Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Computer Whiz...

Seriously... How excited do you think I am? I'll give you a hint... SUPER excited... Check out the blog button to the right hand side of post... {ODG} Photo-a-Day See it? Huh? Do ya? Well, what are you waiting for? CLICK ON IT!!

Well, will you look at that! She's gone done created herself another little ole blog... The ODG of course, stands for OopsaDaisyGirl!

Remember when I said I wasn't planning on doing another 365 Day Project? Well, I really am not planning on doing it in the physical sense, creating layouts, making a book etc. But I did want to try to capture the year in photos on a much simpler level. I'll tell you right now, it's not going to be a daily update. It might not even be weekly [though so far it has been] What I intend to do is capture the year in pictures. Simple pictures. Every day pictures. Things that will be a distant memory 5 years down the road. But something I'll have documented.

Of course a BIG thank you goes to Libby. [Thank you Libby - for coming to my rescue and helping me sort this button thing out; we did it!] She has got the most awesome blog tutorials, if you're feeling fancy and have 8 spare hours, lol. Check her different tutorials out here.

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The Bonjour Four said...

awww you are too sweet! thanks for the link. and i am thrilled you got it figured out!! that's great. I so should have done the photo a day thing... i guess it's not too late, right? yippy for a new button! :)