Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Water Skier in our Midst!

We've been at the beach for 4 days. Well, 3 actually, because you can't really count the day we got here. The water is chilly indeed, but there is more beach than I thought there would be coming this early.

Yesterday Mason water skied for the first time. And he got up the very first time! Not only did he get up, Baba took the boat around a loop and Mason held on and skied for a loop and a 1/2! I am so proud, and so pleased. I'm just in awe that it happened so easily. It certainly gave him a taste of success. He's already told us that one day he'll be a water skier champion. And did I mention how excited and eager he was to do this? He started asking the moment we got here "When can I try to water ski?"

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures. That will have to wait until our return home.

And perhaps you're thinking why is she blogging? Isn't she having a good time?
Well, indeed she is, but she's also taking care of her puking daughter... That's right... I am PRAYING that this only hits one of us in this household... Because I can assure you, it's bad enough to be sick at home, but even worse to be sick away from home. It's only been about 15 hours as of right now. Unfortunately it began last night around supper... The night was a long and wicked one. Bar's off to the laundromat now, with all the sweet girls bedding, enough said... Then he's off to play some golf. If you're reading this, send prayers our way, that this misses Mason...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Singing Dora's "We Did it" Song

We made it through Grade One. Today was the last day of school. Mason took these in to hand out to each kid in his class. I think it went over smashingly.

Today, June 26th, Mason also turned 7 years old. It's shocking... I don't know what happened to that sweet little baby boy. He's turning into a delightful little man though. We all love him to pieces.

His 3rd birthday cake in a week! It's vanilla of course!

He's doing rabbit ears behind Baba's head. It must be something new he learned, because he thought it was completely a gas...

Uncle Chris knows the way to a little boys heart. Indiana Jones Lego... Dreamy!

We're heading off on summer vacation. Can't wait!I'll check in upon our return! Be prepared for some great pictures!
Happy Canada Day all!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Right Now

I got this off of Ali's blog, and thought, gee, why shouldn't I play along. I have NOTHING better to do today...
So, here I go.
Right now...

I'm attempting to gather things together for our impending trip to the lake. This is my 'kitchen' basket. And if you're thinking, "Gee, that looks just like a laundry basket" You're right! That's exactly what it is! I've got a similar bedding/towel basket started. I've got piles of clothes in mine and the kids rooms. My house looks like utter chaos, and in a few days none of that will matter, because I'll be sitting on the beach, watching/or looking at this...

This is the earliest we've gone to the lake in a long time. Looking forward to having our whole summer stretch out before us upon our return.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Dad Day

I just wanted to wish Barry a Happy Father's Day. This is a picture of him and Mason first thing on Sunday morning. Mace made him the tie at school, and gave it to him while he was still in bed (we let him sleep in of course) Sunday morning. After a few minutes, he came downstairs dressed, wearing his new tie. When Mason saw that, he puffed up and was so proud. I'm so thankful that you're such a great dad, and hubby! You know the things that matter to us most. And for that we love you so much!

Party Success

Why do you stress out about things that you KNOW will go smoothly? Like I'm sure a bunch of 6 and 7 years olds would question me about the authenticity of any of the Indiana Jones movies. Well, there might be some kids out there who know more than I do about the Indy movies, but thankfully they didn't come to our party.

As you know, we had an Indiana Jone's theme, here was the invite:
I decided to hold the party Friday after school, and it was a great idea, because it gave us our whole weekend. The adventure was successful, the games were successful, the raffia whips I made were successful (that alone made it worth the 4+ hours it took me to braid 12 of them).

The kids arrived and played outside, for a short time. Thank goodness, it didn't rain. The weather wasn't AWESOME, but it was nice enough to utilize the outdoors.

I took the kids in a few at a time, and we translated their names into hieroglyphics.
Then there was a little note for Mason to read, talking about the impending 'adventure'. I thought we might stretch the 'adventure' part out a bit more, but the kids were so excited, that once it started, it was on. Nothing was going to deter 11 excited kids. I had planned 7 clues afterall, it was a 7th birthday party.

#1 We started off with a Mummy Wrap, the kids broke up into teams of 2-3 and had to select a member of their team to be the 'mummy'. Within one of the 4 rolls of toilet paper was a clue.

#2 Next, they had to shoot poison darts (q-tips dipped in red paint, through a straw) at a world map, to try and track down Indy. (Guess what, he was in EGYPT)

#3 They had to cross the snake pit. (monkey bars in backyard) Once everyone was across, they found next clue.

#4 This might have been my favorite clue of all. It read: Good news, you crossed the snake pit! Bad news, some of you were stung by mosquito's that carried the deadly disease Malaria. In order to survive, you must locate and consume the antidote that will save your lives. The antidote was small boxes of smarties. Imagine the reaction when they HAVE to eat them, in order to save their lives!! LOL.

#5 Boulder Roll, my dh came up with this brilliant idea. The kids had to roll boulders down the hot wheels track to eliminate the bad guy. (We have since played this all wknd in the back yard)

#6 Locate the Crystal Skull...

#7 Find the Holy Grail, have to switch the skull, with whatever's within the box (this is where I put the raffia whips). The kids were elated.

After that was finished, pizza showed up and everyone got fed. We also did another craft, 'shrinky-dinks'. I had it in my mind, it would be like back-pack bling. The kids loved it, especially watching it transform in the oven. We sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes, opened presents and were hard pressed to get everything in within 2 1/2 hours, it was perfect.

Having said all that, I must have rocks in my head... Next years party is going to be either out of the house, or not as intricate. I've already been told, that he'd like to have a Pokemon party next year. I've noticed that it's all the rage right now, so I'd better go and pick up plates and napkins to have on hand!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Party Planner Extraordinaire...

I'm planning Mason's 7th Birthday Party. It's supposed to be taking place this afternoon, here at our house. In 6 years of birthdays, I’ve only had one “out of the house” event. It took place, at Let’s Play for Mason’s 4th birthday, which happened to be a Rescue Hero theme, in case you were interested.
Good grief that was 3 years ago.
This year, I thought things were turning around. In March Mason went to a Bowling Party. At the party Mace pulled me aside and said “Mum, I want a bowling party for my birthday!” Of course I said! Perfect I thought! Out of the house!
In April he got invited to a waterslide party. After that party Mason came home and said “Mum, I want to have a party at the waterslide”. Great! I said. Fantastic I thought. Out of the house!
When we talked about this year’s party (which happens to be an Indiana Jones theme) and the potential of idea holding the party at a waterslide, all was well until Mason said this: “Where will we have the adventure?”
“Pardon me?” I said. “An adventure?”
mk - “Yeah – you know, Indy always goes on an adventure”
me - “Well, if we have your party at a water slide, I’m afraid there won’t be any adventure”
mk - “Oh”
me - “So who would you like to invite to your….
mk - “Mum? “
me - “Yes?”
mk - “I don’t want to have a birthday party at the waterslide; I want to have my party at home”.

I'm slightly deflated because this just became an at home party.

And so begins, creating the party, to out-do all parties… And of course, I want everything to be PERFECT. So kindly keep me in your prayers because I’m stressing out about this WAY more than I should be…

Hopefully tomorrow at this time, I'll be posting lots of photos and saying how darn AWESOME it turned out. One can hope...

Oh and BTW - I'm terribly stiff and sore from Wednesdays work out. But the good stiff and sore..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I just MIGHT get BACK into Shape

Last week, my neighbor called me and said: "I did a cardio pump class at the gym today, and I thought of you. Maybe you'd like to come to the next one with me? It would be fun to go with a friend".

And it just might be the beginning of a beautiful story.

I went with her last week, somewhat unsure. If we're being truthful here, I was MORE than a little unsure.

I'm no stranger to going to the gym. I used to go ALL the time. Once I began going, I loved it and went regularly for 8 years. I used to go 3-4x a week. And then something happened. That something was called pregnancy... When I was about 5 months pregnant with Mason, I nearly fell off my step in a 'step class'. Suddenly my belly was throwing me off balance. It became kind of dangerous, and the bouncing of all the cardio became uncomfortable. I stopped going, assuming that I'd be back at some point. After all, I had my 'gym shoes, gym clothes, gym membership, and my gym friends'

Mason is going to be 7 years old next week.

I've NEVER made it back to the gym. Not once in all that time, since I was preggo. I didn't miss it. I didn't long for it. In fact the idea of it actually makes wrinkle my nose in total distaste. I haven't even had that good muscle burn (you know the one I'm talking about, where you wake up in the morning, and as you roll out of bed think to yourself, RIGHT, those muscles there...) in years. They were typically the result of a class where your limbs are shaking out of pure exhaustion at the end. I've had other reasons for sore muscles. I've gallantly tried to LOVE running. I've taken not one, not two, but three different "Learn to Run" classes. I have even run in, and completed two actual 10k races. (and not even come in last) But it's no use, I've only solidified that I love to HATE running. I LOVE the running clothes... I love the idea of running. But no, I definitely HATE the running part. I've had sore arms from lugging kids around too long. Or the over-used sore muscles, that are usually acquired by going into supermarket to pick up a FEW things, and you don't grab a cart but instead opt for a basket. Then of course, you proceed to do a weeks worth of shopping, as well as pick up a 4l jug of milk. By the time you reach the parking lot, one arm is noticeably longer than the other (even though you keep switching back and forth) and to top it off, you've parked at the back of the parking lot, for extra exercise of course. I wonder, has anyone else ever put there milk down on the hot asphalt to shake the blood back into their arms?

But as far as having that good, sore, stiff, I actually did something feeling... Well, I have to be honest, I had forgotten all about that.

Until last week. Something shifted and it started with my neighbors phone call. My first trip to the gym in well over 7 years. I dropped 4 year old Madelyn off in child-care. Walked into a step class, and thought "Sweet Mother of Pearl, what on EARTH am I doing..." But I successfully did the class. Caught on pretty quickly. Knew most of the steps the instructor called out. Managed to keep up pretty good (which meant I could leave the class with my dignity). I sweat. I shook. I sweat some more. The class finished with stretching and core work. And the whole time I LOVED IT. ABSOLUTELY wondering why I've never been back.

The next day, was even better. My muscles were sore, the good sore. The one that is associated with a really good work out. I felt great. And I missed it and I loved it. And I'm going back again Wednesday. So who knows, maybe I can get back into the groove. And maybe this ole girl will get into better shape again! It's about time!

In all this time, I've watched Lululemon become super chic and popular, and thought I'll never have a reason to wear that stuff I just can't justify the cost. I'm totally coveting these, and who knows, maybe I'll even be able to get a pair, AND look good in them! Never say never!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Weekend was a Success!

Our weekend was exactly what I'd expected it to be, a fantastic opportunity to catch up with an old friend, as well as the perfect occasion to break a few records. The records I’m talking about of course are how much stamina my children have and how late they can stay awake… We arrived safely in “the Hat” Friday night, after driving through substantial rain the entire way. We checked into our room, changed into the appropriate swim gear and headed for the pool. (These two insisted on wearing their goggles from the hotel room right down to the pool all weekend long!)

Mason went down the waterslide so many times before 9:30 (when the slide closed down) that I thought he’d suffer from serious leg cramps all night long. Not at all. After coming back to the room, changing into jammies and getting re-acquainted with his little friends from Regina, they went strong until…..

Wait for it….

12:38 am.

That’s right folks. These two kids could put the energizer bunny to shame. This is the picture I took at 11:18 pm. And I as I was taking it, I was thinking "C'mon already, how can't you be tired?"

And FINALLY, this is what they looked like at 12:38am. All I can say is that they have some serious stamina. And if they put their minds to it, they can outlast me and their Dad, no problem.
(Serves me right I suppose, to be a night owl myself. I just didn't anticipate it would happen this young in life.)
I was hopeful all the exercise would tire them out, but to be honest, I knew what we were in for.

The weekend was great. The kids had so much fun. It was such an easy way for the kids to be entertained and the adults to enjoy spending time together at the same time. I’m pleased to say that an “I’m Bored” was not heard ALL weekend long. I highly recommend taking kids to a hotel with a water slide, if your kids are like mine one bit, it won’t tire them out at all, but it sure keeps them happy!

The weather hasn’t gotten much better. Monday we reached a high of 9°. That’s right, a whopping 9° on June 8th. I am not sure where we can go… I don’t know how many choices we have. I’ve thought seriously about immigrating to the southern United States, perhaps we could claim polar COLD disorder or something like that. Or maybe we could say that we’re desperate to have a growing season longer than 3 months… I’m beginning to think that fleece pants and a hoodie are going to be part of my wardrobe all summer long.
With the daytime highs in the single digits, our lows too, are in single digits, sometimes a single digit with a negative/minus sign in front of it. I’m just not sure exactly how my tomato plant is going to fare through this, I don’t know if it’s going to pull through or not. All the other plants have behaved themselves for the most part, and maybe drooped slightly, with the frost, but bounced back. A person would seriously have thought that by June, we’d be in the clear… But apparently not in Calgary. This is how my poor children were dressed for the soccer game tonight. And I feel that I need to mention right now, that when we registered for soccer back in February, we weren’t wearing this much clothing. It’s just nuts.

At least the grass has turned green. We're heading off for our vacation in just a few short weeks, and we're hoping to wear bathing suits the majority of the time. I'm sure the weather will turn around!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Road Trip

We're heading to Medicine Hat this weekend, to visit a girlfriend and her kids. We woke up this morning to a dismal grey day, it's raining and it's COLD. That's right people, we dipped down to -1° last night. Sheesh, I don't know why we're so lucky. One day tank tops and shorts the next days turtle necks and down vests... Any way the crummy weather is supposed to last through out the weekend, so we've picked a good one to be away. The last time we stayed at a hotel with the kids my last words were "NEVER AGAIN..." That was 3 years ago, both of us had to pretend to go to sleep, just to get them to lie down. Painful... So, I'm hoping that this experience will be a bit better. Our hotel has this, so I'm hopeful that the kids won't fight going to sleep because I'm optimistic that they'll be absolutely and utterly exhausted by bedtime.
Once the kids are in bed, the adults will be able to connect. Chat, catch up, and enjoy one another a little bit. We're getting the better bargain, we're coming from Calgary, where it's only a 3 hour drive. The other party coming from Regina, has at best a 4 1/2 hour drive.

I've taken the time to scope out Starbucks, the city mall and of course a couple of scrapbook stores. Funny that while I'm at home, I can't seem to get to the scrap stores, but go out of town, and I'll do my best to try and get to one...

Oh well, should have some fun pictures to post next week.