Sunday, December 29, 2019

PL2019 - Week 48 | Sahlin Studio

I can't believe another New Year's Eve is upon us.

I just finished reading the book, I miss you when I blink. It's a book of essays by author Mary Laura Philpott. 

Much of it resinated with me. She talks about having kids, watching them grow up so quickly.  How things seemed to move so slowly when they were babies, a day seemed like a year when they were fussy. Now the years seem to be gaining speed, at an alarming rate.  

Sometimes I feel like my project life albums are another vessel that shows how quickly life goes by. But I can't stop doing them, I still love it too much.

Here is week 48 of my project life album. 

  • Miss Libby, loves the snow, and wants out all the time. The latest development so far this winter, she REFUSES to come back up the stairs on her own. Which leads to countless rescues a day. 
  • Photo to prove to the kids I couldn't find the pop they wanted. 
  • Me and the girl at the movie Last Christmas.
  • There's always a fun mum on the team, that either brings or sends shooters for the adults. 
  • The boys at a concert, a band playing the music of Pink Floyd's - The Wall.
  • Mad's first winter camping adventure, where they did indeed sleep out in a tent.
I used the following Sahlin Studio products: 

PM Wilderness Elements:

Friday, December 27, 2019

December Template | Sahin Designs

Sahin Designs, just released December layered templates.

I love a template. It totally simplifies story telling. 

The story I wanted to capture is about all the time Madelyn and I have spent together this past fall. She has been in 4 ringette tournaments in the past 6 weekends. 2 of those have required that we travel out of town and stay in a hotel.  Driving to different towns/cities, driving to and from different rinks, sleeping in a hotel room, eating meals out... It's a LOT of time together. 

I'm grateful for the relationship that we have. I'm also thankful that even though she rolls her eyes at me [quite a bit] she indulges me and gets into pictures with me. 

To create this layout, I used the newly released C'est Noel collection from Sahin Designs. I especially love the colours contained in this kit. It's the second time I've used it in the past few weeks. First time was the hexagon layout I created a couple of weeks ago. 

Love the every day stories I get to capture. 

The following Sahin Designs products were used: 

December Template:

Friday, December 20, 2019

Digital Day | Sahin Designs

I've had the idea for this layout for a while now.

In fact, I've been anticipating it since November 1st, when Mason passed his driving test and got his drivers license! [On his first try, so proud of you buddy!]

Then, it snowed. And really, it seems to have snowed more than it hasn't since then. He's had very little experience driving on snowy roads, and that does take some practice.

We have still been having him drive to all the places, with us, to get some practice in. 

And yesterday, I sent him on his first solo drive, he went and picked his sister up a the bus stop. 

It's going to be so awesome to have another driver in the house. 

Not to mention how convenient it will be. Yes Mason, we might send you on the occasional errand, that's just  a fact. Congratulations on becoming another member of the driving population! 

I used the following Sahin Designs products:

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

PL2019 - Week 47 |Sahlin Studio

Here is week 47 of my Project Life album. 

I used several Christmas themed kits from Sahlin Studio, that don't necessarily have to be about Christmas. One of my favourite things about using all the different products, is to show how versatile things can be. Just because it's Christmas themed, doesn't mean you can't use it for something other than Christmas. 

Having said that, delighted with the Starbuck app on my phone. I took a screenshot of it, and included it in my album. These colours definitely scream Christmas, and it just makes me happy. 

  • Miss Libby watching the boys every move as they put up Christmas lights. 
  • The delight of driving the deerfoot in a snowfall. 
  • Celebrating the Starbucks flavours of the season. 
  • Fun photos to find on my camera roll.
  • Mustangs waiting to get on the ice. 
  • Celebrating Chris' birthday with brunch. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

mad for plaid kit:
mad for plaid j. cards:
december elements:

Friday, December 13, 2019

PL2019 - Weeks 45 & 46 | Sahlin Studio

I combined these two weeks together, even though I forgot to add week 46 on my journal card. It's a bit inaccurate, but I'm okay with it. The week number is wrong, the dates are right.

I already know I'll look for weeks 46, assuming I'd forgotten it, but I'm not reprinting the title. Maybe I'll add the 46 with a sharpie...

  • A family trip to the Hitmen game, we got to watch the Hitmen play against Prince Albert Raiders, Spencer was playing and he scored the first goal. It was so cool. We all cheered when he scored, because, he's ours after all. But quickly remembered, we're in 'Hitmen' territory. [We only cheer for another team if it happens to be my nephews]
  • A lovely mild day to walk downtown. We've had all the weather this fall. 
  • Madelyn was absolutely delighted to spend the day at a veterinarian clinic on 'take your kid to work day'
  • Putting together foundation pages for my December Daily album. 
  • We had 3 ringette tourneys, 3 weekends in a row. 
  • The boys won a game! Maybe they're finally gelling together a bit as a team [fingers crossed].
I used the following Sahlin Studio product:

Documentary - Elements:
Documentary - J. Cards:

Monday, December 9, 2019

C'est Noel Collection | Sahin Designs

This latest release from Sahin Designs, C'est Noel,  has my heart swooning.

I'm a fan of pink in general, so all these variations of my favourite colour, makes it a little bit sweeter.
C'est Noël Digital Scrapbook Collection - Sahin Designs
I'm also have a serious love affair with all things hexagon right now. They're everywhere!

There was no way I could only choose one or two papers from this fabulous collection, so I found a way to include ALL the papers! This is the layout I created:

Have you noticed the hexagon movement? 

They're every where. And I'm loving them all. 

I love how this page turned out, and I can not wait to use this for more layouts to come!

C'est Noel is available  for 20% off through December 8th. Just click on the links below. Newsletter subscribers, watch for the special link that allows you 50% off the price through December 8th.

I used the following Sahin Designs products on this page:

Thursday, December 5, 2019

PL2019 - Week 44 | Sahlin Studio

This page was to document the whole week, but I kind of focused on Halloween.

Madelyn had been looking forward to going out Trick or Treating with her friends, since last year. [Last year she was on a school trip and missed going out] She also knew she wanted to go as Alexander Hamilton sometime during the summer. 

She wanted to invite friends over to go around the neighbourhood with her. Which she did do. Halloween was on a Thursday this year, and they actually had Friday off. All the stars aligned for her last year going out. 

She invited her friends over for pizza. They were all able to come. Her close girlfriend came home on the school bus with her. The rest of the crew arrived around 4:30. This group of kids are awesome. It was a chilly night, but no rain or snow. They bundled up and headed out. Apparently they sang as they went from house to house. So fun. 

  • Halloween treats and dinners leading up to the big night. Kids still let me indulge in themed treats. 
  • Group of Grade 9's, celebrating their last year trick or treating.
  • Our pumpkin creations.
  • All 6 of those crazy kids were piled in the bathroom helping one get ready. 
  • Mason proudly showing off his drivers license! 
  • Team Armada starting out the season with a pretty convincing gold medal win! 
I used the following Sahlin Studio products:

Project Mouse Halloween Journal Cards:

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

December Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

How is it already December?

Somehow this has snuck up on me, again. 

The weather outside has been frightful [but it's been that way on and off since the end of September].

I was hoping to get our family room painted before we decorated for Christmas, but unless that happens within the next day, it's going to have to wait until the new year. 

The first of the month always signals a new free template release from Sahlin Studio. Here is this months template, which remember, is free to download through December. 

I have been going through some older photos recently, and like I may have mentioned in my last post, got a bit melancholy. 

Once I saw this template, and went through photos, I realized there were other photos with Gigi that I wanted to document. 

I created this layout: 

Gigi and her 3 generations. Love it. 

I used Oh What Fun by Sahlin Studio which happens to be December featured product, and is linked below.

Tomorrow happens to be December 1st, which means I'll be officially starting my December Daily album. I do have the foundation pages ready to go. I'm looking forward to it again this year, though feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things currently on the calendar for the next few weeks. 

Slow and steady wins the race. Wish me luck. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

November Template | Sahin Designs

I was going through some older photos the other day and got a bit melancholy. 

It's also kind of ironic, because the photos were from Christmas of 2009. There seems to be a then and now decade thing going on right now, but I wasn't thinking in terms of decades, I was actually looking for a particular photo. 

And I came across this photo...

It actually makes my heart flip-flop. Because look at those two! It's hard to believe they were ever that little. When I see how little they were 10 years ago, it puts things into perspective. 

Once I saw this photo, I realized I'd never done a layout with it. 

Sahin Designs just released her November 2019 Templates

After one look at them, I knew exactly what story I wanted to remember. We lost Gigi [Great Grandma] few years ago. My kids were so lucky to get to have a relationship with her. It was a pretty special relationship. I'm happy I'm able to get the story into an album. They can look back and remember her too. 

The following digital products were used: 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

PL2019 - Week 43 | Sahlin Studio

Calgary was once again under a snowfall warning on November 18th and 19th.

And again, the prediction was accurate. 

I'm not exactly sure how much snow we received, the forecast was for 15 cm of snow. But it snowed for 24 hours, and it looks like a winter wonderland. 

Which was too bad, because a few days before that, we had double digit temperatures in the teens, all the snow from our last few snowfalls had melted...

Now we start over again, in hopes that yet another chinook will melt all the snow. 

The Calgary Herald has this to say about our winter: 

According to the network’s seasonal forecast released Monday, it’ll be chillier than normal throughout southern Alberta over the coming months, but with periods of reprieve mixed in.

Fingers crossed the reprieve they're talking about are the snow melting chinooks. 

I spent Tuesday baking cookies and setting up one of my Chrismas trees. If it's going to look like Christmas outside, I figured might as well get some of those twinkling lights up and feel good about the season. 

There's absolutely something to be said for Hygge. I'm all over it, with white lights, scented candles, blankets at the ready and the piling of fire wood. I love to be cozy. I guess I'm settling in for the season. 

Here is Week 43 of my project life album: 

  • Election results were very disappointing. 
  • Waiting for the school bus, noticing the change in the light. 
  • Alexander Hamilton costume is complete.
  • Miss Libby, looking homeless.
  • Reading under a blanket, drinking tea, waiting for the furnace repair guy to arrive. 
  • Decorating halloween cookies. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Simplify J. Cards:

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Daybook | Sahin Designs

A few months back, Mason went out with some friends. They decided to go rock climbing. 

One thing about being a parent that no one prepares you for, is the letting go. The first time he got picked up, in a vehicle, driven by a friend, my heart quickened. That is now a fairly regular occurence.

This letting go process stings a bit. Even though it's the natural evolution of growing up. 

There comes a time, when hanging out with Mum and Dad, is a bore. They'd rather hang out with friends. I feel pretty fortunate, because I think for the most part, our kids genuinely like us. [Though they are certain that we've never experienced a moment of 'fun' in our lives] 

I was thrilled when Mace texted me these photos of his outing with friends. I'm so appreciative that he was willing to do it. This was something he experienced with his friends, but included me in his circle a little bit.  

I'm thankful he chose to include me.  

I used Sahin Designs - Daybook to put this 8x10 sized layout together. 

All the digital products are so versatile, and can be used with so many 'every day' moments. 

Product links are here:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I Got my Wish | Sahin Designs

Like I mentioned in my last post, Christmas is around the corner! 

It's so exciting to get to use new seasonal product in conjunction with my stories and albums.  This newly released product from Sahin Designs, called I Got my Wish is perfect!

sahin designs, digiscrap, digital scrapbooking, scrapbooking supplies, digital scrapbook kit, scrapbooking supplies, printable scrapbook supplies, printable scrapbook supplies, hybrid scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooking, printable paper, scrapbook paper, scrapbook embellishments, printable labels, printable pocket card, project life card, journaling card,
I love everything about it!  If you download the bundle through this weekend [November 17th] you'll save 30%! [If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, you should receive a link to get it for 50% off this weekend!]

I created this 12x12 page, documenting my Christmas village. 

I know I've highlighted my lighted Christmas village in my December Daily album a few times over the years. In fact, I've probably added photos of it in every December Daily album since the first year I did it. 

But what can I say, I LOVE it. 

It makes me super happy to both, put this little village together, and light it up every night. It's the one thing actually, that stays out, long after Christmas comes and goes. It helps make the short cold days of January and February more tolerable. 

I'm glad I now have this layout in my every day album, and can look back on it whenever I want.

I also created a page for last years December Daily album. 

I always work on foundation pages starting in November. I was looking through last years album, and discovered I'd forgotten to finish a few days. 

I created this for Day 18: 

It's a short and sweet story. Just a photo and a few sentences. It takes me right back to that trip to Safeway. The Grinch life size poster was there because of course, last year the new Grinch movie was released. [We never saw it, come to think of it...] It will for sure get added to the list of movies to watch for this holiday season. 

This one page 6x8 paged layout is exactly why I do December Daily. It's an otherwise forgotten moment that happened when we'd gone to pick up a few groceries. I'm so thankful I have the picture and story to remember.

The stories do get a bit harder as the kids get older... 

I really try to be mindful about their privacy. For the most part both of them are very accommodating, and as long as they know I plan to share it, they're okay with it. 

I'm really looking forward to capturing this years stories.

The following Sahin Designs product was used: 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Holly Days | Sahlin Studio

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I have been anticipating and putting together December Daily pages for a few weeks now. The gigantic snowfalls we've had have certainly helped. Snow makes everything a little more magic, at this time of year. 

Except driving. Not much fun at all on slippery roads. 

[Since Wednesday, a chinook has melted all our snow, and we've actually enjoyed a couple of days of double digit temperatures]

Yes please. I will take all the days above 0 degrees, thank you very much. 

Any way, I've been putting together this years December Daily foundation pages. I do much better when I have things 'ready to go'.  I'm not as good at being 'wing it girl'. 

This Holly Days bundle has just been released by Sahlin Studio. 

It is geared all around the holidays, and it's fabulous. 

If you purchase the entire bundle this weekend, you save 50%.  

Holly Days | BUNDLE by Sahlin Studio - Perfect for documenting your winter / Christmas scrapbooks,  Project Life albums and December Daily pages!!

Looking through last years album, I realized that I was missing a few days. Somehow, they just got forgotten, so I put together this 6x8 page spread, to highlight December 19th. No words/stories. Just a few photos to capture last year. 

I'm looking forward to working this product into all the Elles Studio product I bought this year. I love for my DD albums to be a mixture of digital and physical product. I can hardly believe it's time to do another album! This will be the 11th year I've done a December Daily album. I love some years more than others, but I love that I have 11 years of Christmas stories recorded. 

Check out Holly Days, and get it while it's on sale, you won't regret it!

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

PL2019 - Weeks 41 & 42 | Sahlin Studio

I've got the next couple of pages for my project life album ready. 

I can hardly believe that it's already November! It seems like every where I go, Christmas has exploded. Yesterday there were Christmas carols playing in a store I was in. I mean, I love a christmas carol as much as anyone, but that seems a tad too early yet. 

Having said that, I have been drinking warm drinks out of my Rae Dunn Fa La La mug and watching Hallmark Christmas movies for a couple of weeks already. Honestly, the snow made me do it. 

Doing my best to keep these album pages caught up, here is week 41:

  • River watch field trip, Barry took Madelyn's grade 9 class.
  • My view... We have a ceiling [I'm squealing with delight]
  • Selling Girl Guide cookies.
  • Thanksgiving celebrations, my family and Barry's.  

And week 42:

  • Voting early at the advanced polling station. 
  • Catching the larch trees in the city, didn't get to the mountains this year to see it. 
  • Oldie goldie... My kids loved those old Spiderman movies. 
  • Weekends are my favourite.
  • Catching up with an old friend. 
  • Backyard clean up, before the predicted snow arrives. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Week 41

Reflection - J. Cards:
Reflection - Kit:

Week 42

Autumn stories Kit:
Autumn stories J. Cards:

Sunday, November 10, 2019

PL2019 - Week 40 | Sahlin Studio

I can hardly believe that I only have 12 weeks of project life  pages left for 2019.

I created this weeks layout using templates with the idea of highlighting a 'currently' week.

These templates were the perfect answer. 

Right now, all Sahlin Studio templates and quick pages are on sale for 35% off right through the end of November. There are so many to choose from. To check them out, follow this link

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

Currently - templates:
Currently - flairs:
Gather Kit - [Papers]:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November Template Freebie | Sahlin Studio

Here is the November Sahlin Studio template freebie. Follow this link to download it and remember, it's free through November!

I love how this simple story turned out. 

This girl is Hamilton obsessed. 

She knows the word to each and every song in the musical. 
She knows exactly what order the songs are in. 
She knows ridiculous trivia about Alexander Hamilton's life. 
She knows she wants Hamilton 'merch' 
She knows she wants to see the musical, with every fibre of her being. 

So when I saw this template, I thought it would be perfect to showcase her making a 'boot-leg' [her words, not mine] Hamilton t-shirt.

She looked on-line and was extremely disappointed at how expensive all the Hamilton merchandise was. I told her I thought we could make our own shirt, and she was all in. 

We made a quick trip to Michael's bought fabric paint,  a black t-shirt, and got to work. 

She was so pleased. The whole craft cost us $10, so well worth the money. She could hardly wait to wear it to school. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Movies - Paper:
Movies - J. Cards:
Moveis - Elements:

Monday, November 4, 2019

PL2019 - Weeks 38 & 39 | Sahlin Studio

Here are weeks 38 and 39 of my project life album:

  • Mason had his first skate tonight, they just had defence on the ice. Hockey evals are always unsettling. 
  • She's always waiting for me.  
  • Or at the back fence, waiting for a treat from the neighbour.
  • Handmade shirt and cat ears. Love this girl.
  • Love how the space above the fireplace looks already.
  • Apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to ice cream. 
  • Happy 21st Anniversary! We were able to squeeze a quick dinner in. September is always hectic at the start of the hockey/ringette season. 

  • I always decorate the kitchen for the kids birthdays. And I thought turning 50 absolutely deserved decorations.
  • Sitting in the car, at the rink, bundled up under a blanket. First cold of the season. 
  • Exhibition game 2, looking good girls!
  • Woke up to the snow. Very depressing as it was September. 
  • Love that I raised readers.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Week 38

Kindred Elements:

Week 39 

Celebrate Kit:
Celebrate J. Cards:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Life, Love, Soul | Sahin Designs

This collection is a brand new release from Sahin Designs. It's called, Life Love, Soul.

I love this collection. I love the colours, I love the elements, I love the papers. It is so versatile and I can see it being used on many future layouts. 

My goal was to create 2 pages, that I can add to a photo book of our trip. Of course, I want to print them out as well, to add to my scrapbook album. I will print them out as 8x10 size. 

Here is how I used the product: 

I love this selfie of us, and the fact that it has our kids in the background. It was absolutely pouring rain when we arrived

Naturally, we had the beach all to ourselves.

And then the sun came out... So relieved to wake up the next morning to clear blue skies. It was extremely windy, but at least it wasn't raining. We got to spend some time on the beach. 

I'm so thankful for the time we spent together on this trip. 

Like I mentioned, I've been working on a photo book of this trip. My plan is to have them printed and give one to each kid for Christmas. So they'll be able to reminisce and look back at pictures of this trip any time. And of course, I hope they'll love looking at it, as much as I loved putting it together.

If you happen to be a newsletter subscriber, check your inbox for 50% off the bundle link!

If you're not a newsletter subscriber, make sure to sign up here!

I used the following Sahin Designs product: 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

PL2019 - Week 37 | Sahlin Studio

I'm feeling good and relatively caught up with my project life album.

This layout, Week 37, we had sort of a calmness, as extra curricular activities hadn't started up yet. We were in denial once again, about how busy things would become. You'd think this many years in, we'd know better. Barry nearly bought flooring for us to work on a couple of areas in the house, and I, being the voice of reason said, 'No... It seems like we have lots of time, but we really don't'.

A week later, we were scattered in every direction. Glad we held off on the flooring.

Here is my layout for week 37:

  • This week we put in insulation and speaker wire, we're getting there!
  • An extra ice time for the kids to get their legs back. 
  • Everyone needs a Madelyn to go shopping with.
  • So excited again this year for my December Daily album. This product looks amazing!
  • Drywall up and the first coat of mud. It looks so much better already.
  • Having in the basement with the kids, playing "guess that tune". It was so fun. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

For You Are Here  Elements -
For You Are Here  J. Cards :

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Epic Road Trip - Part 4

I completely forgot to add the very last few photos of our summer adventure.

We left Flagstaff and finally began to head north-ish.

Our last destination was Bryce Canyon in Utah. I have to say that our Rocky Mountains are breath-taking. It's what I expect to see, when someone says the word mountains. Our drive from Flagstaff to Bryce Canyon was spectacular. The landscape and the rock formations in this area were so unique. I really enjoyed it, and would love to go back and do the drive again. Maybe spending more time in a few more places. Maybe going when it's not quite so busy. Or quite so hot. 

I had hoped to see Horseshoe Bend, and was delighted that it gave us a smidge of advance notice. Enough to at least signal and get off the highway in time. 

We paid to park, and were told by the attendant, 

I got the distinct feeling, this walk isn't for everyone. We parked and proceeded to make our way to the viewpoint. We were told it was a 45 min walk, return. I had to go back to the car and change out of sandals into runners, the pathway was red sand. 

We wondered whether we had time to get to the viewpoint, before the storm him. [We did] It is something else to hear thunder rumbling across canyons and valleys. We heard a lot of it in these few days. [Vegas, Grand Canyon, here at Horseshoe Bend and Bryce Canyon]

First glimpse approaching the canyon.

And here it is, taken with an iPhone. As best as I can, trying to get the whole image into the photo.

Again, mostly no guard rails here. [She's not as close as she looks]

 But he's obviously more mindful of staying back from the edge.

Heading back up. Yes. Up.

We stopped in Page, AZ, for a water break, then continued on.

We arrived at Bryce Canyon, and checked into our hotel. This was our rustic little cabin. It was exactly the same as I remembered it when I was 13. We quickly made our way to the 'amphitheatre' for the view.

Mason, by this time was giving us one-word answers. He'd had enough together time. He was crabby. So naturally, we told him to walk it off. When he's crabby, there is often an underlying issue, usually it's hunger...

Then we went for dinner. Not a lot to choose from here, but we did end up having a pretty good pizza at Valhalla and were able to sit outside and eat it.

After dinner we headed back to the canyon again, where Madelyn said, and I kid you not... "Why, we already saw it..."

We made our way to Sunset Point, and watched the last of the sun go down.

The stormy sky followed us here too, and we actually had lightening and thunder through the night.

The next morning I got up and walked to Sunrise Point, where the canyon looked once again, altogether different.

Then we began the long drive home.

We drove through this magnificent storm. This is not edited. This is what we drove into...

Spent the night in Idaho Falls, the kids marvelled at the roaming buffalo...

Our plan was to spend one more night on the road, but we ended up driving home from Idaho Falls in one day. We were all looking forward to our own bed, our own bed partners and some privacy...

We made it home safe and sound, and have all the memories of our trip to look back on.

It was such a good time!