Thursday, March 17, 2016

PL2016 - Week 8

We're now well into March. I always forget just how busy things are the first 2 weeks of this month. Both hockey and ringette are totally engrossed in city play-offs. By the end, it seems we're on the ice every night.

The boys were out last Saturday. They made it to the semi-final game, and then lost. But they did pretty good! They were so close to making it to the final game.

Mad's ringette team went until the very end. The Super Tsunamis won the city championship on Tuesday night. They won cities undefeated! Such and AMAZING year for these girls. I know we'll never be on a team like this again. It's a once in a lifetime thing. The girls were great. The parents were great. Totally one of those teams that you're going to miss the friendships you've made over the last 7 months. [Because let's face it, the mom's (for the most part) spend just as much time together as the daughters do] I don't know what we're going to do starting next weekend...

I can actually hear our social life screeching to a stop.

Group photo. So proud of these girls. They definitely deserved this.

And the trophy. Each girl had their photo taken with the trophy. Much excitement in the dressing room after that game for sure.

And before I forget, here's week 8 of my project life book: 

This week we did some browsing and research at the pet store. Also found some books to read at Winner's. Dinner out with my gals. The thing about this time of year, is the amazing sunsets that we seem to get. Walking the dog. Great shot of the mountains by Barry. He took it while he was at scout camp. Cousin shot.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

PL2016 - Week 7 and March Template Freebie

When I first started this particular format of memory keeping, I remember being drawn towards the Becky Higgins kits. The idea being, you purchase a kit, to use throughout the year, and all the product ties in  and coordinates together. Colour combinations, elements, papers etc.

So it was a surprise to me to find, that one of my favourite things about being a part of the Sahlin Studio creative team, is constantly getting new product to use. At first I was nervous, thinking my book wouldn't be cohesive. Nothing would flow. That the pages wouldn't go together.

Well, I was right. They don't go together. Themes don't follow each other throughout the pages.

But I couldn't love it more.

I love when new product comes out and I end up loving it more than the previous product that I loved. [Does that make sense?] I also enjoy creating with product that has a  certain 'theme' but purposely not using it for the theme it's intended for. Such was the case with this page below. I'm using Project Mouse Classic Collection, and obviously have absolutely nothing Disney within my pages. It's still totally usable, and I love the primary colours.

Here is week 7:

This was the week of Teacher's Convention, and poor miss mad came down with a cold. I got a call from the school and you had to be picked up both Tuesday and Wednesday. She ended up being sick on the couch for 4 days with a fever. She was determined not to miss school. She'd worked hard on her science fair project and wanted to be there. We broke a temperature record this week! Awesome-possum! Mace stacked firewood. Sunning ourselves outside. Loving this weather.

Also, for the month of March only, get this template freebie from Sahlin Studio by following the link.

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Week 7:
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March Template Freebie:

Country Road - Bundle -

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PL2016 - Week 6

Wow! Today is the first March! March is shaping up to be a pretty busy month. Hockey and ringette are both into city play offs. Mad's ringette team just made it to provincials, so we get to travel out of town, yet again for that. Spring break happens this month, and we also have a student from France coming to stay with us! It's going to fly by, for sure.

Here is Week 6 of my project life album.  

This week we finally got to Star Wars... Mason saw it on opening day, but for the four of us to get to it together, was not an easy task. We saw it, and we liked it! Can't believe it will be another trilogy. Start Wars just lives on and on...  Made individual cookies in ramekin dishes for dessert. They were awesome, especially warm with a scoop of ice cream. Mmmmm... This particular week is very Mason heavy. He's a tough kid to get photos of anymore. The fact that I happen to have him in so many is an anomaly for sure. I did have to chuckle that on our lunch date, he slid in beside me and actually said: "Let's get this picture taken." A couple of photos of a boy and his dog. Everyone is crazy about her.

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