Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on the 10th - August 2010

1. We're still semi waiting for summer to come. Yesterday we were outside and it was HOT in shorts and tee's. Today, the weather is totally opposite. It's chilly, actually border-lining cold. Today was day 2 of the Park 'n Play program that was offered in our community. The kids are having a great time. They were both thrilled because today was Jammie Day... Only in Calgary do you wear a pair of 'summer jammies' [shorts and tee's] then change to winter jammies [long sleeves and flannel] by 10:45 am. Layers... Anyone who is a native Calgarian knows it's ALL ABOUT the LAYERS.

2. Every time the sky gets full of big grey clouds, I start to feel a little bit nervous these days. We've had too many severe storm warnings in effect for our city this year.

3. This is the summer of book reading for me... And I love it. And I've missed it. I don't even feel like I'm neglecting my kids too much! I used to read and love to read so much. Now that the kids are getting older, I've been able to pick it up more again.

4. I'm also LOVING the late nights, and sleep-in mornings. I can't believe that I have slightly more than three weeks left. Then school starts up and I'll have to get to bed at a decent time [so that I can wake up in the morning, and be pleasant to my family...] That usually means I need 8 hours of sleep. [Hard to believe that for the 14+ years I worked, that I made it on approximately 6 hours of sleep a night] The kids won't be the ONLY one's disappointed when school starts.

5. Speaking of the days I used to work... On Friday I took the kids on an adventure. We took the bus downtown. It was kind of a humid overcast day. We had a great time. I can't believe I haven't worked for 5 years now. I felt a little bit nostalgic being downtown. I miss the hustle and the bustle... I miss the coffee's and lunches with colleagues and friends. I miss having my OWN OFFICE. I miss Friday donuts and after work drinks... Hmmmm, let me just put this out there, I miss the socializing part of working, but not really the work part...

6. Lately Madelyn has wanted to "do my hair" for me. And, because I LOVE when someone brushes [or yanks on] my hair, I'm always up for it. This is typically what one of her masterpieces look like after she's done. [This is only the front...] Then I have to leave it in for awhile, so she doesn't get hurt feelings.

7. We have a surprise in store for the kids. We are taking them this week to see "Walk with the Dinosaurs". It was recommended to me by a friend, who said it was worth every penny. And after buying 4 tickets, it darn well better be... The last month or so around our house has been extremely dinosaur oriented. And it's just all kind of fallen into place. This is one of the many scenes around our house lately...

And these books were picked out by Mason on our last trip to the library. All on his own accord. He's been reading all about the dinosaurs and researching them all on his own. I can't wait to see their reaction when we arrive at the Saddledome on Thursday night. I hope it's as good as they say!
8. I was insistent on purchasing park passes this year, and I haven't even made it to 'said' park yet. I know I only have to go ONE TIME to make it worth the investment... But the flip-side to that is, if I didn't purchase the passes in the first place, I wouldn't feel obligated to go... And we're having fun doing lots of other stuff! I'll try to keep this in mind next year, when I'm suddenly in a panic to pick up park passes.

9. I think the kids are eating better. And by better, I kind of mean more. Or, one might say the kids are actually eating... I've been waiting for a long time for them to be excited about food that's being served to them. We just might be onto something here. I hope it keeps up.

10. Love, love, LOVE all the fresh produce and fruit that is available to us right now. And I'm so glad that our family loves fruit and veggies. What I hate about all the fresh fruit is the fruit flies. My goodness, they are beastly little things. But it seems like they go hand in hand. Even Dora can't seem to attract them fast enough. And yes, Dora, is Madelyn's Venus Fly Trap... The one she asked Santa for last Christmas. And yes, we've kept her alive all this time...

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