Monday, July 23, 2012

An Update...

I have been absent, and as my friend said, BORING... And it's true. My last blog post was July 9th, and it only had my updated Project Life pages. My post before that was my about Canada day. It's the 23rd of July and this is only my 3rd post this month. Lame-O. I wish I knew why I was completely un-motivated to blog, but I don't. It has a little bit to do with trying to not have my kids be so plugged into their electronic games, because how do I answer the sassy "If you're on the computer why can't I be playing x-box question...?"It's better to just not be on the computer.

I caught up on my scrapbooking and to be honest, my wrists are sore.... It's not carpel tunnel, or maybe it is. A little bit. But typing hurts a bit.

I want to include pictures, but I have to alter them before posting them, and my wrists are sore.

I have sat down in front of this computer a number of times, logged in and stared at the screen, then logged out again and parked myself in front of the telly...  I have NOT been watching the Bachelor. But I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance.

A lot has happened since our Canada Day Celebration a little over 3 weeks ago. I'm going to catch you up in point form... [the wrists again...]

- the kids were in an art camp the first week of July. It ran from Tuesday to Friday and they both loved it. They came home with a ton of stuff that we 'need to find places for'.

 - we've had some pretty impressive storms blow through, like this one, that left a ton of hail and the streets steaming at my M&D's place.

- we've enjoyed some ice cream treats.

 - there has been the occasional unfair water fight break out, while Daddy washed his car...

- there has been the discovery of a new drink, a beer moijito, that I likey, more than I should... I haven't yet duplicated the taste at home, but I'm sure trying hard!

- there was a whirl-wind trip to the west coast for a week, because our vacation plans this year were cancelled. The kids loved their time at the ocean, not to mention how much their parents enjoyed it. I'll have to do another post especially for that trip.

 - there has been the nightly reading to the kids. We read Charlotte's Web, and now we're on to The Trumpet of the Swan. It takes us about 10 - 12  nights, give or take, to finish a story. [If I'd known how much enjoyment we all would have gotten from this, I would have started this ages ago]

- there has been slip and slide fun. Sadly, after this picture was taken there was an epic puncture and this bad boy will shortly be on it's way to the dump...

- there have been many searches for bugs, and nearly always a reward...

 - there have been many trips to the park.

 - many swing rides.

- there has been a trip to the outdoor pool, on believe it or not, not too crowded a day.

- there has been the extra care of setting the table at dinner time, all because of this book, which I LOVE, and highly recommend... The kids enjoy helping too, especially if we have 'themes'.

- there has been a lovely show of flowers in my garden. In past summers I've missed, usually because we've been away on vacation. This year we're home, and many of these flowers have graced our kitchen table [see above]

- there have been trips to the Farmer's Market, one actually resulting in a face painting.

- there have been trips up Nose Hill.

- there has been a visit with Gigi.

- i have enjoyed greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola nearly every morning so far, and I'm LOVING it.

-there have been numerous trips to the library, the kids joined the reading program and are keeping track of the books they've read. [Needless to say, we spend oodles of time there]

 - just chill'in... He obviously feels at home here.

- spying at her through the shelves. [I got a strange look from some woman, so immediately had to explain she was my daughter and that I'm addicted to Instagram]

- there was a backyard camp-out with Barry and the kids.

- and what's a camp out without s'mores?

- there has been the making of dill pickles, which should be ready right before school starts.

- there's been a caterpillar mustache... [she wasn't prepared to do this with a giant millipede at the Bug Zoo in Victoria, though others did, but she had no problem with this little guy...]

That brings you up to speed so far!

Monday, July 9, 2012

More Project Life Pages

I have been dreadful at keeping up with the posts...

The last week of June marked 'half way through' this project! I have to admit, this week, I'm a little bit behind, but that's the first time since I started this, that I've let it slip a little bit. Not sure how I didn't keep up, with my kids being in a camp and all... But somehow, there is never a shortage of things to do...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

We celebrated Canada Day today with friends. We've come along way since this Canada Day picture below was taken...

The very same crew, 7 years later... Wow... They all still like each other just as much, they're just a lot more verbal. About everything...