Friday, March 11, 2011

11 on the 11th, March 2011

  • Today is Friday. I LOVE Friday's. They are my favourite day of the week. I love knowing that I have 2 days of "not-usual" in front of me. This means I don't have to get kids up early for school. I don't have to pack lunches. I don't have to rush kids out the door. We CAN wear jammies if we want to [believe me, Miss Madelyn puts this to the test EVERY chance she gets] Of course this Friday I'm a bit bummed out, because Barry is on a first aid course this weekend. Ugh...
  • Tonight for dinner, I tried something new. We had Friday Night Fun food. I tried these little gems , and they were met with approval. At first they were skeptical, but once they were brave enough to try them, they realized, it wasn't so bad after all. [I also made a mango salsa, which was yummy, but the onion taste was actually too strong... And I think it's what's given me a belly ache] I like to include pictures on my 11 on the 11th, however the battery on my camera died. So no pics of Pizza Rolls tonight.
  • Today there was a devastating earthquake in Japan. I think we're all in shock as we watch the footage come in. We heard about it this morning on the radio. Mason got somber, and then began to think about what we can do for the people of Japan. It's hard to help when you're a world away. The people in Japan are definitely in our prayers.
  • We had planned to have a family movie night tonight. [This is a big deal for me, because I don't usually care to watch kid movies] But I got cozy on the couch and we put this on:
And it went super until Madelyn went into the UGLY CRY... I'm not kidding. [Towards the end, when Gaston and Beast are fighting, she was SOBBING. Hysterically...] As if she'll ever be ready for anything more than a cartoon.

[On a related note, we tried to watch Elf at Christmas, but the ugly cry started and we finally had to turn it off]

  • Same sobbing girl is begging us for a lizard or she'll even make do with a tarantula... Right. Like that's gonna happen any time soon.
  • I'm totally bummed out, because Maddy and I picked up Kernal's popcorn today for Movie Night, and then we forgot all about it until I snuggled them both into bed! Guess what we'll be snacking on tomorrow...
  • I know everyone is tired of listening to us complain about the weather. And believe me, I'm tired of talking about weather. But Thursday was incredible. Tropical really. I think we got up to 5°. And we woke up to snow flurries this morning, a wind chill and cold temps. We are SO ready for spring; and deserving of it too I think.
  • We're trying to come up with the 'theme' to Madelyn's upcoming birthday. She informed me, that it would be okay with her if we wanted to go with Justin Beaver... Eeks... Not ready for the Bieber Fever! [Especially not from a 5 year old]
  • Madelyn and I went shopping this afternoon [at her request] and even though it doesn't feel like spring, it's certainly wonderful to see the spring color and clothes. Do you s'pose I could get away with capri pants and Uggs? It's a look...
  • I think the thing that scares me the most, is natural disasters. I remember the Indonesia Tsunami of '04, being glued to the TV, watching the images over and over and over again. Now, it's the same with the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The powerful force of mother nature absolutely takes your breath away... It scares me. It makes me realize how vulnerable the human race is. It makes me wonder what's in store.I suppose that's what scares me the most. I'm supposed to trust that this is a part of God's plan, but it's really hard to do that. It just makes me question too much.

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