Wednesday, January 30, 2019

PL2018 - Last Page - NYE

I decided to add one more page to my 2018 album, to complete it.

This is a quick pocket page of our New Year's Eve celebration. 

The last couple of years it's really hit home, that our new years eve's, spent together as a family of four, are dwindling... 

By grade 12, I was no longer hanging out at home...

All good things must come to an end...

I don't know if they 'must', but they do. And that's okay. 

This year, we made the decision to spend NYE at home. Just the four of us. It's the first time, since 2007 that we were alone for new years. [We were home in 2007 because both kids had ear infections. Fun times...] We have always done something on new years. Usually it's been a get together with friends. We spent a few NYE out in Kananaskis in the past, we have never mindfully decided to stay home.

This year, I was looking forward to fun food, a crackling fire, board games and just hanging out with my people.

All was good, until about 5 pm that afternoon. Madelyn saw on the news, that there was a party happening downtown at Olympic Plaza. Suddenly our staying home seemed to come as a total surprise to her, and all she wanted to do was:  Go.  To.  Olympic.  Plaza... 

She finally realized that her begging was futile... I mean,  it wasn't ridiculously cold, like it had been last year [when I believe the Olympic Plaza festivities were cancelled] But we'd already decided to stay home. She ranted quite a bit. More than I'd have cared to listen to. I honestly thought the whole evening was going to be derailed... At one point, I thought maybe she's going to remember this as the NYE she spent in her room... At one point, Mason looked at her and said "You're acting like a toddler..."

Somehow we managed to pull it all together, and have a fun, quiet evening at home. We had favourite snack foods. We played games. [The kids received Ticket to Ride this year, and we've had a lot of fun playing it] We also played Settlers of Catan, which is a crowd fav around here.

We celebrated at midnight with milk and chocolate chip cookies... [that particular toast almost didn't happen, because when I was making the cookies, Madelyn got angry and said, 'to cheers that way was a dumb idea'] At that point, she was still trying to convince us to head down town. I just about said "Fine." And didn't make the cookies... But then I would have been the one acting like a toddler...

One thing I'm working very, very hard at doing is this: not reacting.

And believe me, there is loads of room for improvement here. But I'm trying. I'm conscience of my reactions, and I'm really trying to not react immediately and say things out of hurt feelings. Because that's really what it's about.

The reacting me would have said "Fine, I'm not making cookies". Chances are pretty good there might have been a slight hissy-fit involved on my part. Then come midnight I would have felt guilty, because I'd wanted to do something special for my family but didn't see it through.

Instead, I made the cookies, realizing that she was just frustrated with the circumstances, and it ended up being awesome. I highly recommend toasting in the new year with milk in fancy glasses and chocolate chip cookies. Too bad we haven't done that before.

Who knows, this may have been the last time we celebrate the arrival of a brand new year as our family of 4.

As these kids get older, it just gets more and more fun.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

PL2018 - December

I did it! I completed my 2018 project life album.

It feels so great knowing this is yet another year, in the books. 

I haven't yet begun my 2019 album. I'm trying to decide which route to go...  Part of me wants to create digital pages, that I can collect at the end of the year, and put into a book of some sort. 

Part of me wants to continue on with this format, of pocket scrapbooking. The problem is, the pockets, or page protectors seem to be hard to come by. I used to be able to pick them up at Michael's, but they no longer carry them. I can find them on-line, but with shipping, a 60 pack runs upwards of $60.  Eeks... I am sure I can have a photo book printed for cheaper than that...

I have about 20 page protectors remaining. I will probably start out printing and putting individual pictures in pocket pages. I may be able to scrape by with enough this year... 

Anyone reading this, that sees these on sale, in CANADA, please let me know!! 

Becky Higgins - Project Life - Photo Pocket Pages - 12 x 12 Big Variety Pack 2 - 60 Pack
I'd prefer all 60 to be design A [the one that there are 40 of] But at this point, I'd take whatever I can get my hands on. 

Still plan to document our every day this way even though there have been the following developments: 

1] Madelyn reluctantly holds my hand now, when we're out...
2] Both kids would prefer NOT to be photographed and get a bit pissy about it...

I've been waiting for this to happen for a while. I'm disappointed, not surprised. 

I chose to document December, with a 2 page month at a glance spread, rather than weekly pages, consistent with the rest of my album. I obviously want to have pages for December, to finish off my album. But, in creating a December Daily album, I feel like there would be too much repetition if I did the weekly format.  

[December Daily album is coming along, I just sent a whole bunch of photos to be printed. My goal is to have the album completely finished by the end of January, fingers crossed] I will share it when I'm done. 

For now, I am completed my PL2018 album, here is December:

Both Sides: 

Left Side: 

Right Side:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

PL2018 - Weeks 47 & 48

We're finally back into routine around here, with kids back to school and all our extra-curricular activities picking up again. 

I'm always glad to have time off together, but always equally as glad when everyone heads back to school/work. 

It's been delightful to have the house quiet, just as I like it, and back to myself again. 

Here are weeks 47 & 48 of last years project life album. 

Week 47:

  • Libby had blood work, and was NOT happy about the bandage on her leg. 
  • Participant once again, in the cardboard boat race.
  • Huge snowfall, in one 24 hour period. [And it has hardly snowed since]
  • Jingle Ring Tournament, which our girls ended up coming away with the bronze!

Week 48:

  • Made a ganache for those cookies. And it was delicious. And so were the cookie cups. 
  • Celebrating my brothers birthday. [Have you ever noticed in ALL the Hallmark movies, all the characters greet their sibling like this: "Hey big brother." "Long time, no see little Sis." "Why so down little brother?" "It would sure be great to see more of you around the holidays big Sis." Who does that? I guess it just establishes characters right away...]
  • Found this gem of a photo of the boy, taken by his 'little sister'.... [Bahaha.... I couldn't resist]
  • The elves arrived. Enough said. 
  • Putting up lights in the back yard, see, there's hardly any snow in this photo. And that is what our backyard still looks like. 
  • I should have a bumper sticker that reads: Will stop for a wood pile
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Week 47:

Flashback Elements -
Flashback J. Cards -

Week 48: