Friday, May 29, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 12 & 13

Here are weeks 12 & 13 of my project life spreads:

Week 12:

This week marked the start of spring break. We always look forward to the slightly longer days and slightly warmer temperatures. On my Thursday morning walk we came across an older gentleman feeding birds in the park. I have a feeling he's a regular, and that they all know it. Kids got haircuts. The Scouts went to Lloyd's Roller Rink. Barry wasn't able to go tonight, so I took Mason there. Madelyn decided she wanted to try her hand at rollerskating too, and was thrilled to find she loved it!
We've had a lot of fog this year, both before winter and now, after winter. Not usual for us, but maybe this is our new usual?

Week 13:

This week was my birthday. We went for my favourite dinner, Vietnamese. We fit a quick birthday dinner in between school and hockey practice. We had my family over the next night, my Mumma brought my favourite cake. [I've always had a thing for store bought birthday cakes... Though, it's a toss up between that and a Rum Cake these days] We ended out week with a trip to Edmonton for our first ever 'away' hockey tourney. I have to say, that I've dreaded the idea of an away tournament, since we got involved in hockey. But we had a terrific time. By Sunday night though, all of us were exhausted.

Sahlin Studio Products used:

Week 12:

Life As We Know it

Week 13:

Create - Kit Sampler [May MPM Add-on]
Create - Journal Cards [May MPM Add-on]

Monday, May 11, 2015

PL2015 - Week 11

I'm trying very hard to get to this blog on a regular basis. Even though I'm not getting here as often as I'd like, at least I'm still getting here... I'm not sure where the time goes

Here is Week 11:

This week was busy. I went on two field trips! Mason's Grade 7 class went to the zoo. [I have to be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive about going, but it ended up being a great day] Mad's Grade 4 class made a trip up Nose Hill, to observe terrain and growth [or lack of growth really] Little Bachelor Finale party, my girls came over to watch. Of course we use it as a great excuse to eat snacks and drink wine. We were team Whitney all the way. [Does any one else think that Becca might have had a touch of botox? Her face literally seemed frozen...] Off track. Sorry. Barry and I went on a breakfast date! Just the two of us, while Madelyn had a Ringette wind up, and Mason slept in. Madelyn applying lip gloss at dinner with the Guides. I just happened to see her take a mirror and lip gloss out of her purse Ama, you've done well. The Scouts walked across Nose Hill, at pick up time, it was dark, and they were all playing hide & seek in the dark, waiting for rides. And lastly, the boys won the city championship. Way to go Mustangs! That's a wrap for another season!

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