Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 3

Prompt for day 3: Then and Now

Wow... Look at those fresh young faces... Who are they? My 'then' picture was taken in February of 1995, a few weeks before I went to Yemen for work opportunity. That's right, Yemen. I was there for 7 weeks. [The picture was also taken in a time of film and when cutting around pictures was the norm... Need I say more? My photo albums from the early 90's are a fright... Some might even say that my wedding scrapbook is a bit... Shall we say dated...]

My 'now' picture was meant to highlight the change of hair color... [Don't worry, I got his permission first, of course. He knows I'm prowling around the house with my camera for the next month] I took a few photos of him but none of the pictures show exactly how much gray is peppered through his hair now. One look at the goatee however, and you can totally see it.

Lucky for me, I like the guy he was and I like the man he has turned into.

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