Thursday, January 6, 2011


Wait, before you get too excited, this number is NOT how many loads of laundry I did through 2010. [Seriously, that number is still coming] What I did do for 2010 however, was take 6,502 pictures.

Isn't that absolutely INSANE? Before Madelyn joined our family in 2005, I had a couple of cameras, they were the old fashioned ones. You might know of what I speak when I say cameras that required film... And film wasn't exactly cheap... Especially if you got the good stuff, or tinkered with black and white. Not to mention that processing the film was costly. [And if you did tinker with a roll of black and white film, it had to be sent away to be processed] I would say, on average, it cost about $20 (including the film and processing) to get your hands on 24 pics. [I didn't do 36 back then, because a roll of 36 was just that much more expensive] And I would say that on average, I probably shot 1 - 2 rolls of film a month. Which was between 24-48 pictures, in a month...

And for arguments sake, let's just go ahead and say that I shot 2 rolls of film a month, for twelve months. In one year that would have been 576 pictures. Or approximately one 500 page photo album a year.

And then, along came digital cameras... Why take 1 picture, when you can take 37, and select the best ones. Now you don't have to pay for processing a roll of film. You only have to pay to process the pictures you want!! [A major break through indeed!] The problem is... out of 37 pictures, how do you select ONE picture? I'm sure there are at least 8 you like. But do you print 8 pictures that are almost identical? Well, I don't. No, I just don't print the pictures off at all... I scrapbook my favourites, or the ones I want to tell a story about, and the rest sit on my computer. I shudder to think how many pictures sit on my computer, from 2005 on. From my first beloved digital camera. I'm sure the amount is staggering...

To get to the point [5 paragraphs later] I wanted to post some of my choice pictures from 2010. I have scrapbooked a few of the following pictures, but to be honest, most of them will probably never be printed off. [Isn't that sad?] Here are some favourites:

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