Friday, April 1, 2011

The Night Before the Hardrive Wipe Out...

I'm less than 12 hours away from having my computer 'wiped out'. Eeks... I'm not gonna act like I'm not scared of losing EVERYTHING... I am. I've got all my pictures saved, I think. The problem is now, with doing digital scrapbooking, I have SO MANY FILES that need to be saved, in the event of "what if..." We have an external hard drive, that we bought some time last year. Apparently, we're going to save everything from the hard drive of the computer onto the external hard drive, wipe out the hard drive [removing anything nasty] then bring the files back... Yeah... Good luck. I am hopeful but nervous... I hate how dependent I am on technology. I also hate that I really have no clue what to do, except re-boot the system and keep my fingers crossed...

Spring break... that's what we've done this week. I went for lunch at a friends house today [thanks friend] and she asked the kids "What have you done this week?" And Mason replied "Oh nothing much..." And I'm thinking "Huh? Nothing?" I tried to balance hanging out at home, with out doing stuff. So, here's a recap of our week, the way I see it.

Monday - we did the library, picked out some books and dvd's, the kids seemed to enjoy it, but perhaps I'm wrong. I also build a catapult from a blog idea I got here... It was not met with the enthusiasm I thought it would be. [Well that's not entirely true... Barry was very excited, the kids, not so much] I also tried something new in Madelyn's hair, her idea [which makes it that much more awesome. Looked cute for the first few moments... Seriously, does this girl walk around on her head or what?]

Tuesday - We built a snowman in the back yard, I even helped for Pete's sake. I guess Mason only remembers that his friend Josh came to play, because suddenly he was too cool to build a snowman with Madelyn and I... I didn't expect that to happen so soon... We met Uncle Chris at Gigi's house after dinner, and had a visit with her. [Tuesday was also our only full day with sun]

Wednesday - We had a jammie day at home [Madelyn has been driving me crazy about having a jammie day, so I just finally went with it] We ended up meeting Barry at Denny's for dinner. I got a free birthday dinner certificate in the mail you know, we couldn't NOT use it!! Madelyn made up a Lego game... Anyone that knows me, knows I don't particularly like games, or game playing. So to play a game that's been made up by a 5 year old, is indeed a feat... [But, I did it... I'm Bat Girl...]

Thursday I ended up taking the kids to a twoonie matinee, we saw Megamind. To be honest, I was a bit worried about how Madelyn would do, but aside from sitting on my knee the entire time, she did great, only a mild whimpering on a couple of occasions. Then we had Cheese Biscuits for dinner, because Barry wasn't home, and I'd promised the kids I would make them biscuits some time over the spring break.

Friday - I loaded the kids and their borrowed DS into the car, and we went to a friends house for coffee. Then we went to Steph's place for lunch. The kids played on the trampoline in shifts, then we headed home where Bary picked them up and took them to their cousins hockey game. I had a blissful 3 hours of home alone time... It was darn right dreamy.

It is now Friday night. Barry's snuggling the kids into bed, and I'm to be saving anything important on the computer... Eeks. There is also a winter storm warning advisory in effect for Calgary. Isn't that fantastic? We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Keep your fingers crossed that this computer issue gets dealt with and nothing goes wrong!

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