Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Committed to Something...

And now I feel totally under the gun.

A friend of mine had a baby, and I got those first baby pictures, you know the ones, we've all seen them. Those brand new itsy-bitsy swollen little faces looking towards the camera, the flashes going off, and they must be thinking "what is THIS all about? And why am I so cold? And why is it SO bright and loud?"

So I got those first few pictures, of that itsy-bitsy sweet little baby [and yes, my ovaries might have twitched slightly] And I found myself blurting out, "I'll make you a babies first year scrapbook". And she said, "I'd LOVE that...I don't have anything like that yet"

So now, itsy-bitsy baby is 3 weeks old, and I have yet to begin her scrapbook. And EVERY time I come down to my computer or into my scrapbook room, I KNOW I have to get it done! So I feel guilty... Because I want to work on some of my own things, but I know I have to get this done, and I have to get it done quickly! [After all, I want it to stay as current as possible for this brand new Mum] I know once I start, it won't take long... So why don't I just get started already? Yes. I must get it started already...

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