Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 on January 11th, 2011

I don’t care for the cold. There’s nothing about it I like. Not even one tiny bit. I particularly hate hot tears streaming down my cheeks, as I go meet the school bus, because that darn Arctic wind is blowing like mad.

I went to Michael’s yesterday, and the Christmas stuff is marked down LIKE CRAZY. Seriously, with prices so good, it would be a crime to walk past them. But I did walk past them, and feel like I need a pat on the back…

I am in my "beginning of the year purge mode"… Yesterday I threw out 8 VCR tapes, and I have NO idea what was on them. [Possibly the Melrose Place season finale of 1999] But seriously, does it matter? I’ve never even watched our wedding tape that is now 12 1/2 years old [eeks] Of course, I didn’t throw that one away… Again, I feel the need for a pat on the back.

I know it’s been a while since I mentioned this… But guess what’s in the 'ole crock pot for dinner tonight? If you guessed Asian Peanut Butter Pork, you’re right! After a nearly 3 week long break, Tuesdays are now our busiest night again, so it’s great to have a yummy warm meal waiting for us at dinner time. [And the smell… Seriously, it’s awesome]

Last May, I gave up sugar, dairy and wheat. [only for 12 days] But I managed to stay away from sugar… I did phenomenal, up until about 3 weeks ago. I’m sad to say that I kind of fell off the sugar wagon… Needless to say, my taste for sugar is back and unwelcome. I need to wean myself off it again. But first, I must get rid of everything that tastes so darn good, so there isn’t that temptation in the cupboard. It can be done.

I want these… I want to see the look on Mason’s face, when I serve him pancakes that look like this…

Because this child is Star Wars crazy. Still. Can’t get seem to get enough. Of anything Star Wars related, books, games, Lego [most important] I happen to know some folks heading down to Arizona… Mum, you just might have to look for these little gems. They sell them here, but they’re $10 MORE… That’s crazy!

I want to read more… I have FINALLY picked up this book and begun to read it. I was able to read, uninterrupted yesterday afternoon for an hour [while Madelyn was at gymnastics]. It was just long enough to get involved in the story. Maybe I’ll be able to at least read a book a month for 2011, then really go to town during the summer.

I was going through some pictures recently [I know, how odd] and I felt the need to scrapbook a New Years picture. I then came to the shocking discovery that Barry and I just spent our 17th New Year’s Eve together… Holy Cow… [and we still like one another]

Barry and I decided for Christmas this year, to treat ourselves to a PVR... One of those devices, that you can record shows, then watch them again. Very similar to a VCR, only much more current. [And since I just threw out all my old VCR tapes, I can tell it's going to come in very handy] I have loved watching Ellen while I'm making dinner. [I totally vote for her to take over Oprah's time slot] The sooner the better.

Now that Christmas is over [my house is clean, boxes are finally put away, and everything looks back to normal again] we're gearing up for Valentines Day. Eeks, already. So many neat ideas out there in cyber space... Aren't these super cute? This could totally be used as a Valentine's theme no?

During my blog surfing [which is border-lining on becoming a problem] I came across this recipe... Sweet Mother of Pearl... Doesn't it make you want to simply reach into your monitor? I don't even love potatoes, and that makes me want to reach into the monitor. In fact, I think I drooled a little, when I saw the picture... Mmmmmmm. I'm gonna try this recipe for my sweetheart one of these days.

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