Sunday, October 20, 2019

PL2018 - Week 35 | Sahlin Studio

Oopsie, with my most recent post, I uploaded the wrong week.

It's since been deleted and I'm attempting to try again, this time uploading the correct week.

Having said that, everything I mentioned about the snow being gone and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets is still totally accurate.


The snow has finally melted around here, and although many of the leaves are frozen in place on the trees, some are continuing to change and flutter down to the earth.

I love this time of year, but also really wish it would last a bit longer. I don't count 2 snowstorms as 'fall like' weather. 

I love the sound of the leaves scuttling across the yard and roads in the wind. And the sunsets... They seem more amazing at this time of year. Is that because we're more present for them? They're happening around dinner time, and perhaps I'm more aware of them because I'm watching out the window? Whatever the reason, the sunsets in October don't disappoint.


Here is my week 35:

  • Madelyn and her littlest cousins at Calaway Park. 
  • Enjoying a funny moment with Barry.
  • Mad being serious for a photo.
  • A crazy storm that literally light up the sky with sheet lightning for 30 mins. 
  • Mason coming home from a driving lesson. 
  • Finally, our front door is painted. And I love it. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used:

PM Beginnings - Elements
PM Beginnings - J. Cards

Friday, October 18, 2019

Day of Thanks Collection | Sahin Designs

I try to be mindful of capturing the moments, without being annoying about it. Sometimes in fact, I'm so laid back about it, that I forget to take any photos at all. This has happened more times than I'd like to admit.

I'm working on it.

This past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving. The timing couldn't be more perfect, because the Day of Thanks collection was just released by Sahin Designs.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. I tried my best to remember to take pictures. I did okay, but not great. I had to rely on photos that were sent my way by my sister-in-law. That being said, I'm not a stickler about where the photos come from, I'm just glad to have them. 

Here is my two page spread: 


To check out more fabulous inspiration using this product, check out the blog.

This collection is on sale for 20% off, through October 20th, 2019.  It can be found on both Sahin Designs and The LilyPad. If you happen to subscribe to the Sahin Designs newsletter, you get the opportunity to purchase for 50% off!

The product can be found by following these links:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Field Trip - River Watch

This months template challenge on The Lily Pad forum, is a good one.

The template happens to be from Sahin Designs, I love the simplicity of it.

I created this layout, documenting a recent field trip that Barry volunteered for at Madelyn's school. 

I know when I'd gone on the field trip, 4 years ago, the day was beautiful. [We've had snow twice this year already. A lot of it] The day that Madelyn and Barry went wasn't quite as warm, but luckily it wasn't snowing or raining.

I'm pretty sure I had more fun on the field trip than Barry did. I think he's thrown in the towel on field trips... Let's face it, 13 and 14 year olds are an interesting bunch. 

I was hoping he'd love the field trip as much as I had, but not sure he did. Madelyn however, agreed with me, that it was the best field trip ever!

I used the following Sahin Designs product: 

Monday, October 7, 2019

On Our Way | Sahlin Studio

Newly released On Our Way kit, is so versatile and you can do so many things with it!

I wish I/we could travel much more than we do. Our last trip on a plane was to Vegas in 2017. This summer however, we had our epic road trip and saw so many places in the span of two weeks. 

Here is how I used a pocket page to document the very first ocean stop on our trip. 

The beach is our happy place. I'm delighted that all four of us feel that way. 

Our first stop to Seaside, OR was, as Bob Ross famously said, a happy accident. We hadn't planned to stay there initially. As we planned our trip, we were looking at a map. We had no idea about Seaside, we just knew we wanted to get from Coeur d'Alene to the beach.  As soon as possible. So Barry suggested Seaside, and we booked a room. 

We loved it there. The vibe. The town. The view. We will most definitely return. I'm so glad we decided to check it out. We were obviously meant to. 

I used the following Sahlin Studio product:

[Receive the bundle for 47% off the regular price through October 7th!!]

Sunday, October 6, 2019

October Template Freebie - Sahlin Studio

It's the beginning of a new month which means a new template from Sahlin Studios is available. 

I love this template with so many circle elements to play with. [To download, follow this link] The circles are grouped together, so you can clip paper to them in 'clumps'. Isn't this fun? 

And by now you know, I may change things up to suit my photos better. 

I shifted the original layout 90 degrees, so I could add a landscape photo to the photo box. 

Here's how my finished layout looks. 

This photo of us, has become one of my favs. I can see it might be used a lot. I know I've already used it a couple of times. We're both wearing red hats, so I converted the picture into black and white. Don't worry, you'll see the red hats in another layout I'm sure. 

We just celebrated our 21st anniversary. Wait, what? Yes, 21 years. I can't believe it myself. And we still really like each other. So I feel like we're very, very lucky. 

Happy Anniversary! Wouldn't want to do this with anyone else!

I used the following Sahlin Studio products: 

Summer Stories Kit:

Friday, October 4, 2019

First Layout for Sahin Designs! | Pumpkin Song

Creating my first layout for Sahin Designs also meant getting to work with product that coincides with one of my favourite times of year, Halloween!

I was excited to create a layout, from Halloween several years ago. [Last year, Madelyn happened to be on a school trip during halloween, so she never got to go out and collect candy] I'm afraid that she has been deeply scarred by missing last years opportunity to collect loot.  She has been telling me for months now, that she is going out this year, no matter what. Even if her friends aren't, she is. 

There's just something about going door-to-door holding a bag open for candy that can't be beat, I guess.

Here is the layout I created: 

This was grade 7, two years ago. She went to a different junior high school than all of her friends. She was missing them terribly, and arranged to go out trick or treating with them. 

The weather was terrible. It rained all day long [thankfully it didn't turn into snow] It did stop before they went out, but it was wet and chilly. They were troopers, out for a couple of hours. There was a lot of giggling and silliness. I'm glad she was able to get together with her friends. 

Looking forward to this years photos, as I told her it would be her last year going out. Can't wait to see the costume come to life, she's planning on going as Alexander Hamilton.

The products I used are listed below, and are 40% off through Monday October 7th. Get them while you can so you're ready to capture this years Halloween memories!

To create this layout I used the following Sahin Designs:

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Exciting News!

Pinch me, I'm so excited, I've been invited to be a creative team member for Sahin Designs!

Here is the announcement, and I can hardly believe it! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such talented ladies.

I can't wait to get to work creating with these fabulous designs! 

More scrapbook pages to follow!

PL2019 - Weeks 29 & 30

I skipped over the weeks we were on our summer road trip.

I knew I wanted to include them in my project life album, of course. But I wanted a little more time to think about how I was going to tackle this. 

We took selfies or had photos of the 4 of us, everywhere we went. It was awesome, because even though Mason the kids were getting fed up with picture taking, I continued taking them. 

I decided I would 'bookend' weeks 29 and 30 focusing on all the selfie photos we'd done taken during our trip.  

This is the front page:

And yes, I just realized that my title card is wrong... Dang it. I put week 21, not week 29... Not sure I care enough to print it again, I might just let ignore it, or cross it out with a sharpie...

Currently I have left the next couple pages back side of this page blank. I want to document our trip in a bit more detail within this album, but haven't totally thought it through yet. 

Here is the last page, also week 30. 

I love that there are hardly any words. It is simply photos of the four of us, in some of the places we visited.  

This trip was so much fun. Can't wait to tell a few more stories about it.

The following Sahlin Studio product was used:

Thursday, September 26, 2019

PL2019 - Week 34

The summer of driving.

Literally, from our road trip in July, to getting Mason behind the wheel as much as possible. 

He has finished his driver training, and we're now waiting somewhat  p a t i e n t l y  for his license test day to arrive. Because we booked it several weeks ago and have weeks to wait. Literally, we're waiting  w e e k s... 

Any way, no big deal, all the more time to practice. 

Here is my layout for week 34: 

  • Mason driving. Everywhere. He's become so much more comfortable in the driver seat.
  • Last day of Ultimate Frisbee. It was something we decided on last minute, and she had a blast. 
  • First hair cut in months. They took off so much hair, and there is still so much left. 
  • Bike riding with Brooklyn, with bunny ears on of course. #SoMadelyn
  • Camping with Ama, Baba & Uncle Chris. You had so much fun going on quad rides. 
  • August birthday celebrations. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Celebrate Kit:
Celebrate J. Cards:

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Meeting a Princess

Sahlin Studio just released another awesome princess kit, called Project Mouse (Princess) Spirited, click on this link to check it out.

It's been a while since we've been to Disneyland. 8 years, as a matter of fact, but the moment I saw this, I knew I had to create a pocket page for my album. 

You guys... Little Madelyn in these photos slays me... She is now on the cusp of looking at me eye to eye. [She is of course, anticipating the day she's taller than I am, and she's so very close] 

I had so much fun looking through our Disney photos again. It was such a great trip. 

The day at the park, we had spent a long time in line, waiting to meet Princesses. When we got there, we were a bit disappointed to meet Princesses we weren't familiar with. Tatiana of Princess and the Frog, a movie I hadn't and still haven't ever seen. Mulan, again, another princess and movie I was unfamiliar with. Then Belle... 

Meeting Belle was lovely, but we'd had an 'experience' watching Beauty and the Beast. Let's just say, that when we got to the part of the movie that the townspeople were after the beast, Madelyn became hysterical, like SOBBING UNCONTROLLABLY UPSET. So much so, that we had to turn the movie off... So there's that. [She has since seen the movie in it's entirety, and rolls her eyes at me when I remind her of her 'antics'] I just hoped seeing Belle at the happiest place on earth wouldn't trigger that particular memory...

After leaving the princesses, we made our way back towards the castle to meet back up with the boys. 

As we rounded a quiet corner, Ariel was walking right towards us! I couldn't believe it! She stopped and immediately crouched down, to talk with Madelyn, to get to her level. 

Disney hires the most incredible people. I hope they know how much they themselves make dreams come true. For Madelyn and I, this was definitely a highlight of the trip. [Because not long after came Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother] We were in the right place at the right time, lucky us. 

I love that I have these memories to look back at. 

I hope we get the chance to get back to Disneyland soon.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Monday, September 16, 2019

PL2019 - Weeks 32 & 33

I'm enjoying being back into routine again. 

Summer vacation, though wonderful, definitely messes up all my good intentions. 

Thought I did get a number of things finished on my to-do list, so that's not all bad. 

I'm here to share these two weeks of my project life album. 

Week 32: 

  • Celebrating Baba's birthday with brunch and cupcakes. [So everyone could make the celebration]
  • Got after sorting out books in the basement. It was a very big job. 
  • Love the ivy's that hang by my front door. 
  • Enjoying sunset, in our front room.
  • Barry and I playing a game of cards in the kitchen.  

Week 33:

She still gets excited to hear the ice cream truck. I just love that about her. 
Playing 'where's Libby'.
The hair on this boy. Can't believe how long it is, or how much body it has.
Mad and Ama - a trip down to the new library. 
The last plumbing project on the main floor, has been completed. 
Busy weekend of 3-on-3 tourney with the National Ringette school. 
A cooler day today, and our lawn mower is certainly dressed for it. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Week 32

Photo Templates Vol. 1:

Week 33

Snapshot Photo Templates -
Everyday Routine Kit:
Everyday Routine - J. Cards:

Friday, September 6, 2019

Epic Road Trip - Part 3

We decided to drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco in one day. Initially we'd planned to do this in two days, but I stumbled across this place in Vegas, called Tahiti Village Resort and thought it was exactly what we needed for a day of downtime.  I'm not going to lie. The pool and lazy river were major factors in this decision. Because we all know Vegas isn't exactly the kind of place that is super kid friendly...

This was the longest driving leg of the trip. A full day in the car, with limited stops. 

We decided to get an early start [much to the alarm of the kids] we were on the road by 5 am, which was an amazing feat, especially for us. We should have received a reward of some kind.  

And I'm so glad we did... We drove on a 6 lane, one direction freeway for over an hour... By 6 am, the morning rush hour was in full force, by that time, we were finally getting away from the congestion. I'm sure if we'd waited until later to leave, that same drive would have taken us twice as long, crawling along with the morning traffic.  

We watched the temperature climb higher and higher as we got closer to Vegas. I'm not going to lie, I was alarmed... The ole girl [our vehicle] isn't used to temps in the high 40's. Neither is this ole girl for that matter... When you touch the window of the car and nearly burn your fingers.... Well, you know it's hot. There was a light cloud cover, so the temp only got up to 45 degrees Celsius, that's me being sarcastic. I have never been more thankful for cloud cover.  

On paper, the 7 Magic Mountains, wasn't far out of Vegas. But after driving for 8 1/2 hours, in 40+ degree heat, we didn't want to take a chance and stop. Luckily we got a photo on the way by. One photo. Because immediately after I took this picture, a train drove in front of the rocks. 

We arrived in Las Vegas at 2:30. The drive ended up taking less time than we anticipated. It was the only drive that did. All other drives, took longer than expected. We were thrilled to be able to check in early and be greeted with this view out our window.

We wasted no time getting in some well deserved R'nR.

Best margarita ever.

We did end up going down to the strip on our second night.

We woke up our second morning in Vegas to light rain and a thunder storm. We headed east towards the Hoover Dam. It took us about 45 minutes to get there. It was overcast, but it was H O T. 38 degrees Celsius, and super humid. We found a great parking spot, and checked out the dam.  I had done some research regarding dam tours, but we were all so stink'in hot. Our clothes were all sticking to us. We had a look around and headed back to the car air conditioning... No one really interested in hanging around.

We arrived that afternoon in Flagstaff. We found the neatest little pub for dinner. They had games to play while you were waiting for your meal. They also were having a trivia night when we got there. It got busier and busier with people showing up to play. Very cool vibe in Flagstaff. A place I'd definitley like to spend a bit more time in.

The next day was the Grand Canyon tour we'd booked.

It was pretty amazing.

The fact that there are very few places with guard rails, made me extremely nervous. My kids made fun of me a lot because of that. But that's why someone falling over the edge is called an 'accident'. No one goes there with the intent to plunge to their death. Well, mostly no one. Perhaps some do. 

It was beautiful. Photos don't do it justice. It's breathtaking and awesome. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

September Template Freebie - Bryce Canyon

As the first of the month rolls around, so too, does the template freebie from Sahlin Studio. [To download the layout for yourself, follow this link] This is what it looks like. 

I'm always so excited to download the newest template, it makes telling my story, and capturing my pictures, so easy.  

My plan is to make a photo book of our vacation. I foresee adding photos from our trip, along with the occasional layout. 

I don't plan on adding much text, along with the photos. I think it will be just the basic facts. Of course, my mind may change... 

Here is one such layout that I will be adding to my photo book. I love how it turned out. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

Summer Stories Kit:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

PL2019 - Week 31

This weeks layout was super quick and easy. I selected a journal card, some paper a few elements to put this weeks page together. 

I'm a firm believer in pictures telling the story. I only added words over top of two of the photos. 

Less is more sometimes. 

I can't believe as I'm posting this layout, week 31, my kids are officially back to school.

Grades 12 and 9... 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit melancholy about that... Especially after seeing this photo yesterday...  

This is a screenshot of one of my older layouts. I have the original of course, but can't find the digital version, so a screenshot it is. 

And I still love it as much now, six years later... What? Six. Years. Later. How? 

Where oh where did that little dude go? It honestly seems like it was just yesterday. 

Apple Orchard is this months featured product. It is 40% off through September. It's great for back to to school layouts.  Check out Apple Orchard by following this link. 

Sniff. It's okay, I'm pulling myself back together.  

On to week 31: 

  • Getting started on the second puzzle of the summer. 
  • Those headphones on that girl. It's all I see day and night. 
  • Morning vs afternoon.  
  • Libby, simply living her best life. 
  • Madelyn helping Grandma sweep the patio. 

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Photo Templates Vol. 1:


Monday, August 26, 2019

PL2019 - Week 28

Oopsie, I let time get away from me the past few weeks. I have some catching up to do. 

This was the week before we left for our road trip. [I'm not totally sure how I'm going to add that in my project life album... I have so many photos... I need to think about that for a bit.]

For now, here's a look at week 28.

  • A visit with Grandma & Grandpa before we go away.
  • Sort of a 'catch' of the impressive sheet lightning we had one night. 
  • Morning coffee at a fav spot. 
  • Little dog who doesn't realize we're about to leave her behind. 
  • Last frisbee before we leave. 
  • Our first destination selfie in Couer d'Alene, Idaho. 

The following Shalin Studio products were used:

Saturday, August 17, 2019

PL2019 - Week 27

Going back to week 27 means going back to the beginning of summer!

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over already. Only a few more weeks before the kids head back to school. I'm not sure where the time goes. And now that they're older, it's so much easier.

Going to enjoy the last couple of weeks to the fullest.

Here is a look at week 27:

  • We went downtown to watch Canada Day fireworks. It was chilly, a storm blew in that afternoon, but the fireworks were really good. 
  • I thought I'd try a puzzle this summer, my attempt to keep the kids off devices. 
  • Madelyn playing a game with our neighbour in the back yard. 
  • Ultimate frisbee started up this week, runs once a week through August. 
  • A visit with dear friends. Miss these guys so much, and so thankful to get to see them. 
The following Sahlin Studio products were used:

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Epic Road Trip - Part 2

We left Newport, in the glorious sunshine, heading south down highway 101 towards San Francisco. This was one of those times, we wished we were staying in a place a bit longer. Not only did we wake up to sunshine, but we woke up to no wind... I have to tell you, no wind was a treat. 

The highway from Newport south was scenic in spots, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the vistas. We were inland a lot more than I had expected to be. 

But when there was a view, there was a view...

We stopped at Driftwood Beach, parked in the lot and walked down. There wasn't any driftwood to be found, which is so, so different from our experience with our own west coast in Canada, where driftwood literally covers the beaches. 

What I can't get over is the miles and miles of sandy beaches. I came to the conclusion that Oregon is just one big sandy beach, and I love it. 

The towns we passed along the way, seem to suddenly crop up from nowhere. We drove past the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, and then into the tunnel we'd been told to look for. 

We knew once we passed Florence that we were in Sand dune territory. We stopped at a couple of lots, but they all seemed to be 'hike in' spots to get to the dunes. We realized we should have done a bit more research on the sand dunes of Oregon. I assumed you'd be able to see them from the highway, and that was definitely not the case.

We finally found one spot, where we could get a pretty good look. We did have to hike up the sand, the very hot sand. I'm not going to lie, that just about killed me... We checked out the views and took a selfie [we happened to be in a dune recreation area, there were tons of ATV's] But we didn't spend much time here. I think Mason was a bit disappointed. If we come back this way, we definitely need to have more information.

We did make a detour to check out Bandon Golf course, it ended up not being very far off the highway. The course itself looked beautiful, the area was neat with cottages and condos all around, but I couldn't imagine golfing in the wind. And it was windy there. I'm glad Barry got to at least see it. He has a friend who really loves to golf and spend time there, so he's heard a lot about it.

We had to go through a Border Inspection Station as we crossed from Oregon into California. We didn't have to actually stop, but had to slow down and were waved through. We were quite surprised. I guess when you have as much produce as there is, in California, you take bringing things into the state pretty seriously.

From there, we made our way to Crescent City, OR, where once again it was crazy windy. [We just couldn't seem to get away from the wind] We found our hotel, which ended up being the most questionable place we stayed in during our whole trip. I compared it to stepping back into a motel of the 1980's. We had some time to kill, and didn't necessarily want to hang out in our motel room.

Driving into town, Madelyn had noticed a sign that said 'Pet a Shark', so of course we made our way to Ocean World. I'm not going to lie... I was skeptical about Ocean World. I think we paid $50 to get in, as a family of 4. But we had the best time there. You went from area to area, and learned about the ocean life. Everything they have there, are creatures/animals that have been rescued and can't be released back into the wild. The kids got to each pick up starfish. Touch sea anemones. See tide pool critters.

Barry got to have his photo taken with a pirate.

And as the sign promised, we all got to pet a shark. This is a leopard shark.

This is the face of a girl living her best life...

Take a photo in the mouth of a great white shark.

They got to both see how they 'Measured up'

Watch sealions and seals do tricks. [The trainers here are absolutely animal lovers and it was obvious in how they informed us about the animals, and how they treated the animals]

The gift shop of this place was amazing, the most amazing of any we saw on our entire trip. And I would be lying if I said I didn't regret not picking up something I saw here.
Lesson learned. If you want it, buy it. 

The next morning we were up early, and on the road shortly after 8 am. We got to start our drive through the Redwood Forest.

It is amazing. How lush and green and just exactly how big the trees are. The road was quite quiet because it was so early. We stopped at the Prairie Creek Visitor Centre and did a 1.2 mile hike walk up to see Big Tree. Again, we were so early, we literally had the park to ourselves. It was serene, and the light was absolutely gorgeous.  There was the creepy guy we came across too, that scared the life out of me... 

 At the trailhead, with no one ahead, and no one behind.

Can't get over the width of the trunks of these trees.

Such a perfect morning to be here. No wind [that would have been alarming to hear the trees creak and groan]

We made it to big tree and laughed because we could have just parked the car here [we passed it along the way!] But so glad we got to spend some time in the forest just the four of us.

Trees that have fallen across the paths, simply get openings cut through them.

After leaving the forest, and running into another couple from Alberta, we made our way towards San Francisco.

Our plan was to hit an observation area, so we could see the Golden Gate bridge as we headed into the city.  Google maps is good, but sometimes not always totally accurate. We turned but then couldn't turn, as there was one way traffic only... We went the opposite direction and basically ended
up driving down into Saulsilito, with streets that seemed that they were intended for one car width traffic, yet two lanes of traffic were going up and down them. And there may or may not have been 3000 people on bikes on these streets as well. We only got a little bit lost. We righted ourselves, and then went into a parking lot we had no business being in. We got out to have a look, but it wasn't great view.

When we left there, we followed the sign that said Golden Gate Views. We followed a huge string of cars, very slowly up to the vista. At that point we didn't even plan to get out, there was no where to park, we  thought we would just drive by and see the bridge. As we got to the very front, where we could easily access and walk up, a car pulled out and left. So we pulled in and had front row parking! It was so awesome, we got to get out and check to the bridge after all.

The next morning we made our way downtown for our Alcatraz tour.
It was chilly and foggy, and the bridge was covered with fog. We felt lucky we'd gotten a good look at it the day before.
Pulling up and docking at Alcatraz.

We all got off the boat and had to listen to a mandatory spiel. We did that and then we ate the sandwiches we'd brought. It definitely helped to thin the crowd out a little bit. We all had to get our audio devices and headphones. Since we'd stopped for a bite to eat, there wasn't much of a line at all when we rounded the corner of the 'communal shower' room.

Imagine showering in here...

The audio tour was amazing. Such a unique experience. We all had our audio devices on, and listened to the presentation, called the Cellhouse Audio Tour. It prompted you where to go and what to look for. We all listened to the same information, but none of us really spoke to one another during this time.

This was one of the solitary confinement cells, which would have been, without a doubt, awful. One inmate described how he would get a button off his clothing, flick it and then get down on his hands and knees to search the cell for it. In the pitch black. Find the button and then throw it away again and search for it. Again and again...

The cells were 9 feet in length, by 5 feet wide.

We stepped out into the recreation courtyard. Someone may, or may not have been pooped on by a sea gull... [She was pretty good sport about it]

 And there were SO many seagulls. It was rather alarming. And stinky.

 Listening to the audio tour in the canteen. Picturing what it must have been like.

 When visitors came, this is what they saw.

 When the prisoners got a visitor, this is what they saw.

It was well lit in the prison, but not much opportunity for the inmates to see outside. This was one tiny window that looked out.

Sky lights did make the prison seem well lit in the daytime. Though there definitely was a draft in the prison, it would have been chilly and unpleasant, especially in the winter.

 Obligatory cell photos.

Alcatraz selfie with my sweetie.

We found this lefty store on one of shops on Pier 39. It was so busy... So many people. We did pop into the Hard Rock cafe for a drink and some nachos. It didn't quite live up to it's name, as they played nothing but hip hop while we were there.

 Mason on Mason Street.

Heading back to the hotel on the subway. The subway system was pretty impressive. The majority of our train ride was actually underground.

We actually stayed in Millbrae, which was about a 45 minute subway ride from downtown. We found our way both to downtown and then back to our hotel. Mission accomplished. We walked over 23,000 steps today. Up hills, down hills, both on Alcatraz and the mainland. We were all ready for an early night.

We played this new game of Mason's quite a bit. 

Our plan for the next day, was to be leaving the hotel by 5 am. This was our longest scheduled drive, San Francisco to Las Vegas. 

If you missed Part 1 of our Epic Road Trip, click here to read it.