Monday, May 3, 2010

An Official 5 Year Old Amongst Us

Well, it's official. Madelyn turned five years old yesterday. My baby... I have to admit that I was hoping to wake up to an overnight attitude adjustment (not mine by the way) My Dad warned me not to be too disappointed when that wasn't the case. I took that into consideration. And the verdict is: She is still the same spunky, strong-willed, golden haired little girl. There's been no change. And really, would I want there to be?

5 years ago you joined our family. Your arrival changed us forever. You were a wonderful baby, a busy toddler and now a bit of a spunky preschooler. When you're sweet, you're very, VERY sweet, but when you're not... Let's just say you can be a bit of a stinker at times! Your strong willed self is going to be a definite advantage to you in your adulthood. You question every thing, and I mean EVERYTHING.

To my darling golden haired girl, I love you more than you will ever know. Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart!

Taking calls, very popular on her birthday. The first call came from her 93 year old Great Grandmother.

Birthday pancakes are a tradition here!

A quick layout to include all her 'things' at five.

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