Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Blogging Break

After a little hiatus, I'm back! A post nearly every day for the month of February, really tuckered me out.

Now we're into March, which definitely came in like a lion, no question. Last week the kids had Friday off school, which seemed fitting, after they'd been off the week before for Teacher's Convention and Family day.... Sheesh... So we did what we often do on Prof days, we booked a hair cut. This little boys hair grows SO quickly, that he should actually have it cut every 4 weeks, but I'm afraid it doesn't get cut every 4 weeks.

Friday we went for a hair cut, and he let the hairdresser put gel in it, which I LOVE, but he hates... Every once and awhile he agrees to gel, it surprises both me and his hair dresser [she asks him every time, because she knows I love it] This time, the gel looked great all day. We then went to the library, and picked up books. [He's reading a new book from the library in the picture above] I then gave them the choice of going to McDonald's for lunch [a break for Mum] or Cheese Biscuits for lunch. They both simultaneously yelled "CHEESE BISCUITS" So we went home, where I made them cheese biscuits for lunch. Here they are:

My Grama, or Wonga as we used to call her, made these for me and my brother. And now I make them for my kids. And EVERY TIME I bite into one, it reminds me of her, because they taste just the same. They're just such a comfort food for me, and now for my kids. We made a double batch, and the kids ate until their stomachs were uncomfortably full. [And believe me, watching Madelyn eat until her stomach is uncomfortably full, is a novelty indeed, it doesn't happen very often]

I also stumbled upon some hair websites, completely by accident. With video tutorials on HOW TO DO different hairstyles. I am SO excited. Saturday morning, Madelyn reluctantly agreed to sit for me, while I did one of the styles. It looked so cute [of course I'll have to practice a bit] she was pleased with the positive feed back she got. Her and Mason were playing in the basement, and I stopped short the next time I saw her... Check out her Before and After...

I am going to keep trying... To make her look lady-like. But she keeps playing rough, and messing up all that hair! Too funny. On another positive note, she asked me to 're-do' her hair before we went out on Saturday night, so she was happy with the before too! I'm so excited to try some different things on her hair!

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