Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 2

Prompt for day 2: How they look

These two raga-muffins spent nearly the whole day sitting on the couch, playing their Nintendo DS'. I say 'their', but the DS' really belong to Auntie Pat. [Who actually thinks I believe that she bought one for herself and that Uncle Don needed one too...] Sheesh

They were sent home with us over the weekend. Monday the kids had a professional day and were home from school. They could be found like this, sitting together on the couch most of the day. The morning light was streaming in the window right [to the right of Ms. Madelyn] It had been a number of days since we'd actually seen the sun, it was a welcome sight to say the least. I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo. I love how the glare of the sun softened the picture and put a flare on the photo. And Mason leaning over and kissing his sister was impromptu. I was in the right place, at the right time, with my camera at hand!

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