Monday, January 31, 2011

Gearing up for the month of LOVE...

I've signed up for this freebie... The joy of love.I think this one starts tomorrow on February 1st. I have done a couple of on-line classes through Willette, one being the 'finding the joy' class. I think she'd be horribly disappointed to know that I went through my January pictures, and I show up in them ONCE... Obviously I didn't learn a thing. I had to quickly do a mirror picture, to round off the month... So there's 2 of me for January.

I thought a neat challenge I could give myself would be "Self Portrait Sunday...." But based on the fact that 5 Sunday's have gone by, and I have NOT taken a single self portrait, I think I can forget about that... Who knows... Perhaps it's not too late? After last years, 365 days challenge, I hate to corral myself into HAVING to do things on certain days... Seriously, it was a very full year... There was a LOT of guilt associated with NOT having my camera at my side, at all times.

Having said that, I am very drawn to the idea of Wordless Wednesdays... Having nothing to say, just let a picture do all the talking. We'll see... Seriously, I think I over did it last year...

I recently sent some pictures to Persnickety to be printed. They should arrive within the next couple of weeks. The quality is outstanding. I highly recommend them. Worth the shipping cost indeed [and it still ends up being cheaper than Costco] Any way, in that shipment is my last few pages for my 365 album for 2010... I'm so excited to look at it completely finished.

It is my intention to group and post my favourite monthly pictures. I'm using the template provided by Rebecca Cooper, you can find it here... It looks so crisp and clean. Love looking at all my favs at the very same time... LOVE taking pictures!

Who can believe that January is already behind us?

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