Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back on Track Again

Dear Food,

It has indeed been a pleasure to have you here these last few weeks. There has been morning, afternoon and evening snacking. [Oddly enough, time of day has not stopped the urge to snack]

There have been home made nuts, pecans actually... [thanks Mum, I still don't think Barry knows they even exist... Is that okay do you think? Or a tad selfish on my part?]

There have been cookies, cakes and squares, oh my.

I've I mean we've nearly finished off the last of the Crock Pot Nuts 'n Bolts... I mean come on, they can't be THAT fattening can they?

There has been dips and brie and other special cheeses... [How come I'm the only one who will eat up warmed brie and cranberries?] Trust me people, it's JUST AS GOOD re-heated...

There has been mucho wine-o, cranberry concoctions, can you say Crantini? There has been Bailey's, (which is fine with coffee OR tea, FYI) Speaking of tea, Blueberry Tea is another favorite.

The amount of forbidden food around the house seems to peak at Christmas. And I was okay with the sweets until I broke a little piece of this log and ate it. Sigh... Bernard Callebaut Chocolate. Nothing else quite compares... One itty-bitty bite of that FINE chocolate, sends you into a complete tail spin... Or is that just me? You just can't stop at one itty-bitty piece... And you would not dream of disposing that fine chocolate anywhere but your belly.

It's tough when the kids are off school... Our routine changes enough, that I don't eat a proper breakfast. A bowl of porridge at 7:30 makes sense, but by 9:oo-9:30, it seems kind of silly. Lunch has consisted of eating rich leftovers... [Not that I'm complaining, who doesn't love rich leftovers?] Salads have pretty much been moved to the back burner altogether... I've basically fallen off the water drinking wagon completely, I can't believe how much good water does do a body.

So, food, thank you. I enjoyed your stay. My cupboards are nearly free of salty chips and sweet-sweets. I've shoved the rest of the baking into the freezer. Off you go. Please
be on your way. We hope to see you again in such abundance next year, until then...

I've made myself porridge the last 2 mornings, and had my handful of almonds around 10:30 am. Things are slowly getting back on track...

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