Friday, August 27, 2010

Taking Stock of What we Did

Eeeks. Has it really been two months already? It has. In fact, 9 weeks ago today Mason finished his last day of Grade 2. We had a very productive summer, I don't want to say good, because weather-wise it has been the worst one I can remember. [For goodness sakes, let's NOT get me started on the weather again...] I'm still waiting for summer to come, but judging by the fact that some of the leaves on the trees are beginning to change, I'd say that's just simply not gonna happen.

We spent a couple of weeks in the sunny Okanogan, and thank goodness the weather out there was decent. We completed nearly everything on Mason's summer "things to do list". We altered a few things, he thought it would be awesome to read in a hammock, which I totally agree with, however, we don't have a hammock. So we had to make do with reading in the tree house. [Which is actually NOT in a tree, or a house, but what we call the covered area of our outdoor play set.] Here is Mason's list:

-We didn't get around to making dioramas [though we still officially have 5 days before they [that's right, that was they, plural, as in, more than one ;-)] head back to school.
- We didn't get to Banff for the day. I'm afraid that one isn't going to happen in the next 5 days.

We did other stuff too, that was not on our list. We got to an outdoor waterslide in Salmon Arm (I'm sure they haven't made a change to it since I was a kid, but it sure made me feel like a kid again!) We managed to get to Let's Play for some indoor fun. The kids both had one week summer camps they loved. They also were a part of the City of Calgary's Stay 'n Play & Park 'n Play week-long programs, that ended up being more fun than I'd anticipated. We went boating to Little Bow Provincial Park for the day. We went to Calaway Park. We participated in Outdoor Swim Lessons. We went to Story Time at the library, we actually visited the library on a weekly basis throughout most of summer. We went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. They got to have mid-week sleep-overs. And, we had movie night a couple of times.

I'd say this summer was a two-thumbs up.

Today, we got into the back to school spirit by taking Mason for a haircut. He seems to be struggling to keep his eyes open with the flash right now. Believe it or not, these were the best pictures out of all the ones I took [because he kept closing his eyes]. He HATES the faux-hawk, and I love it. He ONLY let's the hairdresser put gel in his hair, never his Mummy. So he's ready to head back to grade 3, with his hair cut, and his teeth growing in.

This weekend we're headed to Medicine Hat to visit a friend. Looking forward to one of the last adventures of the summer of 2010.

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