Thursday, August 26, 2010

Full Moon Walk, well, ALMOST a Full Moon...

Tonight we went for our Full Moon Walk. Last night, was actually the full moon, but the kids had a sleep-over at Auntie Pat's, and I was at Clothing Club. [Yip-yip]. We didn't do it Monday night, as we'd been at the Drumheller Museum all day. I just didn't think the kids would be up for it. So, we did it tonight instead. The nice thing about doing it the day before or the day after the ACTUAL full moon, is you can't tell it's NOT a full moon. [That is to say, the 'common' people can't tell it's NOT a full moon]. It's a terrific grace period for kids that don't know any better.

So tonight, we went on our full moon walk. Barry wasn't able to join us tonight, he was 'haying' with Uncle Don. Which meant, he was doing very hard labor somewhere an hour north of the city.

The kids and I decided to invite some guests along. We had my Mum and Dad join us. [more commonly known for the past 7+ years as Ama & Baba] We hiked/climbed up Nose Hill again, it's funny, because this time we were in yet a different spot of Nose Hill. I'm glad that for the last 3 months I've been up there at least once per month. This place is a true gem people. Every time I go up there, I can't believe I don't spend more time there. And each time I vow I will. I guess once a month is better than once every 27 years though, right?

The night was BEAUTIFUL. So lucky. The mosquito's didn't bother us right until the end. The golden sun made wonderful picture taking opportunities, and the fact that the sky was smoke-free was a definite bonus. [The BC forest fires have certainly made themselves known, even in Calgary] We found the 'pond' the kids talked about. We skipped rocks, and went on an adventure through the bush. Finally, we saw our full moon. Lovely. I've noticed though, that for the last 3 months, the moon has moved further north on the horizon each time... Uggggg. A sign that the earth is moving further away from the sun I'm sure. A sign that things will get colder... A sign of winter. Eeeeeks. Here are a few pictures from tonight.

Ama & Baba, thanks for joining us! [Madelyn got blisters on her poor little feet from shoes that were too tight, so Baba came to the rescue and carried her] Thanks for coming to the rescue and thanks for the great night!

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