Friday, March 25, 2011

The First Anniversary of my 40th Year

Isn't that a much better way to say "today is my 41st Birthday?" I think so. We've had an unfortunate event at our house. The computer is unwell. There are error messages about worms and viruses that were concerning enough to Barry that he actually called the Geek Squad [aka computer fixers] They'll be here Sunday.

I have had no contact with the virtual world... It's scary. It makes you realize how much you depend on your internet connection. How much you take it for granted when things are up and running.

I've had to hijack Barry's work computer [shhhh, don't tell!] I don't have much time. I have no pictures to post, and really nothing new to report. When I blow out my candles [at least I hope there'll be candles to blow out, or cake to eat at the very least... I wonder if I was supposed to make my own cake...] My wish will be to have our computer fixed, and have it not be too costly, not to lose anything relevant, files and/or pictures, and most importantly I'm going to wish for... Spring to come. Please spring... If you can hear me. This birthday girl is tired of shoveling and scraping car windows... And being cold... Yeah. I'm tired of being cold and seeing gray skies.

Oh, while I'm at it, [on Barry's computer that is] I'm going to treat myself to one of these... Happy Birthday to me! I'm leaning toward the moss or teal color...

I just re-read my post and gasped. How could I possibly be 41? When did THAT happen? How shocking. But nonetheless, how true. I better go make a cake... The kids would be so upset with no birthday cake. I'm doing it for the kids...

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