Sunday, April 17, 2011

In a Rut

It's been gloomy here.

I'm tired of complaining about our crummy winter. [That's right, still talking about winter] It snowed all weekend long, though at least we didn't get the heavy snow dump they'd predicted. I guess that's a blessing. [I'm saying that kind of tongue-in-cheek]

I still feel like hibernating, and I should be getting out poking around my garden a little bit...

Have I planted any seeds? Not yet, too much snow! I don't know if the prognosis is too good for any little seedlings for 2011...

On a happier note, I've signed up for this free class through Big Picture Classes... It's free. I'm up for something creative. I'm also up for something springy.

Big Picture Classes

I bought two sweaters and two blouses today. And no, they are NOT black or grey. They are colorful. They scream spring... I'm waiting so patiently, because I want to scream spring myself!

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