Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day

I love any reason to do something out of the ordinary. Today just happened to be an "out of the ordinary" day, St. Patrick's Day. Here is a peak at our day in pictures:

I loved the idea of 'over the rainbow' licorice. I searched and SEARCHED for those darn coins twoonies... But thankfully my neighbor put me on the right track. I'll be honest about the licorice though... I put these little bags together for the kids last night, and tried a piece of it... It just didn't taste great... I'm a normal red licorice kinda gal. These tutti-fruity flavors are just not quite right. [Even the kids didn't gobble it up the way I thought they might] But the colors are vibrant and lovely and to me, scream SPRING!

Girl and I made green chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They are tasty.

Hubsy and I had a green beer with our dinner... Seemed appropriate. Same amount of food coloring, 2 different types of beer, 2 different shades of green. Fun and festive.

Both kids dressed in green today, at supper they were greeted with green milk, green veggies, green veggie dip and the bread on wiener wraps dyed green. I'll be honest... Mason scrunched up his nose; I actually thought he might cry when he came to the table. He did plow through, he, ate and drank everything, even had a second wrap. [Remember when you could buy green ketchup? Can't any more, but that would have been AWESOME] I made pistachio pudding for dessert. NOT a success, it's still in the fridge. Oh well. [Madelyn has taken to doing place cards for meals. She also included a festive shamrock for tonight's meal!]

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