Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Snow...[Said like Hello Newman.... you know, from Seinfeld]

After a very long time away, my Mum & Dad are home from sunny Arizona. They arrived home Monday, a day which around these here parts, was down right tropical. There was a certain happiness in the air [after all, we'd seen the sun for 4 days IN A ROW!] Tuesday was not bad, Wednesday a little overcast, some wind, and we woke up to the grey this morning.

It's not like we couldn't use the moisture.... Teeheehee... Man, I crack myself up. I sent the kids out the door to school this morning, after a very short argument about wearing a hoodie vs. the winter jacket. Winter jacket won, because Mason actually admitted to me yesterday afternoon, he was a bit chilly in just his hoodie... [Hmmmm, you think? With that arctic wind and all?] Don't worry, I know it's only going to get worse. One day my kids will be TEENAGERS... And after all, what do Mum & Dad know? [Sorry Mum & Dad... My Mum and Dad, that is. Sorry I didn't think you knew stuff...]

Back to my story. I did some work around the house, sent some emails, tried to gather volunteers for a field trip, came back to the kitchen for a refill of coffee and saw this...

Gosh, what a lovely tulip. How nice, with the natural light, that you were able to get such a lovely picture. What's that? Wait, you weren't trying to focus on the tulip? Then what ever were you trying to focus on? Oh... Now I see it.

The snow...

Welcome home Mum & Dad! Ordered this up special for you!

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