Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Could it Be?

Could this possibly be, dare I say it.... Spring? The poplar tree looks ready to burst open. We should be so lucky. After a horrendous winter, the city came alive this weekend with temperatures on the plus side of 10°. I haven't seen that many people out and about for months. It was wonderful. A whole lot of us are in better moods. Hello Spring! We've been patiently waiting for you!

Easter was very nice. [Of course, the temperatures and the sunshine helped immensely] We got to spend 3 days together, relaxing and hanging out. It was nice. A picture of Madelyn and Daddy on Good Friday at Grandma's house.

Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs. We used a white crayon first, then dipped them into the color. We got some great shapes and designs. Here are a couple, Mason's Happy Easter, and Madelyn's butterfly.

The Easter bunny came on Sunday. We came downstairs, we saw, we....

Got a new Star Wars book and the world came to a screeching halt.

Not chocolate, not gum, not a thing mattered until the book was read from front to back. This year, there were some lake toys, silly straws, clothes, books, gum, gummi candies and new toothbrushes in the kids baskets, no chocolate at all. It was actually kind of refreshing.
[Though we did do an egg hunt, and there was chocolate to be had, no worries there] The kids weren't as bonkers about it as in the past [and by kids I mean Madelyn] She asked us at 10:30 am, well over 2 hours past the egg hunt, "May I have a piece of chocolate?" We said of course. In past years, she's the one I'd vote most likely to barf due to chocolate consumption.

We ended up going for a walk around the block and to the park on Sunday. On our way to the park I was able to capture this picture. [Of course I had my camera with me] Every once and awhile, these two are so affectionate with each other. Don't get me wrong. All is not bliss, I don't want to pretend that there is no fighting. There is fighting, believe me. These two can also go at it like crazy. But when they're being sweet/kind to one another, it definitely pulls at the heart strings and is touching to watch.

Sorry Mum. And yes, I do indeed know how darn lucky I am. You can find the template above here.

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