Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend Camping & PL2018 - Week 23

We just got back home from an impromptu camping trip. 

Since we've had our little trailer, we've booked or reserved sites on-line. Most campgrounds we've been to, are full to capacity. Not a chance of getting in. If you haven't planned in advance, forget about it.

25 years ago, you could decide you wanted to go camping on a wednesday for an upcoming weekend. You could head out after work on Friday and have no problem finding a spot. Those days seem to be far behind us. If you've driven on any highway and watched the steady stream of RV's driving by, you see what I'm talking about.  

So, for us to decide to camp last minute, and then have it work out, was most pleasant. 

For the most part, we had great weather, three of us and the dog got caught in a down pour, but we all lived to tell the tale. 

This little campground had no services, and only outhouses. We camped with my parents and my brother, who all have RV's larger than ours. M&D were kind enough to let us use their RV for the occasional bathroom break. A hot mug of coffee handed to me first thing each morning, was awesome. 

I think my other favourite thing about the weekend was there was no cell service. So we were completely unplugged for 3 days. That doesn't happen very often these days. I'm surprised at how nice it was to get away from everything for a few days. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend: 

On to week 23 of my project life album: 

  • We may have underestimated how long it would take us to get the girl to school, but she asked if she could do, 'Ride your Bike to School Day' and I said yes. 15 km for her, and 30 for me...
  • Field trip downtown. Such a nice day. [Though I did misplace my group of kids for a bit... Much less stressful when they're grade 7 and not seven years old]
  • Mad was part of the choir that sung a few songs for volunteer appreciation night. 
  • We're seeing so many little baby goslings on our thursday walks. The baby's are cute, the parents are pretty cranky.  
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Monday, July 23, 2018

PL2018 - Week 22

I tried something different with this layout, do you notice it? I don't know if I like it or not.

I didn't put borders around the photos... The 3x4 sizes have a bit of a border, but not the usual ones I do. I sometimes see other layouts, with photos the whole 6x4 width, and I think I like that. So I tried it for week 22.

But the jury is out... I kind of like the white border. It just finishes things off for me...

Will probably go right back to it after week 22. But that's okay, we need to try new things!! 

Here's week 22:

  • These boys of mine, and their wrestling... Drives me crazy, it's constant, and of course the dog always wants in on the action.
  • The sky as we drove Mad to her first ever hike in camp. It had POURED rain, right up until noon, so we were feeling pretty lucky. 
  • Trying on the back pack we rented from the U of C. We had to fill it up and and see that everything fit. 
  • I made confetti donuts for national donut day, the kids were delighted. 
  • Our sneak-peak of downtown while we took Libby for a walk.
  • Picking up our exhausted, but happy camping girl Sunday morning. She had a blast! 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

PL2018 - Week 21

For the past few years, I have condensed my project life album down to one 12x12 spread.  I almost always have more than enough pictures to fill the pockets. Once in awhile though, I struggle to have enough pictures. When that's the case, and it often isn't, I fill my pockets with elements from the kits I'm using. 

So was the case for this week, I only had few photos. I get mad at myself when I do that, because this was the week Madelyn was at school camp. We hung out a bit with the boy. Just the 3 of us, and believe it or not, I didn't get any pictures of it. He's thankful, long past my taking photos of everything. But I just like to catch all the bits and pieces. 

Here's how I put week 21 together, with minimal photos:

  • We had to drive the girl to school with all her gear for her week long camp. She was SO excited. The smile speaks volumes.
  • These were flowers that were on our walk this morning, along the river. So pretty.
  • I have been using a photo underneath my 'title' or calendar cards lately. 
  • Chris and I, texting our Mum and Dad while they're away. We were all laughing at these silly selfies.
  • Loving my new word board. My goal is to take photos of the different quotes I share, and keep track of them in some form. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

PL2018 - Week 20

I've been scrapbooking/memory keeping/story telling since our wedding. Nearly 20 years. Even before my awesome  wedding album, I documented and kept things in a book. I think it's safe to say, that I'll love this forever.

I don't get tired of it. I have all these albums documenting my kids growth. We still look over them, and I still can't imagine this being a huge part of my life. This hobby that I love.

Michael's has stopped selling my refill pages, which is a huge bummer. Because of course I only bought them when I could a 40% off coupon. I have half a box of 60 left, and after that, I guess I'll have to order them on-line from somewhere. Which totally sucks. 

Or, maybe we'll have to make a road trip to the states... Route out a few craft stores that might carry what I'm looking for. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world... Perhaps I'll have to figure out a different format for next years album, though I do like the way it looks now, using 12x12 sized page protectors... I just get discouraged when something that used to be readily available, becomes hard to get my hands on. 

I'm okay for the time being, so here's week 20:

  • First trip to the driving range. I've had a 'shoulder thing' going on for the past few months, hitting balls wasn't too painful, but I was sore the next day. 
  • Girls night out, met these ladies for beer and wings to catch up.
  • Mason asked for a photo... So obviously I obliged.
  • Mad and her friend at their booth at the schools Entrepreneurial fair. 
  • Walking ladies, in the pouring rain.
  • Harry and Meghan's wedding... [sigh]
  • Bring your own cup day at 7-11

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

July Template Freebie

It's that time again, Sahlin Studio has a template available to download for free, through the month of July. This is what the template looks like: 

I know I've said this before, but templates are one of my favourite things. It takes away the guess work of layout set up. I just have to select photos and product. 

This layout seemed quite timely, as Mason just turned sixteen.  I often browse through photos of years gone by as the birthday looms closer and closer. I get a little bit melancholy each year, I still remember everything like it was yesterday

It seems unbelievable that teeny, tiny bundle of baby, now towers over me...

But I can't stress this enough. It just keeps getting better. 

I do miss the days when you thought your parents were, hands down, the greatest.

One day you'll see how cool we are [we're banking on that] You have an awesome sense of humour. You are kind hearted, and really think of others. You are responsible and respectful. You love to play video games with your friends. You really are awesome. We're so thankful we get to be your parents.

Happy 16th Birthday Mason!

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July Template - click here to download template 
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Oh Canada...

For the month of July, this Sahlin Studio, Project Mouse World (Canada)  product is on sale for 40% off.

Kind of timely, considering Canada Day was just a few days ago.

I love where I live. Really. I consider myself very fortunate to be Canadian. To have been lucky enough to have been born in Canada. I see the hardships going on all over the world, and it's heart breaking. People can't help where they're born. My kids have no idea how lucky they are, just to have simply been born here. 

With this featured product kit, I went through photos from years past, and put together this layout. In all honesty, we don't get to the mountains as often as I'd like to. Hockey and Ringette keep us hopping most of the fall/winter. 

The summer is a beautiful time to visit, but of course, the tourists... It's ridiculously busy. Everywhere. So we do try to avoid certain places through the summer months. Also, convincing two teenagers that they need to be in the car by 7 am, at the latest, so we can be somewhere and find a place to park, and do a hike... Well, that doesn't fly well here. [We do torture them with this scenario on occasion, but not quite as often as we'd like to]

But when we do get to the mountains, breath in that fresh mountain air, it's pretty soothing. [Maybe not quite as soothing as listening to waves crash in while inhaling that salty sea air, but soothing nonetheless...] 

As much as I love the water, I don't live anywhere near it. I realized a few years ago, that if we ever moved away from here and from the mountains, I would miss the mountains and long for them, as much as I do the sea... 

Similar to the 'I have straight hair and wish it was curly...' All the curly haired girls wish their' hair was straight. 

For now, the mountains are right outside our door. We literally have, wide open spaces. The mountains are a beautiful back drop to our city, a mere 45 minute car ride away.

How lucky we are: 

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