Monday, February 25, 2013

52 Lists - Week 7

Oy... I'm way behind posting my project life pics. I have a few tweaks to add to weeks 3&4 [which I've combined into one spread.... GASP] I have week 5 about 85% complete... Goes to show me what happens when I want to add 'elements by hand' to my pages. I just might be better off sticking with 100% digital. Going to try and get that done this week. Sent the photos from weeks 6 and 7 off to be printed. Yup, they're all digital... Haven't started week 8, which for me, is ends today. Better get sorted out. Hate falling behind.

In other news, here's my week 7 list:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

52 Lists - Week 6

Now that I'm caught up with the list project, it's much more enjoyable. I receive the prompt, ponder about what it is I want to relate, and then, write it down. I have to say that blogging in 2013, so far, has been something I haven't had to spend too much time thinking about.

Here's my list for week 6:

Monday, February 18, 2013

L O N G Weekend

Enjoying this 5 day long weekend. It's definitely been full. Thursday we started off with a bang and went skiing to Nakiska, it was our 3rd trip there as a family, and lucky us, we're 3 for 3 for nice weather.

Mason's hockey schedule has certainly put a crimp into our skiing plans. As soon as we confirmed that he was indeed going to play hockey this year, I knew that would be the case. I had hoped to get away between Christmas and New Years, but that didn't happen due to a hockey tournament at the very end of December. Luckily though, he didn't have hockey on Thursday, so we took advantage and headed for the mountains. We left Calgary, drove towards the mountains with the sun shining, and the sky blue.

So nice and close to us, an hour door to door. We have been spoiled for sure, there wasn't very many people at the hill. I suspect the rest of the weekend would have been a lot busier. We've always taken the kids during the week. Usually on a professional day at school. We've always been lucky with very small or no line ups. Thursday we skied right up to the chair lift, nearly every time. These kids will be in a shock for sure, if we ever head up on the weekend...

So glad that we got to get away for the day. So thankful that Barry can be a little bit flexible with work. We had a great day skiing, and then got to spend the night at Kananaskis. It was terrific. The older the kids get, the better things seem to go. They both brought books to read, and games to play. Aside from the odd squabble, you might not have even known they were there. 

It was nice enough, that we ate our lunch outside. Again, 3 for 3... We've been able to eat outside every time we've come here. Madelyn was the only one who actually took her jacket off though.

And I'm a pain with any type of photographic device in my hand... Here's a 'reflection-in-the-window' family photo. If you look hard you can see us all.

We went for dinner in the lounge. Yes, they allowed kids in. Sah-wheet... So we dined by candle light and they coloured and did word searches by candle light. They LOVED it. And guess what... No one has made mention that we didn't go for heart shaped pizza, which has been our Valentine's Day family tradition, since Mason was in a bucket...

Both of these two are avid readers. Love that so much. It just opens so many doors. Madelyn took a rest from her Thea Stilton books by bringing a Garfield book along. Mason can hardly get his nose out of the Hobbit. I'm sure he'll be done by the end of the weekend.
And Pokemon has reared it's head gain. There were battles and time spend sorting cards. A good time was had by all.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with practice, game, practice. Tomorrow, Family Day we have nothing scheduled. I think the weather is too warm to think about going skating out doors... I seriously don't know the condition the ice would be in. On Saturday it got to 11°. But, we're planning on doing something together as a family and I'm looking forward to my last sleep in.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

52 Lists Project - Week 5

I've caught up! Whew! Now I just have to worry about putting up a weekly list! If you're intrigued, check out the blog here. [Or maybe you just simply love lists too!]

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nearly There!

I'm just about caught up with the 52 Lists Project. It'll be much easier to do this on a weekly basis, then to sit and do them in a cluster... Here is Week 4:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project Life

I finished and took pictures of week two of my Project Life album and forgot to post them. Silly me. Weeks 3 & 4 pictures are waiting to be picked up at Costco. This afternoon I sent off Week 5. Part of me is really interested in doing a more 'hands on' version. Having the physical pictures, and actually scrapbooking something... But then, when I'm sitting in front of the computer, it's just so darn easy to do it digitally.

Here is Week 2:

What I'd kind of like to do this year, is let the pictures tell the story. Cut down a bit on the journaling. So far, I haven't been that successful. But, I'm trying.

I really admire the gals out there, who are so good at doing things by hand... Love the look of all the little touches. I was just informed that I'm no longer on the wait-list for Studio Calico's Project Life Monthly Kit. Yikes... I'm officially part of the population that will have monthly kit mailed out to them. I'm both thrilled and nervous. [I still have to break it to Barry... There is a minimum 6 month commitment... Eeks] Check it out here...  This is February's kit... How AWESOME is that? I don't get this months kit... I don't think... I'm pretty sure my subscription will start in March. But seriously, doesn't it look awesome? Can't wait!  

52 Lists Project - Week 3

Here is week three. I'm quickly catching up!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

52 Lists Project - Week 1 & 2

I do quite a bit of blog surfing. I follow a LOT of bloggers. I  sometimes think it's becoming a problem. At those times, I ruthlessly go through the list of bloggers I follow, and I 'un-follow' a bunch. That's fine and dandy, until I venture onto Pinterest, and then I find a whole bunch more people to  'follow'.

One blogger that I will likely never un-follow is Ali Edwards. Love her. Any way, she had done a blog post on a concept she'd found on pinterest herself. You can read about it here. Well, I might as well tell you, before you go over and check it out, it deals with lists. Any one who knows me, knows I love lists. You know what... That might be a huge assumption on my part. Maybe no one who knows me, knows I love list. But the truth is this: I LOVE LISTS. I have dozens of journal books around the house, all filled with various bits and pieces and lists. I have lists everywhere. On the fridge, on the counter, in my purse, in pockets of jackets. At any one time, I might have 2-3 different lists going. I like lists so much, that if I've done something, and haven't added to one of my lists, after completing the task, I'll add it to a list, only so I can cross it off...

If you're a list person, that just might resonate with you. When you jot things down on lists, then complete them, you see stuff happening. It's like an action has taken place. [And remember, my word for 2013 is action]

So, to get back to my point... There is another blogger, who is has created a project called 52 lists. You can check her out here. She will post a list, every week, and you're to do what it says. So of course, that's right up my alley. Love the idea, and immediately I decided to get on board. So... Since I just stumbled upon this, I'm a few weeks behind. I have completed the first two weeks, and will try to do the next two in the near future. I will play catch up for the next week or so, doing a few lists at a time. Then, I will be doing the weekly list. I'm really excited about this, and feel good about it being something I can keep up with. It's not the type of thing I would consider adding to my Project Life book... Not yet any way. We'll see how this goes first.

Here are my lists for week one and two: