Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring

This is the view of our downtown skyline... Can you see the buildings? Nah... me either, but you should be able to. This is the corner of 32nd Ave and Deerfoot.

I took this picture on the way to Madelyn's last gymnastic class. Yet another dreary day. It's snowing, it's cold, it's wet. At least the snow isn't accumulating too much. We're certainly lucky to have dodged the 25 cm snowfall warning over the weekend. I think I can speak for just about everyone when I say, I'm done with the snow. Go. Now. Bugger off. See you again next winter. [Only if you insist however...]

Little Miss had her last gymnastic class today. She showed off of course, and hammed it up. She loved gymnastics. Hoping to re-register for the spring session.

Received a package in the mail late last week, it came from sunny Arizona. There were postcards, stickers and most importantly, SillyBandz. And not just any kind of SillyBandz, Star Wars SillyBandz. Someone was excited... He couldn't wait to get into them. Then he put them on. Every last one of them.

I'm disappointed because we didn't get our bottles returned this past weekend. I knew it would be busy on the weekend, I just didn't know it would be THAT busy... Lesson learned. I suppose that's why Barry looked at me cross-eyed when I told him that's what our plans were.

This week is hectic. Barely a free moment from now until Friday. It's funny how some weeks are dull and others are so busy. We were thrilled to hear over the weekend that 9 days after the disaster in Japan a Grandmother and her Grandson were pulled out of the debris. Read about it here, it's such a miracle.

Also, Ali posted another thankful thought template here: I think I'm going to make a little mini-album with the pictures and the templates she offers.

It's so important to spend a little time thinking about what it is we are thankful for.

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