Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pat on the Back

It's been over a week since I made dessert. [That's where the pat on the back comes in] During the past few days, I came across an awesome brownie recipe somewhere in blogland. Today I went to make it and do you think I could find the recipe? Not a chance. So I improvised. I could remember the visual, and I went ahead and re-created it. Brownie, marshmallows and Easter coloured M&M's. Easy-peasy.

It was good. Tasted like a little bit of heaven all right. Thick dark chocolate, chewy marshmallow and the token chocolate treat. Mmmmmm...

And as I settle down for the night, we're watching the weather roll in. This is what we're in store for: [check out the info between the arrows]


I mean, it's been at least a week since our last big dump of snow. No wait, 11 days actually. I guess we're about due.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll get started on my spring cleaning...

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