Tuesday, October 30, 2018

PL2018 - Week 37 & 38

Feeling pretty thankful, that we've been enjoying some lovely fall weather the past week.

Barry and I were away for our anniversary, and during that time, SNO-ctober [how I'm choosing to refer to it] hit Calgary with a vengeance. There was a snowfall warning of up to 25 cm some places got as much as 40 cm! What?  Holy cow.  Can you imagine having a snow day, on October 2nd?

On the west coast, where we happened to be, it was raining.  As one friend so eloquently put it, "You don't have to shovel rain..." And it's true. You don' have to shovel rain. Ever. 

Our drive out to BC was lovely, the colours were spectacular. All the reds from the maple trees and such, that we don't have here. It was a surprise to see, and we really loved doing the drive. On our way out, colours were gorgeous, on our way back... Well, remember the photo above? It had clearly snowed... 

These were both taken in the Rogers Pass area of the TransCanada highway. On the way out, the colours were stellar. On the way back, everything was covered in snow...

Once we got home, the weather didn't improve. Our first week back, it snowed more than it didn't. I was beginning to think perhaps winter was here to stay. Luckily, it did warm up. Which brings us to last week, temperatures were lovely. It was normal again. Seasonal. Thank goodness. Hoping that the snow stays away until December 1st. [Because, whether you agree with me or not,  December is just better when it's white]

Here is week 37 of my project life album. Yes, I did put week 38 on my calendar... But it wasn't. And I didn't realize the mistake before sending it off to be printed. Sometimes I make mistakes...

  • It seems like the leaves are changing colours super early this year.
  • A picture of me and my Mum, on a walk at Fish Creek Park.
  • Ringette evals, which is a gross stressful time for all involved.
  • Miss Mad and the dog. 
Actual week 38: 

  • CC at Carrie's place, we're on our 18th year together as a group!
  • Hate seeing all the leaves on the ground. Not ready for the cold. 
  • Beautiful rudbeckia on our Edworthy walk this week. 
  • We've already had a lot of foggy mornings this year too.
  • Barry working on the lights in our family room. 
The following digital product was used: 

Week 37 - Paislee Press - Autumn Vibes 

Week 38 - Sahlin Studio - Project Mouse Movies

Friday, October 19, 2018

PL2018 - Weeks 34, 35 & 36

Playing a bit of catch up.

I have 3 weeks worth of project life pages to share.

Like everything else in life, my craftiness kind of goes in ebbs and flows. Sometimes I'm super inspired to be crafty, sometimes I'm not.

I've been memory keeping for YEARS. What I've figured out is, that for me, this is normal. I no longer beat myself up about it.

I simply take some time away, and then when the mood strikes, I come back to it.

Here are my pages:

Week 34:

  • 3-on-3 ringette tournament, playing 7 times in 3 days. 
  • We got to Antman and the Wasp. It was good. And yes, I've learned to bring a blanket with me. The theatres are freezing.
  • A walk cut short, because of the smoke.
  • A boy needing new hockey gear. Again. He keeps getting taller and taller. 
  • Madelyn and Alyssa finally made it to Caraway Park. 

Week 35:

  • We officially have no more ceiling in the family room. Indeed it's worse before it gets better. Tired of the dust already, and there is a lot of it. 
  • Wings and beer with my girls. 3 of 4 were able to make it.
  • Mason begged me to make nuts and bolts. So, so good. Sadly they disappear way too fast. 
  • Libby, enjoying some outside time in the sun. 

Week 36:

  • First day of school for Madelyn.
  • For the first time in forever, ringette evaluations didn't start on the first day of school. We weren't on the ice until Friday, such a treat! 
  • Freshly groomed little dog.
  • A glimpse of fall on this mornings walk. All of a sudden the colours are changing.
  • This loving little dog lives for snuggle time. 
  • First day of school for Mason.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Week 34

Documentary elements: http://the-lilypad.com/store/documentary-elements.html

Week 35

Worth a thousand words - elements: http://the-lilypad.com/store/Worth-A-Thousand-Words-Elements.html
Worth a thousand words - paper: http://the-lilypad.com/store/Worth-A-Thousand-Words-Paper.html

Journal cards: http://the-lilypad.com/store/Worth-A-Thousand-Words-Journal-Cards.html

Week 36 

2x3 photo templates vol. 1 - https://the-lilypad.com/store/3x4-Photo-Templates-Vol-1.html

Sunday, October 14, 2018

October Template Freebie

I love working with templates. 

I especially am drawn to this blocky type of template. 

There's nothing left to do, but pick out photos, paper and embellishments. 

This is the template from Sahlin Studio, available to download for free, through October. To check it out or download, click here on this link. 

This summer, we were able to get way camping with another family we've become close to. As with most camping trips, this trip was booked months in advance, to ensure we got spots. All we could do was cross our fingers and hope for the best weather-wise. 

Calgary was so smoky this summer. It was pretty awful actually. Several days, the visibility was so pour, we couldn't see things we can usually see, from our house. It also made going outside, gross. No one wants to purposely stand outside in campfire smoke...

The forecast weather-wise was good. The forecast smoke-wise was bad... But we made the decision to go anyway. Here are a few photos of our drive out to K-Country. 

First off, we had to drive all the way to Canmore, to pick up Mason from a camp he'd attended. After him spending a week outside at an outdoor adventure camp, he was less than thrilled to know he'd be spending yet another few days outside. 

A glimpse of the 3 Sisters in Canmore.

Once we turned down highway 40, it became pretty clear that things weren't going to get much better visibility-wise. It was super smoky. The air was just thick. Now having said that, on the bright side, once we got to the campground, though the air was still thick, you couldn't smell the smoke. And believe it or not, we were still allowed to have campfires. That one seemed kind of crazy to me, but I was pretty thankful at the same time. What's camping if you can't sit around a campfire? 

The campground was quiet, we figured a lot of people cancelled their plans. The lake was quiet, it was pleasant outside, though not warm enough to hang out in shorts and tanks. The light was incredible, the way it can be when the sky/air is filled with smoke. 

Here's my layout:

Thankful we got to spend time with friends, even though things didn't look super promising at first. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: