Monday, August 26, 2013

Project Life: Weeks 27 & 28

It's week 27, and I'm still trying to figure out the perfect way to photograph this project. I think I may have finally got it figured out. Not in week 27, but in week 28. I just may be onto something...

Week 27:

Left Hand Side:

Right Hand Side:

I included a list of 'things to do this summer' in my project life and I'm embarrassed to admit, that we did an incredibly poor job of crossing things off this summer. I don't exactly know why that is...
This was the first summer in a long time, that we were home during Stampede Week. We often choose to get away from the city for that week. We did end up taking the kids down to the grounds for a few hours on 'family day'. It was a GONG SHOW... Everything had a crazy long line up. Rides averaged about $5/ride. Games were expensive. And the people... Oh how I dislike being wall to wall with that many people. So, we went, we saw, we left. It was all good.

Week 28:

Insert - Side A & B: These pictures are 6x12, an insert added in. I simply cut a 12x12 page protector in half. I love how flexible I can be with this project.

Left Hand Side:

Right Hand Side: 

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 27:

Washi Tape No.2
Washin Tape No.3
Acrylic Arrows   

Melon Sorbet Bundle
A Wonderful Day

Week 28:

Washi Tape No.2
Acrylic Arrows
A Wonderful Day
Aztec Summer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Life - Week 26

Week 26 marks the halfway point of the year, for project life. 26 weeks in, 26 more to go. Time just marches on. I love this project.

This also marked the end of the school year. [Hard to believe we're a mere 2 weeks away from school starting up again. This Mummy is not clicking her heals together in anticipation of school starting, yet. I LOVE our summer days]

Because Calgary was in a state of emergency, school ended up being finished sooner than expected. I had to include the school closure info, from the city's website. Still can't believe that this happened to our lovely little city.

These were photos were created in Photoshop Elements, using Sahlin Studio products. The heart sun overlay, was using Ali Edwards This is Summer Overlay.

Sahlin Studio Product used:

A Wonderful Life
Aztec Summer Bundle
Birthday Cake Snippets
Project Mouse Days Washi Tape

Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Life - Week 25

I seem to have caught a summer cold. I'm not sure how that happened. No one I know has a cold, yet my nose is dripping, my sinuses are killing me and my throat is raw.

Do you know what the worst thing about getting a sick when you're the Mamma is? That you still have to be the Mamma. Meals still need to be made, laundry still needs to be done, kids still need to be watched... No rest for the wicked. Or the sick.

Now, having said that, it hasn't totally felt like I've got a 'summer' cold. Yesterday the temperature maxed out at 13°C. And it's August, not October. Normally, our temperatures for August should start with a 2... As in anywhere between 20°C - 29°C. Our summers are fleeting at the best of times, so reaching a high of 13°C is more than a little disappointing.

Any way, here is another project life spread, week 25: 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this cold is short lived, and that temperatures are on the rise for the remainder of the month. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reflections of Summers Past and PL Week 24

It's August. And I'm a bit disappointed with myself. I have not been blogging on a regular basis. I had the same problem last summer too. [Not that this is a problem I have only in the summer] I've limited the amount of time my kids can be on their 'electronics' and then I can hardly sneak down and spend time on my computer. They call me on it. And though I'm the adult. The parent. I have a hard time saying no to them, and then, yes to me. So it's easier to just stay away from the computer.

We were also away on vacation for the last 2 weeks of July. Our time away was terrific. The weather was fabu-lous. Really. Fab. 

We have been doing an annual lake vacation since I was a wee young girl. I have pretty much done it every year since I was about 5 years old. The only exceptions being, the year I was 13 and we did a big family trip across the USA. The year I was 24 and they sold the resort we'd been going to since I was 5, and last year, when the little town flooded due to heavy rain and a very dangerous run-off situation. So... In the past 35 years, we've missed going 3 times... And now of course, our little family goes. My kids have both been going since they were born. Both kids took their first trip to the lake when they were a mere six weeks old. A very different trip for me, those two times, but that's how young they were when introduced to 'the lake'. Both my kids also learned to walk at the lake, at 14 months old. I'm taking Ali Edwards - Hello Story Class at Big Picture Classes. I created 2 separate layouts, of my kids over the years at the lake. I love how they've turned out.

I love that by looking at these 2 spreads [both are 2 - 8.5x11 pages] I can see my kids evolve over the years. From little babies to the little people they are today. Love these layouts. I love taking Ali's classes. She's ubber cool.

I also have another project life spread to add. Week 24:

During week 24, I was lucky enough to go to our 2nd Annual Yoga Retreat. I added a few pictures of that, in a separate insert. Had such a great time.

Insert Side A:

Insert Side B: