Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Favourites

1. Mason humoring me. He's tired of always seeing my camera. 2. Gigi buns [my Grandma's recipe for buns, the kids love them, and they taste just like Gigi's] 3. My kids and their stuffies.
4. Wedding rings, LOVE this picture so much. 5. We've been dressing up like a princess a lot lately. It's such fun. 6. Barry fixing the cord on our kettle. We got it as a wedding present, I couldn't just toss it!! [update** the kettle has been repaired, and the way I see it, good for another 12 1/2 years] 7. Another favourite photo of the month. Barry and I. 8. Madelyn's artwork on the wall at school. It's a chalk picture of her and her brother. 9. Skit at Cubs. He totally loves the skits, and on the right hand side of the picture, his sister is taking it all in. 10. Close up of a Christmas decoration my Mum has. LOVE the detail in her veil. 11. Hubsy sweet talking me... 12. We've been bundled up like this for so long now... So tired of the extreme cold temps.

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