Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

I'm having the dreamiest of weekends so far [and it's only Saturday morning!] I'm home in my quiet house, and it's wonderful.

Do you find, that sometimes your kids surprise you by saying the darnedest things? Yesterday I had the kids in the car with me, and I had the following conversation with Mason.

Him: "A few of the kids in school today, got up early to watch the Royal Wedding"

Me: "Oh really" [thinking to myself, does he even KNOW about the Royal Wedding, have we talked at all about the upcoming Royal Wedding, does he know who it is that's getting married?]

Him: "Yeah, we even watched a few clips of it at school today." [My first couple of questions answered] "Kate looked very handsome and Will.... I mean, Kate looked very beautiful and William was very handsome." [Answer confirmed... He does know who's getting married]

Me: "I didn't watch it, but I taped it on the PVR, I'm planning to watch it tonight, when every one's gone"

Him: "Really?"

Me: "Yeah, if you're interested, I won't delete it and you can watch it"

Him: "Mum, I'm very interested..."

So there you have it. I taped and watched over 6 hours of coverage last night [thank you PVR, you have redefined how I watch television] And now I get to watch again on the couch with Mason! [I'm sure he'll tire of it, because it was a little long] But maybe he'll remember it always. Perhaps one day Mason will look back and think "William and Kate got married when I was 8. I remember watching it with my Mum" [After all, Charles and Diana got married when I was 11, and I remember watching it, in our living room, with my Mum and Grama]

The only thing I'm totally bummed out about is this: I didn't have a Royal Wedding Party. And it's me... The party girl. It wasn't something that occurred to me. At all. Can you believe it? My Mum was lucky enough to get to a party, she got picked up by some girlfriends at 12:00 am, and didn't arrive home until 7:00 am. [By the way Mum, you're hat is FAB-U-LOUS] They all made hats! I just wish I'd have thought of it before hand. Such fun could have been had.

That being said, my friends are not exactly night owls... [Yes, I'm talking to YOU] 11:00 pm, to my crew is a LATE NIGHT OUT. [Although at our last girls get together, we stuck it out to 1:00 am. Highly unusual.] I don't suppose any of us would have been that pleasant getting kids up and out the door Friday morning for school. So it's just as well.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the Royal Wedding.

I loved how through out the ceremony, and afterwards they shared so many smiles together.

Another one of those smiles... Don't they look happy?

When they emerged onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace, you could see Kate mouth "Wow..." Can you imagine how that must have felt? It would be neat to see a picture of the crowd from their perspective.

I hope this fairytale story lasts forever.

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