I also follow along with a December Daily album through this month. I don't want too much redundancy. 

Side A:

  • But seriously, how can it be that I have a kid leaving high school and one going into high school?
  • Grad proof photos arrived.... What a tough decision. 
  • Love Barry as an elf...
  • 4th tourney of the season so far, Medicine Hat with team Armada. 
  • Miss Libby, before and after she went 3 months this time between cuts. 

Side B:
  • Our crazy Christmas Party Crew. This story is told again in my DD album, but I love the photos too much not to include here. 
  • Mason finally started driving on his own. Oh. My. Heart.  I can't even. Waiting painstakingly for this to become the new normal, so I don't feel sick each time he drives away...
  • Gingerbread house with Ama, your special time together. 
  • 2009 vs 2019 with the cousin crew. Definitely some changes. 
  • 2019 Xmas Eve Skate.
  • Xmas Eve Family Movie, we saw Star Wars. 
I used the following Sahlin Studio products: 

Oh What Fun Kit:

Friday, January 3, 2020

Hibernate Collection | Sahin Designs

I'm not sure you can really appreciate the cold and snow, if you don't live in a northern climate.

I don't always love living in a norther climate. The snow and the cold can definitely wear you down.

There are a few things however, that I don't mind about winter, and they are:
  • Warm drinks of any kind
  • Cozy, Bulky Sweaters
  • Blankets
  • Lit candles
  • Fires in the fireplace [There is nothing quite like  listening to the wind howling, knowing it's freezing outside, and being in the house with a crackling fire]
When I saw this new Hibernate Collection, it spoke to me. 

After all, we can and have, gotten snow in every month of the year... [sniff]

Hibernate Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs
 If you are a newsletter subscriber, check your email, it's 50% off the bundle through the 5th of January! If you're not a newsletter subscriber, it's available for 20% off through the 5th of January. 

I created the following layout to highlight this collection. 

Everything I love in encompassed in this. A good book, check. A hot drink, check. A cozy blanket, check. Jammies all day, well, Miss Madelyn wouldn't have it any other way. 

We love our time off between Christmas and the new year. All of us. We sleep in. We slow down. Commitments all but stop. It's so very needed for our hectic schedules. 

I love to brag about the fact that for 6 days in a row I didn't leave the house [true story and it was done absolutely on purpose] While Madelyn likes to brag about how many jammie days she had. I'm not sure there is another soul out there who gets the same joy as she does, not having to change out of her PJ's. 

I love how this story turned out. 

I used the following Sahin Designs product:

Hibernate Elements:
Hibernate Journal Cards:
Hibernate Papers:

Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 2020 Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

Here is the first free template freebie from Sahlin Studio of 2020.  The template is free for download through January, get it while you can. Click here to go to the download

I think most people by now, know my love of using a template. It certainly takes some of the planning out of creating. For me, it's a nice quick way to get a story down. 

Here's how I used the template: 

I did fiddle with the orientation a little bit, because it fit my photo better.  Also, when you change the orientation a little bit, it allows you to use the same template, multiple times, with a very different look each time. 

I'm glad I captured this story of my walking group's Christmas brunch. [Though I'm sad that for this day, we we're missing one very important person in this group] 

I'm so lucky to have all these ladies in my life. They're so awesome. 

I used the following Sahlin Studio Product: 

Project Mouse [Ice] Bundle: Project-Mouse-Ice-Bundle.html

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Project Mouse [Ice] Collection | Sahlin Studio

This months featured product from Sahlin Studio is Project Mouse [Ice]. For the month of January, you can purchase this bundle for 35% off the regular price. That 35% discount also applies to Elements, Journal Cards and Paper, if you'd prefer to pick and choose what you'd like.

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I like to use products that are geared specifically toward a theme, for something different. 

This collection has been themed after the movie Frozen. 

Project Mouse (Ice): Bundle

I love this bundle. I love the colours, I love the characters, I love the theme. 

At first, I could only relate this product to the movie. The problem for me is my girl is now 14 and a half, and has quit dressing up in costumes [sob] and actually never did drag dolls around.  [Although I know for a fact, that if we were at Disneyland, she'd be the first in line to see Elsa & Anna] For me, this bundle at first made me think of two spunky sisters and of course, Olaf.  I spent some time thinking about it. 

I also currently live in a place where it's frozen. I went through some recent photos and it didn't take me too long to figure out what story I wanted to document. 

I ended up creating this layout. [Which also happens to be January's template freebie] I will add a link for the template soon! 

I used the following Sahlin Studio product: