Thursday, May 19, 2022

PL2022 - Week 11 | Sahlin Studio

Here is week 11 of my project life album. 

The highlight of this week was we finally saw Foreigner, a concert experience 2 years in the making. What made it even more fun, was the kids came with us. They were some of the youngest fans in attendance. But make no doubt about it, they knew and sang along to every song. Such a great memory that we'll be able to look back on forever. 

One thing I want to always remember, is after the concert was over, Mason found a guitar pick on the floor. So Madelyn and Barry went up closer to stage, to see if she could find one too. A guy came out from backstage and said "Dad and Daughter, how awesome" and threw her a pick. She was beyond thrilled. 

Such a great night. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

PL2022 - Week 9 & 10 | Sahlin Studio

Back to weeks 9 & 10 of my project life album. I combined these two weeks, because I really didn't have very many photos. Like hardly any at all... One reason why there are 3 different hockey photos on this page. 

Sometimes the every day looks a little similar. To me, that's ok. I was glad to have the photos I did, and I like how this page turned out. 

  • Friday is reserved for Gin & Tonic...
  • Mason played a lot of hockey this weekend. His last hurrah for the year. It was a good run, and he enjoyed it. 
  • Walking Miss Libby in the snow.
  • When I was taking a team photo, Mason grabbed his Dad and stood and posed for me. Love it. 

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Monday, May 9, 2022

May 2022 Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

The beginning of a new month means that Sahlin Studio has a new template available. Download template here. It can be downloaded for free, through all of May. I love using a template as my jumping off point to capture a story. 

This is a super fun story, that took place this past week. 

For Madelyn's birthday, we surprised her with tickets to see her favourite band. She had no idea, and she was over the moon when she opened them. Barry took her this past week to the concert. She got her very first tour t-shirt and couldn't have been more delighted.

I love that using templates, makes it so easy to capture stories. 

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Friday, May 6, 2022

May Featured Product | Sahlin Studio

Each month Sahlin Studio features a product/s that are deeply discounted. For the month of May, Whispers: Nature and Alpha Grass are those products. You can download these for 50% the regular price through this whole month. And since there is finally evidence of grass turning green and a hint of green leaves on the trees, this product has come at the perfect time. 

Here's the layout I created using the product.

I love how this girl loves all critters. Still. She shies away from nothing. She's our go to person if there's something scuttling along the floor in the house. She loves the dirt and all things that live in it. This photo was taken when she was 15, her bug net in hand, hoping to find a frog [she did] Now at 17 not much has changed, I hope she'll always have her love of critters big and small. 

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

PL2022 - Week 8 | Sahlin Studio

I'm a little bit behind on sharing my project life pages. I'm actually a little behind on project life. Sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes I'm not quite as motivated to create pages. 

I take it all in stride.

Here is week 8 of my album:

  • The aftermath of wisdom teeth removal, the bruising.
  • Sweet Libby, freshly washed and cut. 
  • Reflecting outside. I do miss my Mumma. So, SO much. 
  • Feeling helpless as we watch Russia attack innocent people. 
  • Hints of spring. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

PL2022 - Week 7 | Sahlin Studio

I'm posting this page on the heels of a spring snowstorm we had yesterday. 

We got SO MUCH SNOW. It snowed more yesterday that it did all winter long. It started to snow around 9 am, and it just never stopped. Traffic was frightful with many roads bing closed due to poor conditions. Buses were stuck and streets in the NW were like parking lots. The funny thing is, not all of Calgary seemed to get clobbered like we did. It's one to remember for sure. 

Here is week 7 of my album:

  • A fresh coat of snow [we really didn't get a lot of snow this winter]
  • The scowl of a young lady who does not appreciate my need to document...
  • Barry and I went to a Flames game. The crowd was at a 50% capacity and patrons had to wear masks. I felt quite safe and it felt nice to do something 'normal'. 
  • Miss Libby, always ready to play.
  • Mad had her wisdom teeth out, I respected her wish and took very few photos of that, and am making the ones I did take, private. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

PL2022 - Week 6 | Sahlin Studio

Wordle. Enough said. Mason hasn't been bitten by the bug yet, but Barry, Madelyn and I do it each and everyday, sending our results to one another via group chat. 

Since beginning it, I've played a few mind games each day, and hope it's going to help me out in the long run. It is certainly getting me thinking. 

Here is week 6 of this years album: 

  • My sister in law told me, a half dozen years ago, that one day, we'd be in constant communication with our kids, via text. I scoffed. But she was right. We have a lot of fun with one another this way. 
  • Barry and Madelyn taking down Xmas lights on a decent day.
  • One night after hockey, we met up with some of the team parents at a local brewery. We even got a tour which was really cool. So awesome spending time with good friends. 
  • Friday night... Games and shenanigans... Barry, you're such a good sport. 

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