Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Well for another week any way, I have access to the internet... We had someone come over Sunday afternoon, he is coming back next week, to do a 'wipe-out'... I don't know about you, but that particular sentence sends a shiver up my spine... I'm under the impression that everything will be taken off, then re-loaded back on... Let's face it, nothing ever goes as it should, so I'm expecting the worst. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised... We'll cross that bridge next week.

So, it turned out to be a good idea that I made my own cake after all. Of course, at 7:30 pm on Friday night Barry acted all hurt-feeling like, when he said something about stopping to pick up a cake [we went to Boston Pizza with the kids] and I told him, there was no need to, I'd made one. He accused me of not having any faith in him, which is ridiculous, of course I have faith in him. [He'd be CRAZY not to acknowledge my birthday] The thing was, I suddenly realized maybe I should make a cake, and then I decided that the cake I wanted was a Lazy Daisy Cake [out of Best of Bridge, of course] So I made the cake I wanted. Enough said. It has the most amazing icing [a sweet, broiled, coconut icing] which is what I wanted, and after having a conversation in Winner's a few weeks ago, with a lady in line, about using SHORTENING in the icing, rather than butter, the idea of a store bought cake kind of grosses me out a bit... You know that shortening is basically the same thing as lard right? Eeks... Pastry is one thing, but icing... Just didn't sit well with me.

So here I am, with my birthday cake. A lovely 8x8 size, quite manageable for a family of 4.

Mmmmm, check it out. Doesn't that look delish? [It was lovely]

Speaking of lovely, check out these foxy gals. We went out on the town for a Girl's Night Out. We've been getting together to do Girl's Night In, which has been fantastic as well, but going out to a restaurant was a nice treat. Barry snapped this picture of us on our way out the door. We all looked so dang fancy. The weather was DREADFUL. It snowed, and snowed and snowed. Thank you Nicole, for being our designated driver, and for not letting blind/crossed eyes deter you! [We revert back to teenagers on a fairly regular basis] I'm not kidding about the snow... I'll bet it snowed 5 inches in 3 hours... Gross...

And then Sunday afternoon, we had this:

All day. It snowed on and off... It's been 9 days since we saw the sun. I'm starting to feel more than a bit depressed.

On another note, for my birthday I got this:

This nifty little thing is a wireless remote, so I can take pictures with my camera and NOT have to be looking through the viewfinder to focus and press the button!!

My first test picture using my new device:

Totally excited about using this remote for so many reasons. I'll be able to get in a lot more pictures, and they'll actually be in focus!! It works like a gem!

And I ordered this... Can't wait to get it! LOVE the color... Happy Birthday to me!

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Jenn said...

Found your blog from Simple as That. First Happy Birthday! Second my hubby got me that same remote for Christmas and it has been amazing!!! Totally changed the way we take pictures. We just went to St. Augustine over Spring Break and we have tons of photos of the two of us! I love it!!! Enjoy!