Thursday, October 30, 2014

PL2014 - Week 34

I love how this week turned out. The colours of this kit, were very soft and subtle.

This week included a trip to the doctors office, for a yearly check up. A trip to the wave pool. An exhausted, crabby boy. Kids dressed up fancy to attend a wedding reception. A shot of the married couple. [Which I took while their photographer was taking pictures] A trip to the asthma specialist for my boy, and a trip to the dentist for a check up.

Right now, as I'm posting this, I'm more than halfway through Ali Edwards, A Week in the Life. This is my 6th year doing this. And I love it. But I can honestly say, there are not enough hours in the day, to keep track and do all the things I want to do. I'm failing miserably. But I'm still trying...

The following Sahlin Studio Product was used:

Drift Away Bundle

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PL2014 - Week 33

We have been having the most amazing fall. Aside from the freak snow storm we had in September, it's been awesome.

I love the colours of fall. My only complaint is that fall doesn't last long enough. Once the leaves change colour, one good wind, and sadly, they're gone. Scattered all over. It's just not quite as lovely with a bunch of bare naked trees...

And surprisingly enough, my sweet peas did come back after our snow storm. And they gave us a pretty impressive show. Loved that I could cut them and bring them inside, enjoying their scent for most of September and part of October.

Here is week 33 of my project life album:

This week included planning a backyard movie night [which sadly got moved to the living room because of rain, but was still fun!] Mason picking out school supplies for the first time. Working in the garden. Crazy kids in my kitchen. Mace and I taking a selfie during Madelyn's swim lesson. A little dog that finally got brave enough to go up and down the stairs on her own.

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Friday, October 17, 2014


We made a trip to Disneyland 3 years ago. We went at the end of September, just after school had started. Mason was in grade 4, and Madelyn had just started grade 1. The trip was awesome. We were  a little bit hesitant on whether or not we'd go, and it ended up being one of our most memorable trips with our little family of four.

When I came back home, I created a small 8x8 album of our trip. It was an idea I had gotten from a Simple Scrapbooks 'Short Cut Albums' magazine. Do you remember Simple Scrapbooks? Man, it was a sad day once that magazine went out of publication.

Any way, it was this mag [and shockingly, yes, I must have paid $23.25 for it...] Though, there was a time at Micheal's that you could use a 40% off coupon on books and magazines... And I put my name on it, because there was a time we used to get together, a group of us, and scrapbook. But I digress.

Here is the album layout idea I copied, from Rebecca Cooper. I absolutely loved the simplicity of the pages, with lots of photos, and just a tiny bit of journaling on each page, to keep the reader up with what was happening. 

And here is the album I bought. In Seattle, at Target in 2005, with my clothing club gals. I knew ONE DAY, we would take our kids to Disneyland. I adored this embossed Mickey 8x8 album. [Miss Madelyn was a mere 4 months old when this was purchased]

So I created a very simple album, to capture some of my favourite photos and moments.

It was super simple. Just a collage of pictures, and a few sentences to jog our memories.

Since then, I have become a creative team member for Sahlin Studio. If you don't already know, Sahlin Studio and Britt Design have collaborated together to create a bunch of different digital Disney themes. Check out all the Disney themes out by clicking here:

It has been so much fun to work with these bundles, and every time she releases something new, I go through my photos and select pictures, and reminisce again about our trip. Here are some of the layouts I've created with the latest kits:

 Project Mouse: Frontier
 Project Mouse: Frontier
Project Mouse: Tomorrow
 Project Mouse: Tomorrow
 Project Mouse: Villain

Project Mouse: Villain

What I know, Disneyland was awesome. We had a fabulous time. At 6 and 9 the kids were the perfect age, to be on the move, all day long. With every release from Sahlin Studio, of new Disney themes, my album gets more and more full. I simply can't wait to go back another time. Imagine all the layouts I can create from another trip. Dreaming of Disney...

Following Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Project Mouse: Frontier
Project Mouse: Tomorrow
Project Mouse: Villains

Friday, October 10, 2014

PL2014 - Week 32

Week 32 takes us right back to August. That seems like a lifetime ago... Since then we've had a ginormous snow storm, and fall...

Love to look back at these summer pictures. I wish summer were longer. It comes so late and leaves so early, and that seems so unfair...

This week we made a Menchie's run.  Did some bike riding. We finally got an exercise pen for the dog, so we can leave her a little bit more. The kids went to Lake Louise with my Mum & Dad for the weekend. That gave Barry and I TWO back-to-back date nights!! Love it!  We also walked up Nose Hill to check out the full moon.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Documentary Kit