Thursday, June 27, 2019

PL2019 - Week 21

Diving right in to week 21: 

  • A few years ago, if you'd have told me I'd love avocado toast with a soft poached egg on top, I'm sure I would have laughed out loud, but now, I'm absolutely loving it. 
  • So nice to see some green leaves. It's been slow going this year. 
  • Texting with Barry while he's away on a golf tourney. [Love to look back and see snippets of conversations that I've had with my family included in my album. Plan to make more of an effort to include more of these]
  • Cousin reunion. My heart... These two hadn't seen each other in a year and 9 months. I nearly sobbed at their greeting. It was so, so sweet. Madelyn missed her cousin so much. 
  • Included a photo of the golf course Barry sent. Love that he sends me photos. 
  • Wedding shower for Miss Katie, she and my nephew are getting married. 
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Monday, June 24, 2019

Favourite Villain

Sahlin Studio just released Project Mouse [Princess] Classics.

As soon as I saw it, specifically, as soon as I saw the set that pertained to Snow White, I couldn't help but think of the show Once Upon a Time.

That show pulled me in hard. The first season was fantastic. I think because I'd never seen anything quite like it. A story, based on a fairytale... I was hooked from episode one. 

And Regina Mills... No one could play a villain as well as she could.  She even had the power to make us feel a bit sorry for her. It really didn't seem to be her fault she turned out so wicked...

The first few seasons of the show were the best, in my opinion. But as soon as I saw the product, I knew I wanted to add this bit of documentation to my album. One day I'll have long forgotten about this show I'm sure. But one look at this photo, and it should all come rushing back to me.  

I created this as an 8x10 size layout. 

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Monday, June 17, 2019

PL2019 - Week 20

I can hardly believe that the first day of summer is this week.


It feels like spring literally just arrived.  

The countdown to summer vaycay has officially begun. Mason is nearly finished school [last exam today] and Madelyn has a couple of weeks to go. These last few weeks for her are the hardest ever... It's light out at 10:30 pm and she just wants to hang out...  I'm worn out trying to get two teenagers into bed at a decent time. To say they can outlast me is indeed, an understatement. 

The days are long... Delightfully so. The birds are singing late into the night, and begin again first thing in the morning. Usually around 3:30 am.  The grass is green, and the trees are finally full of leaves. Let summer begin... I'm so ready for it. 

Here is week 20 of my project life album. 

  • National chocolate chip cookie day, so I made a batch of cookies for the family.
  • Love so much, that she loves to read.
  • Calf-stretches with Dad. 
  • Rockbound challenges met head on, successfully. 
  • Trip to Ikea with Mum and Dad. It was SO busy... 
  • Dinner with my brother. 

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Monday, June 10, 2019

PL2019 - Week 19

Week 19 also happened to be the same week I followed along with Ali Edwards A Week in the Life.

After much pondering, I did decide to participate in this project. I took photos and jotted down journaling from each day. [So already I'm ahead of where I was last year in the project]

Have I got a mini album finished? Hell, no. I sure don't. Have I got it started? Yes, I have title pages as well as the journaling for each day. So I've started, and that's the important thing. Last year I had photos, but for some reason, did no journaling. Silly me. 

Although I have very detailed information for the week, I always include the week in my project life album as well. 

This year my format was very photo heavy. I kind of did a photo dump and included a lot of the photos I had for each day. 

When my mini album is complete, I'll be able to compare between the two different types of story telling, [2 page layout vs mini album] should I want to go back to remember a specific story with more clarity. 

It's a little more jumbled, but I do like how there are so many photos present, and so few words. 

Here is week 19, which I decided on a back to back 2 page spread: 

I wanted repetition here. You'll notice that besides the title card, each 2x3 card is set up exactly the same. Makes it easy, when you just have to  change a few elements, rather than start from scratch with each card. [Looking now, I see I forgot the white border around my 'magic' photo on the bottom left... I'm not totally sure I won't be reprinting that photo again, with a white border...] I just KNOW it will drive me crazy every time I look at it. Or maybe I will be able to see the imperfection, and let it go. Time will tell.

The difference between this week and the others, is the sheer amount of photos taken, and the really diving deeply into our every day lives. It gets taken for granted, but it's amazing to see the subtle changes that happen over the years. If I didn't document a week in this same detail, you wouldn't see that. 

I am eager to finish the week in the life mini album, and once I have, will share it. 

For now, enjoy a quick glance at a week in our life! 

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